Permanent eyelash staining

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The concept of permanent eyelash tinting, appeared in cosmetology a few years ago. To create a mascara for this procedure beauticians prompted the desire of women to always look attractive, while spending a minimum of effort. Morning makeup and evening removal takes a lot of time and sometimes nerves. The new invention gives women the opportunity to get rid of the daily application of cosmetics. The procedure can be called differently - semi-permanent dyeing of eyelashes, there is no difference, because the word permanent means “permanent” and “long-term” in translation.

Features permanent mascara

The tool is made from non-allergenic substances that lengthen and tighten eyelashes in the complex, add volume to it. At the same time it has a strong water-repellent effect. Ink can even be exposed to sea water, without fear of smearing and rinsing, as evidenced by the many reviews of girls.

permanent mascara

Coloring the eyelashes with permanent mascara allows for a long time not to think about a repeated procedure. If the cosmetics quality, this period is about four weeks. At first glance, the effect is very similar to the usual mascara. But the owner of a noticeable difference: the makeup does not form lumps, does not stick together and always looks fresh. This is clearly seen in numerous photos of girls who have tried this new tool.

Coloring the eyelashes with semi-permanent mascara step by step

The procedure of applying this tool in the cabin does not take much time - 30 minutes is enough for the master. Step by step it looks like this:

  1. The master warms up the professional mascara to room temperature in advance.
  2. Further, he prepares the client: the lower eyelid covers with protective pads, and the upper one cleans with a special compound.
  3. Then semi-permanent dyeing of eyelashes is performed. The tool is applied to small parts of the surface from the inside and outside, constantly dividing the hairs with tweezers.
  4. Permanent staining of eyelashes in two layers is performed, if necessary, you can make three.
  5. The final stage is the application of a protective coating and its drying.

preparation for painting

The same scheme applies to the lower eyelid. The total cost of this method varies from 1500 to 2500 rubles, depending on the region of the country. After four weeks, the mascara itself begins to gradually roll and crumble. If you want to remove makeup before the time you need to contact the salon, at home it is carefully removed with a fat cream.

Permanent mascara recommendations

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After applying this new invention, a woman should follow certain instructions:

  • The first day of the eyes can not be wetted, touched and exposed to high temperatures, for example, to go to the sauna. You need to sleep without touching the face of the pillow.
  • You can not comb your eyelashes, paint them with the usual means and curl. Curling can be done only before the procedure.
  • When removing other makeup, avoid contact with the eyes of oils and creams.

Use permanent mascara yourself

before and after painting

The price of a reusable staining kit is almost equal to the cost of one such procedure in the cabin. But according to the recommendations of cosmetologists, it is impossible to paint your eyelashes with professional mascara with your own hands without a certain experience. Random error can cause eye damage. Make-up eyelashes itself qualitatively and without health effects can only be qualified beautician who knows the smallest nuances and has a lot of practice in this area.

Video: the process of permanent eyelash dyeing

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