Permanent makeup

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The desire to stay beautiful 25 hours a day, to have an immaculate make-up, but not to mess with eyeliner, pencils.. How to swim in the sea, without thinking about the leaked cosmetics, are not afraid of bad weather or heat, the answer to this question was the permanent makeup procedure (tattooing). It is very similar to a conventional tattoo, but unlike a tattoo, a harmless dye penetrates only 1 mm deep into the skin, and when applied to a tattoo it is much deeper. Naturally and long-term procedure such as a tattoo is much less than that of a tattoo. And in the end can come to naught.

Permanent Makeup Zones

Permanent makeup can sometimes correct some defects in appearance. He can hide such defects as the cleft lip, small scar, blemishes, alopecia (loss of eyelashes and eyebrows), emphasize the nipple aureole after the mastopexy operation, cover up injuries and shortcomings of plastic surgery.

Permanent lip makeup

With the help of a tattoo, you can improve the color of your lips, draw their contour, correct the shape and visually add volume to them. After applying the pigment in the skin, you completely forget about lipstick and lipstick. The only caveat that after the restoration of the color of the pigment brightens.

permanent lip makeup

There are several variations of lip tattoo:

  • Lip contouring. It will make the shape of your mouth more expressive. The technique itself is similar to applying a contour pencil. With the right selection of pigment, you can achieve maximum naturalness.
  • Stroke outline with feathering. The contour with shading completely merges with your natural color of sponges.
  • Permanent lipstick. It is a complete coating of the mouth with pigment. it "event" help completely change their color. And if you choose the right pigment, you can even increase their volume and get rid of the constant make-up correction. With permanent makeup, your sponge will always be perfect.
  • Light kayal. The event is designed to give volume and relief sponges. It is a drawing of the light line above and below the lip or painting the light line of the contour.

Permanent makeup century

The tattoo of the eyelids resembles eyeliner, its color may be black (which is more likely), but if desired, you can apply a line of green, brown and blue.

  • Drawing the ciliary edge on the upper eyelid will make the look more expressive, the eyelashes are bigger.
  • The arrows on the upper eyelid will give the eyes a view of the tonsils. And drawing a contour on the lower eyelid narrows the eyes and lowers their level, so it suits only a few.
  • Just a big minus of such a drawing is the possible appearance of wrinkles. It is worth considering that if you wish to apply a tattoo on both centuries, the session will be divided into 2 times.
  • Since after the tattooing of the eyelids you will encounter severe edema, therefore, the tattoo of the upper and lower eyelids is separated by a break of a week.
  • Another nuance, after the eyelids are restored, you may notice a change in color, it will become brighter and colder.

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Eyebrow permanent makeup

Eyebrow tattoo will solve the problem of colorless and not growing eyebrows or drastically change their shape and width. The method of soft shading is more popular because of a more natural result, it looks like a simple tinting with a pencil. The hair technique masks scars, scars, but gives the eyebrows an unnatural look.

eyebrow shape correction

How is permanent makeup done?

A competent consultation of a specialist is necessary and only after that you can think about the sketches, color, technique of the future permanent. Ask the wizard in detail about all the details. "operations", since you decided on a serious manipulation. The tattoo procedure has the following steps:

  1. Drawing a picture produces a master, and you just can make adjustments to his actions.
  2. Anesthesia is the most necessary step, requiring a serious approach, you need to remember about your allergy to any drug. In applying a permanent with anesthesia, swelling may occur, if you want to avoid them, you will have to endure.
  3. The duration of the sessions is different, it all depends on the chosen area of ​​your permanent application. The time of applying a tattoo on the lips lasts from 40 minutes to 3 hours, for eyes from 20 minutes to an hour, and eyebrows from 30 minutes to 2 hours. There is a possibility that the procedure will take more than one session.

lip pigmentation

Feelings after the procedure

At the end of the work, the zone on which the permanent was applied may have swelling and redness, swelling from anesthesia and a crust of dried skin appears, the crusts cannot be torn off completely. It is necessary to ensure proper home care, the master must tell you about it in detail:

  • The specialist will explain to you the importance of using wound-healing drugs that require daily application, until complete healing.
  • Washing is permissible with warm water, without using cosmetics.
  • Sunbathing and bathing are not allowed.
  • If you put a permanent on the lips, then you need to prevent herpes.

The healing process will take an average of 3 to 5 days, possibly longer. If all the recommendations for care have been followed, then on day 5 the permanent will take on an aesthetic look. But the absolute result of the procedure can be assessed only at 25-30 days.

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The durability of the permanent

It directly depends on the amount of work done, individual characteristics and competent skin care. But it’s not worth thinking that the result is eternal, the average duration will be from six months to 3.5 years.

Contraindications to tattoo

With them you must familiarize the master. But we will give you a list of these restrictions:

  • diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes;
  • aggravated herpes;
  • lactation (breastfeeding), pregnancy;
  • if you are taking blood thinners;
  • allergic reactions;
  • you should not carry out the procedure in the days of menstruation, since it increases sensitivity;
  • before manipulation can not drink alcohol and coffee.

hair method of eyebrow tattoo

Disadvantages of permanent makeup

The negative aspects of this procedure include the following:

  • She is very painful.
  • Allergy to dye and anesthesia is not excluded.
  • After applying the permanent for several days, you will not be able to appear in a public place from a slightly unpresentable view.
  • The risk of herpes on the lips increases.
  • And of course you may be upset by the result and you have to live with him for some time, without the possibility of adjustment.

Tools and dyes used for the procedure

The following materials and tools are used for tattooing:

  • Qualitative dyes with vegetable or mineral color pigments. Vegetable dyes have many natural shades. And they are washed out faster than mineral. A good master should have a variety of coloring pigments.
  • Disposable tools: disposable needles, special caps for the apparatus, gloves covering the needles. For mixing pigment disposable container with a mixer, nozzle on it must also be disposable. At the end of the procedure, they must be discarded!

machine and pigments

It should be noted that applying tattooing will depend on the quality of the needle. Needles, necessary for this procedure, are made of an alloy: nickel, platinum and the alloyed steel. The needle is sharpened as if by a “bullet”, which ensures that the pigment is inserted as deep as possible under the skin. Quite recently, needles, welded in 2 rows in a staggered pattern, were released, which allows for easy feathering even in the eyelid zone. With such needles, the effect on the skin is more uniform and almost non-traumatic. The crust formed from the use of such a needle is thinner and comes off quickly.

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