Perfect makeup for gray eyes

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Girls with gray eyes are real luckies. You will ask why? Yes, because almost all the colors in the makeup palette are suitable for their eye color, in addition, gray eyes change color like a chameleon, the weather or mood changes and they take on a gray-green, blue-gray tint or interesting brown blotches appear in the iris. Gray-eyed beauties can safely experiment with make-up, use crazy shades and absolutely not afraid to seem ridiculous! And to be confident in the ideal of your image, you need to know what he is, a beautiful makeup for gray eyes.

What shades are perfect for gray eyes?

Naturally it is not difficult to guess that the silvery shade perfectly suits gray-eyed girls. He more than any other will emphasize all the advantages of gray eyes and make your image stunning. You can use all shades of gray, from the brightest, metallic, as well as the colors of wet asphalt. No less interesting would be such a combination - gray eyes and brown, golden, chocolate, peach, blue, dark purple, beige shades of shadows.

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Girls, if you belong to a cold color type, then shades of dark blue, violet and brown are suitable for you. Using dark brown colors you will make your image brighter and more expressive. If you do not want to focus much on your eyes, then choose a range of pearlescent and gray-blue shades. Remember that "cold" for girls with gray eyes, very light tones in the make-up palette are absolutely not suitable and juicy and bright colors look just as bad.

If you are a warm color type, i.e. you have light skin and blond hair, and your eyes have brown patches, then shades of chocolate, golden, beige, and peach shades are suitable for you. But remember that the abundance of these colors can give a painful or tired look to your eyes! Brunettes with gray eyes can resort to make-up with oriental motifs, in which there are shades of orange, yellow and dark blue tones.

How to choose a gray eye liner?

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With the color of the shadows, we have already decided, now it's time to choose a liner. If you want to achieve the effect of cat eyes or repeat the image of Cleopatra, it is better to opt for a black pencil or liquid eyeliner of the same shade. Girls, if you have small eyes, it is better to refuse predator makeup with thick lines, otherwise your gray eyes will become even smaller! Of course, such a dark eyeliner in combination with the shadows is good only for an evening out. In day or wedding make-up, it is better to abandon the contour line or make it very thin.

Blond beauties categorically contraindicate charcoal-black eyeliner. It is better to opt for brown, gray or dark blue. Remember that the contour liner and the shadows should be of the same tone in order to fully harmonize with each other.

Change eye color with makeup!

Proper make up can easily change your gray eyes, giving them a slightly different shade:

Turn gray eyes into blue. Take shades of golden, sandy, yellowish or bronze tint, then pick up your eyeliner in dark blue or coal black. With such a simple set, you quickly change your eye color, as if by magic.

various makeup options for the gray-eyed

Turn gray eyes into green ones. In order for your eyes to get the desired green hue, you will need a set of shades of green and brown. It is best if your upper eyelid is covered with the shadows of several chocolate and emerald tones, while only the green color will show off on the lower eyelid.

If your eyes have a natural combination of two colors, such as gray-green or blue-gray, then it is just as easy for them to choose a beautiful makeup. Just need to say that the owners of such an interesting eye color, there are girls of all shades of hair, red, black, blond, light, chestnut. For each of them there are their own, original ideas of makeup.

Make-up for eye and hair color

Makeup for gray-green eyes and dark hair

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Makeup for brunettes with gray eyes or having a gray-green color should be made with shades of copper, dark blue, purple, gray, brown, apricot, beige. With such a palette of colors you can create a light day makeup, and a unique evening look. It is better to choose eyeliner in dark colors, for example, emerald.

Makeup for gray-green eyes and blond hair

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Girls, owners of blond and blond hair, stop your choice on a palette of shades of lilac, peach, pastel, bronze, beige, these shades will make your image delicate and unique. And if you want to add charm or make your evening look more expressive, use the shades of coffee, coral and taupe. As for the choice of contour liner, it should be in tune to the shadows used.

Makeup for gray-green eyes and red hair

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Bright by nature, girls, owners of red hair should be careful in creating daytime eye makeup, the best option would be graceful arrows on the eyes. The arrows can be drawn as a liquid contour liner, pencil, or shadows that have a baked shape. In the evening, make-up of red girls should not use shades of blue and pink, as these shades will make your look painful and tasteless. Take a look at other juicy shades.

