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You, for certain, more than once considered photos of models and celebrities, whose faces are simply flawless. Most likely, they even thought: “How lucky this beauty is, I wish I had such skin and a perfect oval of the face!” But in fact, all these beauties are from the glossy same women, they also have pimples and dark circles eyes, and the shape of the face is not every reference oval! Of course, we also see pictures after processing in the photo editor, but the main secret of the “ideal faces” is face sculpting. This technique of professional visage can be independently mastered by every girl, having a minimum set of cosmetics. Let's understand this question, find out what kind of cosmetics for face sculpting you need, learn the theory and move on to practice, and help us in this detailed schemes, photos and video collections.

What is face sculpting?

Sculpting, modeling, or contouring faces — these words sound rather difficult, but in fact, everything is simple. With the help of light and dark cosmetics, you can “blind” the relief face with clear contours with your own hands, highlighting all its advantages and hiding shortcomings. Using tools for sculpting the face, you need to visually bring it closer to the ideal oval. For example, if you have a round face, you can make it visually thinner by darkening your cheekbones. There is a lot of information in the network about light-shadow face correction. We will try to briefly tell you the main features for each type of person and give advice on the application of funds, so that the result is no worse than that of the sculpturing guru Kim Kardashian, and not resemble the stage image of Kuklachev. Believe me, everything is very simple, because every girl in the soul is an artist!

Kardashian and Kuklachev

Types of sculpture

If you look at face sculpting before and after, you will see that the appearance is drastically transformed. Considering the numerous photos, you will notice that the versions may also differ. Initially, this type of make-up was created exclusively for stage images, the catwalk and the film industry, and only then this method hit the masses. There are 2 types of sculpting:

  • Dry correction. This option is more suitable for everyday wear. Here dry means are used: powder, blush, paletka of shadows, brush.
  • Fat correction. Basics, tonal creams, bronzer, highlighter are used. Here, you will need more skill, so that an abundance of fat means does not create a mask effect and does not overload the face. Time for this sculpture need more.

simulation scheme

Remember that you, unlike models on the catwalk or artists on stage, do not need to create a face that can be seen from afar. Our goal: the most natural result and gently contoured contours.

Face Sculpting Cosmetics

What kind of face sculpting cosmetics you should have depends on what type of sculpture you choose.

For fat correction you can purchase the following products:

  • Palette correctors for masking flaws. Dark tone can be used for contouring.
  • Stick for contouring. You can choose a pencil of one tone or double-sided stick in which a light one is matched to a dark shade.
  • Concealer. Pick a shade for your skin tone and a darker tone to apply to areas that you want to darken.
  • Bronzer. It is better to use dry bronzer, it is easier to shade. This tool can provide cheekbones, forehead, chin. For contour bronzer is not suitable.
  • Highlighter. Used to lighten certain areas.

color scheme face tinting

For dry correction you will need:

  • Matte powder. You can apply a shade matched to your skin tone on the entire face and in a darker tone outline clear lines and contours.
  • Blush. Choose natural tones that match your skin tone.
  • Shimmer. Make your skin look radiant with this product.
  • Shimmering powder. Add freshness is possible using this tool for sculpting the face.

Some manufacturers of cosmetics took care of the beauties and to save them from the problem of selecting the right tools, they offered ready-made kits for sculpting, for example, the MUFE face sculpture set or the Anastasia Contour kit.

different modeling techniques

Sculpting techniques for each type of face

Armed with the necessary means, you can go to the theory and disassemble the basic schemes of sculpting the face.

Preparatory stage of sculpture

Before proceeding directly to contouring, you need to create the perfect “canvas”.

  1. To do this, you need to mask the flaws in the form of acne and redness using the corrector.
  2. Using concealer under the eyes, mask the dark circles.
  3. Next, apply the foundation and powder.

To better understand which areas of the face need to be darkened and which parts to lighten, imagine that there is a bright lamp above your head. Where did the shadows fall? We will also darken these zones! Sculpting will be easier for you if you choose a pattern for your face type.

Sculpting an oval face

An oval face is considered a reference form, so if you are the owner of this type, you will not have to go too far into the theory:

  1. Apply a light tone on the forehead, chin and along the line from the beginning of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose.
  2. Dark color emphasize the hairline, cheekbones.
  3. Smile and on protruding "apples" on the cheeks, apply blush.
  4. If you want to make the sponge visually puffier, apply a highlighter over the upper lip.

oval face type

Sculpting a square face

If you have a square face type, then the main task: to make the forehead and chin line visually already.

  1. For correction, dark tones are applied on the sharp corners of the face, including along the chin and hairline, on the temples.
  2. The middle of the face is lightened in a bright tone along the vertical line.
  3. On the "apples" of the cheeks are applied blush.

Round Face Sculpting Rules

Make-up round face should be aimed at visually reducing the cheeks and lengthening the shape.

  1. A dark shade should be applied to the lateral surface of the cheeks, the corners of the lower jaw, temples.
  2. A light tone is applied on the line from the beginning of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, the central part of the chin is slightly brightened.
  3. Cheekbones are emphasized by bronzer.

nice girl

Triangular Face Sculpting Scheme

Girls with a triangular face should visually balance the upper and lower parts, reducing the width of the forehead.

  1. To do this, a dark shade is applied to the side surface of the cheekbones and temples.
  2. Light tone is applied on the central part of the face, the line of the chin and the jaw.
  3. Blush is applied from the line of the cheekbones to the front surface of the cheeks.

Modeling a rectangular face

If you have a high forehead and an elongated chin, your face shape is a rectangle. Your goal: to visually balance the length and width of the face and smooth sharp corners.

  1. A dark shade is applied to the hairline, lower jaw.
  2. Light color powder is used on the cheeks.
  3. A light highlighter is applied to the central part of the face: the nose line, above the upper lip.

Secrets of successful sculpture

girl before and after sculpting

In practice, the following secrets will be useful to you, using which you can achieve an excellent result:

  • Feathering between shades should be very smooth. For feathering means use large brushes with smooth cuts, they will facilitate the procedure.
  • After completing the makeup, take a picture of your face, in the photo you will definitely notice the misses that are not noticed in the mirror.
  • When executing a make-up for a photo shoot, do not abuse the highlighter - camera flash will enhance its effect several times.
  • When brightening the area above the lip, use a matte highlighter exclusively to avoid the sweaty effect.
  • If you have a wide nose, apply a darker shade of powder on its wings, and if you want to shorten it visually, a dark tone is applied to the tip.
  • When performing modeling make-up, keep in mind symmetry.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because such simple sculpturing techniques will allow you to become the owner of the perfect high-quality makeup. You can easily adjust the shape of your face and bring it closer to the reference, in accordance with the modern concept of beauty - the oval.

Video: Face Sculpting Technique

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