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Professional makeup artists know a lot of secrets that allow you to transform any woman, making her beautiful, mysterious and unique. One of the significant features that distinguishes professional makeup from non-professional is the use of resistant cosmetics and a special ability to apply it. For example, the secret techniques of many makeup artists: it is necessary to slightly powder the eyelids so that the shadows correctly form. Another secret: the lip contour is drawn with several contrast pencils. Professional makeup is very similar to the work of a theatrical make-up artist.

The main differences of professional makeup

professional make up

The most important rule of professional care for appearance is the maintenance of perfect skin condition. It is specially selected diets, creams and other face care products that create a basic, smooth and clean sheet of face on which the desired image will be created. Do not forget about the need to get enough sleep, drink plenty of clean water and exercise. All these measures create a normal hormonal balance in the body and maintain a good metabolic rate, allowing time to remove toxins from the body. Normal sleep is also necessary to avoid dark circles and bags under the eyes. Even a highly professional make-up will not be able to completely hide these imperfections.

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If you are planning a visit to a makeup artist with the purpose of applying a professional make-up, one day before the event it is recommended to arrange home cleaning of the skin using a scrub, as well as applying nourishing masks and creams. Another important point is the use of special cosmetics - high quality and resistant to abrasion. Note that the quality of cosmetics does not always consist in direct dependence on its price.

Means for professional visage must be hypoallergenic. And of course, a very important difference from an amateur make-up is that an experienced specialist skillfully emphasizes the dignity of the exterior and deftly disguises its shortcomings or weaknesses. All this is done taking into account compliance with fashion trends, specific along with and eye color.

Podium makeup

Podium makeup is one of the varieties of professional. It requires special skill and talent makeup artist. It is necessary to understand to what side and the image the podium makeup should fit and what the designers want from it. The work of a makeup artist at fashion shows can be called the creation of the artist.

make up professional
A very important skill of a make-up artist who does the podium makeup is fast, high-quality work in a stressful environment. Often, the image of the same model throughout the show has to be changed several times, mobility is also one of the features that distinguishes the podium makeup. At the same time, the podium make up must be very durable so that it cannot be damaged when changing the outfit or hairstyle. Make-up should not deteriorate from bright spotlights illuminating the podium.

professional make-up technique

Common Podium Makeup Images

Glam makeup

glamorous and natural make up

  • Podium makeup, applied for glamorous style of shows, should be durable, fast and highlight in a special way either the eyes or lips, depending on the case. Most often, makeup artists tend to visually enlarge the eyes of models. Special emphasis on the cheekbones is not done.
  • Many experts use glamorous make-up cosmetics with shimmering (pearl) dust, which makes the skin color lighter, and the texture smoother.
  • When using the entire lip make-up as an accent, the contour line is especially carefully applied. A skilled makeup artist uses several tones of lipstick at once, which allows you to visually change the volume of the lips and the shape of the mouth.
  • Eyes in a glamorous make up are drawn with black pencil, it is possible to use false eyelashes.

Natural makeup

version of the natural evening make-up

For many years, the natural image has not lost its relevance on the catwalks. The particular emphasis of this make-up is on even and clean skin. Eyeliner is preferred brown. Black mascara is used only for brown eyes.

natural make-up

Avant-garde makeup

avant-garde makeup

Unusual images are more appropriate than others on the catwalks of avant-garde designers. Often, models at such shows are decorated with incredible hairstyles and costumes, and make up should be appropriate.

Podium makeup in avant-garde style can be very bright or, on the contrary, deliberately muted. It is possible to use a variety of overhead elements, strass, over long eyelashes. For the sake of shows, models can shave their eyebrows or do some other radical manipulation of their appearance.

Professional makeup at home

Try to create a professional makeup can be at home.

bright makeup from the catwalk

  • As already mentioned, for this you will first have to purchase professional cosmetics and clean your skin well.
  • You need to start applying after you decide on the image you want to get.
  • Natural makeup is most appropriate in everyday life. Particular attention should be paid to the application of tonal resources. First of all, the foundation is applied to the skin. The area under the eyes is treated very carefully.
  • To visually change the width of the face, you can use several tonal tools of various shades. If the area of ​​the cheekbones and the sides of the face is applied a little darker than the cheeks, you can visually narrow the face.
  • Natural makeup involves minimal use of shadows. You can apply brown mascara on your eyelashes, and gloss on your lips.
  • Glam makeup can be used as an evening. We recommend paying special attention to applying makeup on the eyelid area. Eye selection always remains a winning option. Shadows are applied according to the color of the eyes, which allows you to make the look expressive. Absolutely any shadows are suitable for gray eyes. Blue eyes go well with golden, white and gray shadows. Green-eyed recommend the use of bronze and purple shadows. It's hard enough to pick up the shadows to the hazel eyes. Blue shades are poorly suited to hazel eyes. The same applies to turquoise. Blondes with brown eyes can be advised to have pinkish shades, and brunettes to gray.

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Girls, now you know what a professional makeup is, you got acquainted with its small subtleties. And if you decide to master the skill of professional visage, then acquire the necessary set of "toolkit" and create, create, create

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