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In recent years, the pin-up style is experiencing its rebirth and finds an increasing number of fans. And this is not surprising - the image of a bright, seductive and independent girl, which can be created using pin-up make-up, is more relevant today than ever. Mastering the technique of creating such makeup at home will be useful for any woman, because makeup pin up allows you to create an unforgettable and festive look with a small amount of cosmetics and a simple scheme.

How did pin-up

If you translate the phrase "pin up" from the English language literally, get the word "to pin". This occupation was especially popular among the male population of America in the second quarter of the last century.

Since in English verbs often form nouns, posters began to be called pin-ups, which were hung on walls using pins. The content of these posters was always the same - a young beautiful woman, personifying a free lifestyle - a relaxed erotic pose, a very light outfit and bright make-up.

Pin-up girl

Images of such contented and daring young ladies with a partially nude, gorgeous figure on the covers of magazines at that time became a real sensation. Circulations of publications using this technique were unusually high. Some of them even began to specialize exclusively on the beauty of the female body. For example, Beauty Parade, Eveful and Flirt. Soon another phenomenon spread - it became fashionable to hang the most successful images of the listed gloss on the walls. Pictures with graceful brunettes, daring red and delicate blondes began to decorate the rooms and cabins of cars of almost all American bachelors.

Despite the fact that the pin-up style was very erotic and provocative, the intimate parts of the girls' bodies always remained covered. A popular plot of posters was a beautiful woman who was caught off guard at disguise. Mandatory attributes of the beauties were stockings, casually looking out from under the skirt, studs, deep cleavage. Pin-up make-up emphasized the expressive look and sexy lips.

How to become a pin-up girl

Beauties who have chosen the style of American retro posters are always extraordinary people. In accordance with their character, they choose pin-up makeup. Captivating, flirtatious, frivolous and perky, he always attracts the attention of people. At the same time, it is not difficult to do make-up in pin-up style with your own hands. All that is needed is to follow the instructions below step by step.


Pin up style makeup always means perfect and light skin. Any irregularities, inflammation and rash on the skin must be carefully masked. Liquid tonal and friable powders will become assistants in this difficult matter. The first is used to mask the dark circles around the eyes and redness, the second - for the overall alignment of the tone of the face. Choosing shades of tonal resources, you should focus on the natural or pinkish-peach. In this case, it is absolutely not recommended to try to imitate tan on the skin.

The right makeup in siile pin up


Make-up pin-up pays special attention to work on the eyebrow area.

  • Their shape should be as natural as possible, but at the same time, as if slightly raised and curved. The thread-like form with this type of makeup does not combine at all.
  • To learn to pluck eyebrows correctly, you should at least once ask for a correction to a professional makeup artist. Next will be enough time to independently remove growing hairs.
  • If the eyebrows are not thick or dark, they can be slightly tinted with a pencil or dark shadows of natural shades.
  • Professional makeup artists also recommend applying the gel to fix the eyebrows. This measure will make make-up pin up more accurate and relevant standards of glossy magazines.


Regardless of the type of appearance, pin-up makeup uses shades of beige or pastel shades. It is advisable to arm yourself with light, medium tones and darker shadows of the same color. The make-up of the eyelids is performed in stages - first, a base of natural color is applied, then a moving part of the eyelid and the area under the outer edge of the eyebrow are set off in a lighter tone. Dark shadows are used to emphasize the crease. All borders should be well shaded. Using the shadows of natural colors allows you to achieve a complete erasure of the boundaries between the two types of shadows.


The most important thing that distinguishes makeup pin up from all the others is the emphasis on the arrows on the upper eyelids. They should be beautiful, expressive and thick. The liner color is preferably black. In addition to these criteria, it is worth noting that the arrows should not be too long, their upper corner should playfully bend upwards. To draw the arrows, you can use a liquid liner or liner.

Kristana Aguilera made up in pin-up style


The next step in creating makeup pin-up - treatment of eyelashes. With a perfectly made make-up, they should be long and well bent upwards. Particular emphasis is placed on the outer corners of the eyes, where the hairs should be lengthened. Makeup artists use the following technique: false eyelashes of increased length are cut in half, the halves are glued to different eyes, in the area from the middle to the outer corner. Then all the eyelashes make up lengthening mascara.


The final step in the work on the makeup of pin-up - the creation of seductive lips. For the work to be successful, it is necessary to use the red outline. They describe the natural shape of the mouth, indenting 1-2 mm. This technique is used because the red color visually reduces the lips. Then a lipstick is applied with a brush.

Ketty Perry with pin-up


An original and very playful image can be created by drawing a small fly on your cheek or above your upper lip. This technique will be especially useful if pin-up makeup is done for a photo shoot.

Video: master class on creating makeup pin up

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