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how to become like Barbie

Fifty-odd years ago, a bright Barbie doll burst into the life of every girl on our huge planet. She was graceful, with expressive eyes, full lips and clear cheekbones. Barbie's make-up and the outfit of this doll were simply flawless, she became the embodiment of girlish beauty, all the girls instantly forgot puffy baby dolls with which they played, before the appearance of this fatal beauty. Barbie has already exchanged 5 dozen, and her popularity and beauty, still remained unshakable. Time passed, the girls turned into mature young ladies, but they did not lose their love for the overseas doll, and some even began to imitate the plastic beauty. Puppet make-up, chiseled figure, impeccable bright outfit, became companions of mature fans.

Let's talk about one distinctive feature of Barbiemakiyazhe. How to make a doll's makeup, what tricks should be used to become a copy of a plastic beauty?

Barbie make-up nuances

Barbie doll make-up is saturated with bright tones, so young ladies can afford it; girls who are a little bit behind it are better to abandon the idea of ​​becoming like Barbie.

luxury barbie

Porcelain face

The tone of your skin should be flawless, your face should not show off bruises from lack of sleep or bags of fatigue. Of course, about irregularities, acne, in general, there can be no question. If you still have small problems with the skin, then take all measures to disguise all errors.

Flirty eyes

Expressive doll eyes are one of the first things that pops up in the imagination when you remember the image of Barbie. Eye makeup is usually performed in pink, but there were dolls with blue, violet shadows on the eyes. You can safely use all the playful shades in the palette of shadows. No less important detail in the makeup of the eyes are eyeliner and stunning eyelashes. Just remember that doll eyes are always wide open and full of glitter.

Barbie girl

Chubby sponge

Innocence and at the same time sexual piquancy, doll-like appearance, give plump lips. Lipstick of juicy shades, crimson, strawberry and of course pink always flaunted on the lips of dolls. Of course it is worth noting that the image of Barbie requires the presence of gloss, so it is better to use a sparkling lip gloss.

doll makeup

Blush on the cheeks

Barbie's cheekbones were always adorned with a gentle, almost infant blush. Therefore, prepare a blush of delicate shades of peach, pink (possibly with nacre particles). We emphasize the cheekbones and Viola, the image of Barbie is ready!

The main secret of the image is more pink, more shine and you are like a doll from a beautiful box!

Preparing for the doll reincarnation

bright make up lips
We said that this image does not tolerate errors in appearance. Therefore, you must go through a series of preparatory procedures before you begin applying makeup:

  1. Take care of the condition of the skin, you need a good sleep to get rid of all signs of fatigue. After moving on to cleansing, perform a peeling session, for this you will need a light scrub. It will remove all roughness and clean the pores. After finishing the peeling, apply a nourishing cream on the skin of the face, the cream is better applied at least 3 times, each time waiting for complete absorption. So you fill the skin with life-giving moisture, making it velvety.
  2. Now you can start applying the tonal framework. If your skin still needs adjustments, then use a liquid highlighter or concealer. It is better to refuse the dense texture of the foundation, since the face will look very unnatural. Use BB or CC cream, it combines the effect of moisturizing, as in a conventional cream and masking, as in a foundation. The texture of such creams is noticeably lighter.
  3. Light powder powder can be applied over the tonal base to get rid of the oily shine and give the skin a velvety dullness.

Create a puppet make- up

lilac-pink make

Now that your ideal makeup base is ready, you can proceed to eye makeup. How to make it? The first thing you should take into account is that the look should be expressive, and the eyes are wide open.

  1. Impeccable eyebrow line is the key to a perfect look. Pay attention to the shape and color of the eyebrows, they should be carefully plucked. As for color, it should be 1-1.5 tons darker than your hair. To give the desired color, you can use a pencil or shadows.
  2. Take a soft white eyeliner and run it on the inner side of the lower eyelid, so you visually enlarge the eyes. After, you must draw a line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid, for this, use a black liquid eyeliner. In addition to the upper eyelid, you can emphasize and lower, so you can achieve a larger increase in the eye, only the eyeliner line should be below the eyelash growth line. You can also whiten the inner corner of the eye.
  3. We now turn to applying shadows. Shadows, as you remember, should be from a delicate scale, classics of the genre in doll make-up, are shades of pink. But you can disobey this trend and choose your shade. Also consider for what time of the day you are doing make-up, daytime is best done in a light gamut, the evening with more rich tones.
  4. Eyelashes, lush, flirty, it is these cilia adorn the face of the doll. You can, turn to a specialist and build amazing lashes. You can curl your tweezers. then lightly powder and proceed with the application of mascara. Apply mascara in no more than 2 layers, otherwise they will take on an ugly, glued appearance.
  5. The next stage is the application of a gentle, almost childish blush. To create it you will need a blush of pink or peach color. Blush is distributed over the protruding zones of the cheekbones and the middle of the cheek.
  6. The final touch, juicy lips. Make a lip makeup will help you a bright soft gloss, it is best to choose a gloss with the effect of a visual increase in the lips. If nature has presented you with plump lips, then the usual one will suit you. Remember that puppet make-up is very bright eyes, so do not overdo it with the intensity of color in the makeup of the lips. It is necessary to make it easier, and if you abandoned the bright eye makeup, then you can safely focus on the lips. Girls, if you do not like the abundance of gloss on the lips, then use lipstick, apply it on the middle of the lower and upper lips, and then using a finger to fade the lipstick from the center to the side, the core should be brighter. On top you can put a little gloss.

huge eyelashes in makeup

Video: Create a puppet image with makeup

Now you know about all the nuances of creating a Barbie Look. Be flirty, playful, slightly carefree with such makeup! To finally transform into a toy favorite, then attach a delicate bow to your hair and choose the right dress for your look!

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