Perfect makeup for a full face

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The business card of any modern woman is her face and it is very important that this business card has an attractive appearance. But there is one small “but”, with our crazy rhythm of life and unhealthy diet there is a problem of overweight. Roundness starts to attack each zone of the body of our beautiful ladies. One of the very first places is the face. Yes, these plump plump cheeks, a fuzzy line of the chin With the appearance of these “problem” ladies begin to doubt the correctness of their makeup, afraid to make their face too plump. Let's look at the question of what kind of makeup for a full face would be perfect?

Dear ladies, we learn correctly and skillfully select makeup for obese women. In our fleeting century it is difficult to meet in everyday life a woman who does not use cosmetics. After all, with its help you can disguise fatigue, after a stormy night or bags under the eyes. Even with a minimal set of cosmetics in a cosmetic bag, it can and should look immaculate.

Make-up for full face makeup

Face and skin

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These parts in the image must undergo the most serious changes, as any girl with a full face wants to achieve a visual reduction of the face, to make it thinner and not so wide. After all, most often a full face looks like a circle in which all parts are wide enough, this applies to the area of ​​the forehead, cheekbones and of course the chin. Therefore, we need to achieve a visual transformation of a round full face into a more elongated and thin oval, and of course bring the skin to an ideal state.

For such corrections, you will need 2 shades of tonal cream, the first to match your face, and the other a little darker. A dark foundation needs to be spread with a brush along the neck and also along the cheekbones. Well, put a light tone on the whole face.

Another nuance when choosing a foundation for a full face is to opt for a matte texture that does not leave behind a greasy luster. To hide the dark bags under the eyes, use the corrector, you can correct your nose with it, or rather make it thin. To do this, apply the corrector on the sides of the nasal septum, as well as under the nose.

full face girl

Cheekbone zone

Choosing a blush shade for a full face should be careful, because we need a shade that visually reduces the face. Before applying the rouge retract your cheeks and you should have dimples. Apply blush on the protruding part of the cheekbone, the tone of the rouge should be dark !! We move the brush towards the bottom, i.e. from the forehead to the chin line.


Makeup for full girls eliminates the use of bright or screaming shades of shadows. The bold line of the eyeliner also looks bad on the full face. It is better to take shadows opaque, without sparkles, nacre and other brilliant impregnations and of course in quiet scale. The line of arrows is better to draw is not complete, it should gird a little more than half a century, and go into the almost imperceptible haze in the corner of the eye, both lower and upper.

bright makeup for a full face

Eyebrow line

Stick to your natural eyebrow shape. No need to make experiments with tattoo eyebrows, pull them out too thin or leave fluffy bushes out of the hair.


girl with a round full face
Full-faced girls often have mouth-watering, swollen lips. So take it into service! You do not need to use brightly-bright lipstick, it is better to give your preference to the natural range of lipsticks or to a moisturizing lip balm. Bold shine is absolutely contraindicated in a full-face makeup !!!

There is one small secret, as you already understood our tendency, we need to visually reduce the face. Therefore, apply the brightest tone of lipstick in the middle of the lips, then take a shade a little lighter and paint them the rest of the lips.

Makeup for obese women for all occasions. Golden Rules

Daily make-up

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Such make-up for full girls implies a light, low-key version. To do this, it is enough to have the usual set of cosmetics that are always in your cosmetic bag, namely, mascara, lipstick, blush, eye shadow and tonal cream. To make the face look more oval and not look like a pancake on a griddle, choose cosmetics with a more muted tone.

  1. The first advice on how to create makeup for obese women is to avoid horizontal lines of applying cosmetics, as this will make your face look even wider.
  2. Dark matte powder, or a dark-colored foundation, applied to the side surfaces of your face, will make it already.
  3. Your nose also needs to be visually narrowed by the same means, in exactly the same way.
  4. Then choose soft shades of blush and apply in the form of a triangle, a sharp angle directed to the bottom of the line of the lips.
  5. By eye makeup should be approached especially carefully, as this will emphasize your personality and give your appearance a special charm.
  6. Try to shade the eyelids vertically. Long arrows should be avoided. It is advisable to apply a short spout with a slightly upturned to the top.
  7. Lower eyelashes should not be painted. Only the top.

makeup for girls with full face
Eyebrows also need to be adjusted. Apply a slightly obscure bend, resembling a bird's wing, going back to the top with rounding to the end of the eye cut. Shortened eyebrows also do not spoil your appearance, but only give your look spectacular and unique.

To make lips look plumper we use gloss or lipstick of natural shades. Observe the sequence. From the beginning, we apply lipstick, and then shine. Such a make-up (on the way out) will give confidence to all women with rounded body shapes and a round face that is no less than the skinny ones on the catwalk.

Evening option

full face evening makeup
This makeup for a full face is somewhat different from the day and has its own peculiarity.

  1. Make up and make up according to the rules described above with a slight change regarding the eyelashes and arrows.
  2. The direction of feathering must be carried out diagonally.
  3. When curling we move the eyelashes slightly to the side, and direct the ends of the arrows to the side of the temple.
  4. Evening makeup looks more effective if you use powder and foundation of light tones.
  5. When choosing a blush feel free to use the most intense colors from dark chocolate to bright cherry and pink, and the red color of lipstick will accentuate your arrows.
  6. Lips worth tint neutral more natural color.

Here is such a simple make-up for a full round face, suitable for publication and for a romantic meeting.

Properly selected make-up for obese women with a round face will give lush beauties a unique charge of cheerfulness, distract from everyday problems and make the image stylish and independent.

Video: makeup for a full face. Detailed application technique

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