Makeup for blue-gray eyes and blond hair

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Girls with this combination of eye color and hair, real Slav women! But many beauties of such a type, they say that they have a completely nondescript look, how can I fix this? Your look can be quickly transformed, made deep and bewitching, using the shadows of beige, pink, purple, lilac, golden and green. Be careful in the choice of shades, too light, turn you into a sick mouse, and too dark into a vulgar person! Eyeliner need to choose slightly darker than your hair color.

Makeup for blue and gray eyes and dark hair

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Girls with this type of appearance can work wonders by changing the color of their eyes with make-up. A well-chosen make up can make your blue-gray eyes turn turquoise! Use all shades of emerald, turquoise, gray and chocolate in your make-up eyes. With such a palette of shadows your view will become magnetic. As for the eyeliner, it should be only dark colors.

Makeup for blue-gray eyes and red hair

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The owner of red hair is a girl and so emanating from the crowd, but if you want to lightly decorate your daily look, then you can’t find a better option than gentle, playful arrows. The arrows can be made in black or dark gray. In the evening look, shades of light green, golden, copper, yellow, pink, crimson, turquoise will look perfect.

Day makeup for gray eyes. Stepwise application

Day makeup for gray eyes can be created with a very small stock of cosmetics. You will need to prepare a tonal foundation, powder, a silver pencil, the same color shadow, black mascara, a delicate lip gloss and only 15 minutes of free time. After a series of sessions, you will learn how to reduce the time in creating day or daily makeup.

  • On a pre-cleansed face you need to put a tonal framework, which quickly disguises all the flaws.
  • Using the contour pencil, select the line on the upper eyelid, the line should repeat the growth of eyelashes
  • Using a brush with shadows, gently blend the pencil towards the crease of the eyelid, emphasize the lower eyelid to the middle
  • In the area of ​​the inner corner of the eye, you need to put a little bright shadows, so you give your eyes a depth. Then blend borders
  • Curl the eyelashes with forceps, and then apply mascara on them, apply mascara in 2 layers, not more
  • After that it is necessary to slightly powder the face.
  • The last chord is the application of a delicate shine or lipstick. You got a great look!

how to create make up

Evening makeup for girls who have gray eyes, has a more intense range of colors. In the evening image you can not be afraid to experiment with the color of the shadows and contour.

Casual variation make-up

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Casual makeup for gray eyes almost exactly the same day. To create it, you can simply watch the daily technique and repeat it. But a better option for everyday makeup would be to use elegant arrows, a little blush and a soft tone of lipstick or gloss. If such variations of make-up seem boring to you, then we offer you a couple of interesting ideas on how to perform everyday makeup for gray eyes.

First variation

To create this makeup, prepare:

  • shades in light beige
  • Shadows of champagne
  • crayon dark brown
  • mascara with lengthening effect

Make-up step by step:

  • On the inner and outer corner of the upper movable eyelid we apply shadows from the light-beige tones.
  • In the middle of the century you need to put a shade of champagne
  • Along the lash line we draw a light contour line with a pencil.
  • Shadow borders between shadows, and then we apply mascara in 2 layers

Second variation

To create a make up you will need:

  • Matte texture shades ivory tint;
  • liquid eyeliner dark turquoise;
  • metallic shade;
  • shadows in golden tones;
  • pencil in black and white.

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Make-up step by step:

  • Throughout the moving eyelid, we distribute matte shadows in ivory tone, and then blend
  • Dark turquoise eyeliner draw a contour along the eyelashes on the upper eyelid, eyeliner should go beyond the eye
  • Starting from the inner corner of the eyelid, apply metallic shadows along the liner to the center of the eyelid
  • From the outer corner of the eye, just below the turquoise eyeliner, we draw a light line with black pencil
  • Golden shadows emphasize the lower eyelid, from the middle of the century in the direction of the outer corner of the eye, draw a line using a turquoise eyeliner, then blend
  • On the inner side of the lower eyelid apply a white soft pencil
  • Tint eyelashes with ink

Video: an interesting make-up for gray eyes with your own hands

Girls, you are familiar with the main nuances of how to make a beautiful makeup for this shade of the eyes. Use them in practice, supplement your imagination and be irresistible !!

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