Smokey ice for blue eyes

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Interesting and always attractive Smokey ice, that is, the effect of smoky eyes - a very popular makeup option, especially for evening events. To create it, you need to take into account the shade of the eyes and hair color. This is very important, because the instruction, how to make a smoky ice for blue eyes, is still different from a similar makeup for owners of brown, gray or green eyes.

Smoky Eyes Makeup Features

In the classic version, smokey ice makeup came into fashion at the beginning of the last century, when the image of a vamp woman was especially popular. Despite the sophistication of such make-up, he added to the appearance of some drama. Its main feature is feather shadows with a smooth transition between shades. Because of this, the effect of smoky eyes, mysterious and attractive.

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Using shadows smokey ice, the main focus is on the eyes. In the case of blue eyes, the main thing is to give preference to the correct shades, that blueness is not lost among the abundance of flowers. Because of this, smokey ice makeup for blue-eyed eyes is probably one of the most difficult. However, it can be done independently, including at home. Today, smoky eyes - this is undoubtedly an excellent version of the solemn make-up, but it can also act as an everyday one, if you choose softer shades.

One of the most common options for creating smokey ice

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Deciding to do makeup Smoky Eyes for blue eyes, you should first align the skin color. For this it is worth using a corrector. Also, before creating makeup smokey ice for blue-eyed eyes it is recommended to slightly powder the eyelids. After that, the following scheme is carried out:

  1. Eyes are summed up. It is from an eyeliner that they begin to create makeup smokey ice Eyeliner can be made with a cosmetic pencil or a flat brush and eye shadow. Liquid eyeliner is not used, because you need a vague, not a clear contour. In this case, the contour on the outer corners of the eyes should be much thicker than on the inner corners, and rise slightly to the temples.
  2. The created contour is shaded. In the lower eyelid, the contour should be more subtle, but also feather.
  3. Shadows are applied to the upper eyelid. Shades of shadows should be close to the color gamut to create the effect of a smooth transition from one tone to another. Ideally, the gamut shadows of the smoky eyes makeup for blue eyes should be combined with the color of the pencil. The darkest of the selected shades is thickly applied to the upper eyelid, distributed from the outer corner of the eye to the inner. Also dark shadows emphasize the contour of the eyes and the arc in the eye socket.
  4. Shadows are applied to the lower eyelid. The selected shade is applied to the outer corner of the eye, then shaded towards the inner corner with a gradual decrease in the intensity of the color.
  5. Light shadows are applied. Shadows of a light gray, pearl, beige, or other suitable tone are applied to the upper eyelid from the fold up to the eyebrows. Brighten the borders and transitions from one shade to the next.
  6. Eyelashes stained. The layer of mascara should be thick on both the upper and lower eyelashes, it should be especially intense on the cilia in the outer corners of the eyes.

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Colors and shades best suited for blue eyes

Create your own makeup in the technique of Smokey Ace for blue eyes is easy. The main thing is to choose colors and do everything in stages. Blue-eyed representatives of the beautiful half of humanity should prefer the shades of pale pink, bright blue, coal-black, lilac, lavender, golden, silver and gray-brown shades. In addition, smoky eyes for blue eyes can be performed in classic colors - black, light beige and dark gray.

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Instructions for the creation of Smokey ice implies the choice of lipstick or gloss neutral colors. To please others and herself, in the makeup should focus on one thing. In the case of Smokey, ice is the eyes. Therefore, we need a clear line of eyebrows, a delicate shade for the lips and a barely noticeable blush. Consider these nuances and you will always look irresistible!

Video: Smoky Eyes Master Class for Blue Eyes

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