Silver makeup

silver make-up

Overflows of precious metals are increasingly gleaming on the eyes of models during fashion shows. One of the favorites of the season was silver makeup. Why not try on make-up with silver, especially the variety of make-up performance techniques allows you to choose an option for any occasion ?! We will tell you about how to properly use this metallic shade and prepared for you 3 completely different make-up options, the main character of which is the silver color.

Silver Makeup Features

Considering the photo of silver makeup, any girl will note that this color makes her eyes expressive and bright, but at the same time associated with cold. Pure silver tint is rarely used by make-up artists, but close colors, such as shiny agate, aluminum, mother-of-pearl-gray or slate, are much more popular with professional brushes.

girls with shiny arrows

Performing makeup with silver you need to take into account some of its features:

  • The cool silver color is suitable for girls with fair skin and blue or gray eyes, but darker beauties are more suitable for softer tones, such as pearlescent quartz or shiny grayish-orange.
  • Silver is combined with almost all colors, but the most successful combination of this shade with white, black, blue, turquoise, purple and green.
  • Silver makeup can be performed not only as an addition to the evening image or as a festive make-up. If you want to use silver shadows for "everyday wear"such a silver makeup also has the right to life, the main thing is not to make the shade too exaggerated, it should give only a light veil effect and soft sheen.
  • This shade is pretty self-sufficient, but "perform solo" in make-up, he is not recommended, otherwise the result may be simplified and vulgar. Much more beautiful will look like a silver pencil and pale blue shadows. Although for fashion shows, makeup artists often use precisely monochrome make up with silver shadows, but their goals are usually completely different from the goals of ordinary girls when creating makeup.
  • If you embody makeup with silver shadows, the emphasis will certainly be placed on the eyes, and therefore you need to choose discreet shades and better matte textures for lip makeup.

shining eyes

Although silver powder and even silver blush are found on the shelves of cosmetic stores, such beauty products are applicable only in special cases, for example, for scenes or photo shoots.

We do silver eye makeup with our own hands

For those who want their eyes to decorate their makeup in silver tones, we have prepared 3 beautiful options for everyday, evening make-up and a special occasion. But before applying decorative cosmetics to the eyes, it is necessary to pay due attention to the tone of the face, camouflaging the flaws and giving the face a dull powder. After that, paint the eyebrows, choosing shadows or a pencil to match their natural color. A little blush will make your face look fresher, and make up complete.

Daytime make-up with silver color

The first silver eye makeup that we want to share with you is silvery "feline" arrows. This option is versatile and equally beautiful will look like with blondes with blue eyes, and with red-haired green-eyed girls or brown-eyed brunettes. To create it you need: beige pearl, taup shades, beige pencil, silver-graphite liner, base, brushes, black ink.

make-up with arrow

This silver makeup is performed according to this step-by-step scheme:

  1. We cover the eyelid with a thin layer of the base.
  2. Apply mother-of-pearl beige shadows to the entire upper eyelid.
  3. Taup shade applied to the fold.
  4. Use a beige pencil to draw an auxiliary line for the arrow: put one point with a pencil at the outer corner of the eye, and the second one slightly higher, continuing the fold line. Connect two points with a pencil and shade the skin from the line to the temple.
  5. Then shade the pencil with a brush.
  6. We draw an arrow: we draw along the auxiliary line, drawing "tail" arrows, and then sum up the upper eyelid. Connect the lines, creating a soft wave.
  7. Apply a little powder on top of the beige pencil, overlapping it.
  8. We cover the cilia with black mascara and make-up in silver tones can be considered finished.

This form of arrows looks much more spectacular than the classic one, and your look will be playful and expressive.

Silver evening make-up

This makeup with silver shadows will allow you to try on the image of a woman of the 50s in the noir style. For such a transformation, you will need: beige and black matte shadows, silvery shadows, light gray mother-of-pearl shadows, black and beige pencil, black eyeliner, brushes, base, ink.

brilliant evening make-up

Phased instruction is as follows:

  1. We cover the eyelid base.
  2. Using a beige pencil, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye slightly upward, as if continuing the line of the lower eyelid.
  3. From this line down, apply a beige pencil and blend it with a brush.
  4. Apply beige shadows to the entire upper eyelid and on top of the pencil.
  5. From the outer corner, focusing on the line laid by a beige pencil and to the middle of the upper eyelid, apply matte black shadows.
  6. The middle of the upper eyelid is covered with a silvery shade and we distribute them with a brush, erasing the border with black color.
  7. The inner corner of the eye is covered with light gray mother of pearl.
  8. On the upper eyelid, draw an arrow with a black eyeliner.
  9. We emphasize the lower eyelid with a pencil, without touching the corners of the eyes, and then distribute the pencil with a brush.
  10. Silver shadows duplicate the arrow below.
  11. Our silver eye makeup is completed with black mascara on the eyelashes.

Ideally, this option will be combined with red lipstick, then the image will be aristocratic. What you need for a solemn appearance!

Silver makeup for a special occasion

The last option in our selection is make up with a bright arrow and silvery graphite shades. He will appreciate the bold and bright girls. You will need: taupovye, silver-graphite, beige, pearly yellow shadows, bright yellow eyeliner, ink, base, brushes.

make-up with yellow arrow

Instructions step by step is as follows:

  1. First of all, the base is applied to the eyelid.
  2. Cover the Taup shadows with a fold, brushing up to the eyebrows.
  3. Silver-graphite hue covers the entire upper eyelid.
  4. In the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows add a beige tone.
  5. We draw a bright arrow.
  6. Add pearl yellow shadows under the brow and in the middle of the upper eyelid.
  7. Taupovym emphasize the lower eyelid.
  8. Swipe brush with mascara and make up ready.

If the cilia instead of black will be covered with silver mascara, the eyes will change even more dramatically. Experiment!

Video: How to create silver makeup

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