Ruddy cheeks ... all the secrets of applying blush

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The fact that with the help of makeup you can significantly improve your appearance and hide its flaws, many people know. But not everyone realizes what an important role in the modeling of appearance belongs to rouge. Most often, when applying cosmetics, attention is diverted to the lips and eyes, forgetting that it is possible to correct the shape of the face with the help of competent selection of blush. And if the product is applied incorrectly, it is possible not only to spoil the overall impression, but also to visually make the complexion paler, which is absolutely not acceptable for brunettes, and focus attention on skin imperfections. In some cases, the question of how to choose a blush becomes a real problem, since some do not suit dark skin and others light, only emphasizing the absence of sunburn.

A few tips on how to choose and apply blush

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According to the make-up artists, not every young lady understands where to apply blush and how to paint her cheekbones precisely because she does not have a clear idea of ​​where they are located. Correctly determine the location of the cheekbones is not difficult if you follow the step by step instructions.

  1. First, you need to smile broadly and find the center of your cheek with your fingers.
  2. Then, you need to find the highest point of the place where the ear connects to the skin of the face.
  3. The line connecting these two points should fall on the bone, which is zygomatic.

Knowing where the cheekbone is located, you need to learn how to properly use the rouge. Proper application depends on factors such as skin color, face shape.

How to choose the method of applying blush depending on the oval of the face

Oval face

technique for an oval face

The face of an oval shape is characterized by a width of the face smaller than its height and a rather narrow chin. The oval shape is considered ideal and does not need special adjustment.

  • To use the rouge in this case is necessary only with the purpose of giving the image freshness and radiance, as well as to mask the pallor.
  • With light skin, pink or peach blush should be used, with dark skin bronze shades, which are especially recommended for brunettes, are permissible.
  • It is better to use blush in balls for daytime make-up, liquid ones are suitable for evening.
  • In the case when the face can be called rather not oval, but oblong, that is, one where the forehead and cheekbones have the same width, you need to apply a rouge with horizontal strokes. You can also use such a trick as applying blush also on the tip of the chin and along the central part of the forehead near the line of the hair roots.

How to use rouge with a round face

technique for a round face

This form is characterized by the same width and height of the face and a soft chin line. The owner of a round face will not be superfluous to learn how to properly paint with rouge to face visually acquired a more elongated shape. In such a case, it is not necessary to impose a cosmetic product along the natural line of the cheekbones, but at an acute angle to it, so as to be painted from the protruding part of the cheekbone to the outer corner of the mandible.

Basic tips on how to choose blush are given in the oval-shaped description.

How to paint the cheekbones of a rectangular face

rectangular face

The rectangular shape of the face is longer than the width, but unlike the oval, it is a rather heavy chin and lower jaw. You need to learn how to paint with blush in order to remove the heaviness from the lower part of the face.

  • Applying blush correctly carried out along the cheekbones and the most prominent places of the lower jaw.
  • It will be useful to impose some of their number in the temporal region in order to soften the line of the oval.
  • More daring young ladies can paint their faces with rouge in order to emphasize their natural shape. In this case, the tool is applied on the lower part of the cheekbones and shade the tool in the direction of the temple.

How to choose a method of applying blush with a square face

square face technique

This form is characterized by prominent cheekbones, an angular line of the forehead, and equal width and length of the face. How to apply blush to adjust such a shape?

  • You need to paint the angular parts of the face - the lower jaw, the temporal parts of the face and the line from the chin to the cheekbone.
  • The tool is better to choose the skin color, but a darker shade than the natural skin color.

How to paint blush face trapeziform

trapezius face

This form of face is distinguished by a very wide lower part. Accordingly, you need to understand how to apply blush in order to make it easier, not forgetting to mask the pallor.

  • In this case, it is also worth choosing a means of a flesh-colored shade a couple of tones darker than the skin color.
  • The best make-up artists advise putting blush, preferably in balls, almost perpendicular to the line of the cheekbones - from the corners of the lower jaw to the ear.

Applying blush on the face of a triangular shape

This type of face has a narrow chin and a broad forehead. How to choose a rouge in this case? You can adjust the shape of a few strokes in the temples and on the zygomatic protrusions.

faces of different shapes

How to choose a method of applying rouge on the face of a diamond shape

long face technique

This face shape is distinguished by a narrow chin and frontal part and massive cheekbones.

  • For girls with such ovals, a method is suggested that involves applying a product to the protrusions of the cheekbones, along the hairline in the center of the forehead and at the tip of the chin.
  • It is important to pay attention to how to choose the right blush. In this case, suitable tools that darken rough corners. For example, for daytime makeup created to hide pallor, not very dark pink or brown blush will do. It is better to apply the product with a brush, and take the cosmetics in balls. Liquid permissible in evening makeup options.
  • When evening makeup on a diamond-shaped face, you can use a liquid blush a couple of tones darker skin color.
  • Owners of fair skin should choose the product very carefully.

Rules for the selection of blush

bars of different colors

Now we should talk about how to choose the color of rouge. For girls with different skin types, the same remedy may look different. Some shades of fair-skinned ladies are suitable, while those with light skin are completely different. The best make-up artists advise to acquire such tools that are most similar in color to the natural blush. Accordingly, how to choose a rouge is best suggested by a mirror, if you look at it after returning from a long walk.

  • For evening makeup, it is permissible to use more bold colors. For example, brunettes with dark skin can cause bronze blush.
  • The owners of fair skin are recommended to try peach shades.

Some secrets of blush

three different girls

  1. Dry blush, as well as tools in balls, should be applied with a brush. When choosing a tool, it is worthwhile to dwell on options with good, but not very thick hairs. Brushes, trimmed by the scythe should not choose.
  2. Brushes should be systematically cleaned with soap solutions. This will help avoid skin infection with germs. For each shade used, it is best to use your own brush. Let you have separate tools for peach, pink and other blush.
  3. It is optional to use only one shade of shadows when performing a make-up. The most natural and attractive result can be achieved by combining means. For example, peach blush can be applied to the lower part of the cheekbones, and lighter and flickering agents can be applied to the upper part. This method is especially good for owners of fair skin.
  4. When using liquid product, remove excess product with a tissue.
  5. Peach color helps to mask excessive pallor.
  6. In the evening make-up you can use liquid shadows instead of lipstick.
  7. As a liquid, and in the balls tool can be used as eye shadow. Both blondes and brunettes will suit beige and pale pink shades.

schemes with different types of faces

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