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beautiful podium makeup

The podium image combines bold creative or stylized elements, such as hair styling products, fashion make-up, bright accessories and matching costume. The peculiarity of the make-up for the catwalk is that it maximizes and reveals the intended image. It is intended to emphasize the outfit of the model. The palette is selected in accordance with the psycho type and certain external data. In this article, we will try to bring to you all the subtleties and nuances of creating make-up podium.

Stylish podium makeup with their own hands

dark-skinned and light-skinned models

Using the example of a model with dark hair, dark skin and brown eyes, let's consider step by step how to make the catwalk makeup yourself. Podium makeup step by step includes preparing the face, choosing bright pigments with gilding for the eyes, means for correction and a set of different brushes:

  1. Starting the podium makeup should be done from the base under the tonal base, which is applied from the center to the side on the whole face.
  2. The foundation is placed on top of a matting base.
  3. Brighten the area under the eyes with a light corrector. Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate, it is necessary to distribute the agent with your finger, gently hammering it into the skin in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner. Do not forget to highlight with a bright corrector the back of the nose and the mobile eyelid.
  4. To disguise blemishes and small skin defects, a concealer of a dry texture is needed (it is important to choose a concealer that matches the color of the skin). For application, use a finger or a kabuki brush. After that, you need to wait a few seconds for the concealer to dry out and connect with the main tone.
  5. The final stage is to apply powder to remove the oily shine, make the skin dull and velvety.

extraordinary model image

Completion of the image with the help of decorative cosmetics

  1. Let's start the design of the eyes from the base under the shadow and evenly distribute it to the upper eyelid.
  2. Both upper eyelids are covered with bright matte shadows, so that the subsequent color of the shadows more easily lays down and mixed.
  3. Apply contrasting shadows to the inner corner of the eye with a special shadow brush and draw up an outer upper corner (you can take brown, plum or black shadows), leaving the middle untouched. If there is a fear that the shadows will fall off, apply them with patting movements. On the crease of the eyelid, we connect two areas with the same shadows.
  4. Use Sigma E-25 or MAC 217 brush and more bright shadows, but apply the same shade one more layer on the crease of the eyelid, without touching the middle, so that the effect of a light haze is obtained.
  5. On a sharp brush for shading, type red shadows and apply to the same fold, but do not close your eyes. So you can achieve a more accurate application.
  6. On any flat brush, type bright yellow or golden friable shadows (for this, chimeric shadows are suitable) and impose them on the empty middle with drive-in movements.
  7. Fluffy brush once again walk through the fold of the century.
  8. Liquid eyeliner draw on the top edge along the growth of eyelashes. If the gel leash is dry, but it is a pity to throw it away, you can give it a second life by mixing it with the base under the shade. Let us lower the lower eyelid with it, later slightly shading the result, and with a bright pigment from point 4 we emphasize the lower eyelid.
  9. Eyelashes top and bottom tint with black ink.
  10. Eyebrows are corrected by a dark shade of shadows using a beveled brush.
  11. For cheekbones it is better to choose pink or peach blush. Retracting the cheeks, put them on the depression of the cheekbones, and emphasize the protruding line with the highlighter.
  12. Lips tint shine or light lipstick light color.

models from a designer show

Video: independent creation of a podium make-up

Spring catwalk look

The second podium image provides a gentle spring color type with fair skin. Pastel colors predominate in clothes, and the podium makeup design involves the warm peach “smoky eyes” technique. The following instructions and photos will allow you to perform spring make-up for the podium to yourself, and all you need to do is a gentle palette of shadows, mascara, proofreader, concealer and a little shine.

