Purple makeup

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This season has acquired quite a lot of popularity in bright colors, and purple makeup is no exception. It perfectly complements the range of brown, blue, gray and green eyes, which means that any girl can wear makeup in purple tones.

Recently, the skill of stylists and make-up artists goes into the background. Today it has become fashionable to create your own image at home. And this process gives even more pleasure when cosmetics are applied easily, succinctly fitting into the image and complementing the whole range with its color.

Step by step scheme for applying purple makeup

The glamor image in tones of plum and blue will be the perfect companion to you for a holiday party or a strict solemn event, as well as for a photo session or a walk.

singer Riana with purple makeup

Face tone

As you know, when working on the image, it is necessary to have a smooth, well-groomed face texture. Therefore, for the beginning it is worth cleansing the face and applying the base under the makeup. Makeup in purple colors implies an emphasis on the face, which means that many eyes will be riveted to your make-up. We can not allow the slightest mistake, the scheme of applying cosmetics should be done step by step.

Eye makeup variations

bright purple smokey ice on the eyes

Perhaps the key point that requires special attention in the application of cold makeup, are the eyes. Makeup with violet shades includes shades of plum and plum-blue tones, various combinations of violet with a suitable cold gamma.

Green-purple makeup

green purple make up

Seeing this look, you will never forget it. Eyes that are dressed in green and purple make-up emit warmth, but at the same time appear rather cold and deep.

  1. Apply a thin eyeliner to the upper eyelid with a black pencil;
  2. The lower eyelid should be emphasized with a fairly clear green line. This technique will add a charming contrast to your image.
  3. Apply purple shadows to the outer corner of the upper eyelid;
  4. The inner corners of your eyes cover with shades of matte pink shades. All transitions on top carefully blend.
  5. Complete the look with black ink.

juicy bright make up

Pink purple makeup

Pink colors in make-up always added innocence and tenderness to any image. And this option is no exception. Harmonizing with each other, shades of plum and roses will add you sensuality, freshness and coquetry.

sexy evening makeup

  1. Apply light pink eye shadows to the mobile eyelid;
  2. Lower the eyelid from the inner corner of the eye, place a black pencil on top of which put a thin strip of purple shadows. Do not overdo the adjustment of the lower eyelid, otherwise, instead of a well-applied make-up, you can get a tortured tired face;
  3. Select the upper eyelid with a brush with a purple hue, starting from the inner corner moving to the outer one through the border of the movable and fixed part;
  4. Blend all transitions;
  5. Under the eyebrow, place the bright transparent shadows with a matte shade;
  6. Finish the image, tint the cilia.

step by step shadowing

Lip make-up

  • For green-purple shades of makeup, it is better to choose low-key natural tones of lipstick, otherwise you risk appearing vulgar.
  • Pink-violet eye makeup involves the use of light pink lipstick with a predominantly metallic shade. The only exceptions are red-haired girls. They should give preference to caramel lips.

light make up of lips to a dark shade

Create a bright image of itself - it is not difficult. It is only important to observe in stages all the steps that the instruction says. If you did not succeed the first time - do not despair, having a little practice, you will learn to create masterpieces with your own hands, and you will always be the center of attention.

Video: sexy violet eye makeup do it yourself

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