girls with lush eyelashes

  1. At the initial stage, a base is applied under the tonal tool on the surface of the entire skin of the face and the tonal cream with a consistency according to season — if it is winter time, the tonal tool is selected with a dense texture, in a warm season it is better to apply a translucent tool or having a light texture that does not clog pores.
  2. The corrector (tone - ivory) highlights the circles under the eyes and applies a little corrector on the upper eyelids. Transparent mineral powder removes shine and matted skin.
  3. The next stage involves the design of the eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones and lips. Brown pencil is necessary to emphasize the eyes along the ciliary growth. While it is not fixed, feathering is done, creating a “haze” effect.
  4. With the help of creamy shades that will make the podium makeup resistant and bright, the upper eyelid is formed and coral pigment is immediately applied to the moving upper part.
  5. For the more expressive image, the flickering shadows of a silvery shade are added to the corners of the eyes (it is possible from the New Year collection), and a color pencil with steel followed by feathering will emphasize the lower eyelid. To give the look of mystery and charm, dark brown shadows are applied on the outer corners of the eyes with a cone-shaped brush and are applied a little over the crease of the eyelid.
  6. Black mascara will complete expressive look.
  7. At the final stage, we cover the T-shaped zone and cheekbones with reflective powder for spotlights. Sandy blush will add softness to the image, and lipstick in “velvet tan” style will emphasize warm spring make-up (if you wish, you can apply gloss in the middle of the lips).

abundant make-up in the eyes

Fancy catwalk makeup

We have already described fantasy makeup in one of our articles. A fantasy make-up for the podium can be made in a more complex cream technique or with a pencil and represent a bright author's work. The photo shows the basic rules of the podium makeup, which states:

  • The image must be spectacular;
  • The model should be clearly visible from a distance;
  • Make-up should not be dissonant with the same style in clothing and hairstyle;
  • Podium makeup should be resistant to temperatures and not spread.

Technique of performance podium fantasy make-up

plenty of color on the face

Let's try to embody the image of "rock star girlfriend" in make-up. Application scheme and secrets of display Armani will help to make it right.

  1. The main difference of the season is porcelain pallor, therefore, you should first work on the smooth surface of the skin. To do this, you need a balm or base for matting, on top of which a tone is applied, and even the smallest defects and defects are smoothed with a corrector. In conclusion, go transparent powder.
  2. Another feature of the image is velvety grayish eyebrows. Platinum or gray palette shades will help to achieve this effect.
  3. Use a trio in the make-up of the eyes: put gray shadows with sparkles on the upper eyelids, blend a darker gray shade at the outer corner of the eye, adding lilac. Flicker can be introduced using liquid shadows.
  4. Black eyeshadow eyes and complete eye makeup with voluminous black mascara.
  5. Give your lips a pale purple hue with lip balm.

black podium makeup

Understandably, almost all the above-mentioned variations of the podium make-up most likely will not be useful to you in everyday life. But you can use it at photo shoots and theme parties, for example, you can create a make-up for Halloween.

Video: Variations of a fantasy podium makeup

Fashion trends in catwalk make-up this year

bright shadows in the catwalk

The photo shows the trend of fashionable makeup of 2016, which does not leave the models' eyes. They are given special attention. The expressiveness of the eyes is achieved in different ways: from the smoky eyes technique to body art using rhinestones, feathers and additional decorative paraphernalia.

  • A simple way to give your eyes brightness and attractiveness at home is to arrange your eyes with colored arrows with a bottom liner. Such an image may seem somewhat vulgar in everyday life, and in the version with a podium looks catchy and fashionable. In the case of a person completely devoid of color, in order to direct the viewer to the displayed clothes, the greatest attention is paid to the tonal basis. Makeup artists achieve the desired consistency with a special sponge that distributes the tone without letting it flow, and then fix the makeup with powder.
  • In 2016, thick and wide eyebrows remain a fashionable and vivid element of the face, which can be emphasized by special gel and wax sets, brushes and beveled brushes.
  • Lips of 2016 should not stand out in the make-up, and be a natural color, so as not to distract the eye from the model's eyes. In some cases, when flashy clothes are shown and the image itself is bright, the lips do not remain a pale spot on the face.

golden makeup

Creating a podium image on your own, you can not forget about the time of year. The makeup of the autumn and spring shows is always discreet, in which neutral and fresh shades prevail. Bright colors, brilliant textures, and bold ideas are characteristic of summer and New Year's makeup.

Video: Professional podium makeup- step by step creation

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