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Already for half a century, eastern women have won prizes in the famous beauty contest "Miss World" more than 20 times. This is due not only to their innate beauty, a special oriental makeup plays a crucial role in this. Beauties of the east prefer bright, rich in colors make-up and the main place in it is always occupied by oriental eye makeup. Traditional oriental make-up exists in three varieties: Arabic, Indian, and Japanese. All of them are significantly different from each other.

Oriental makeup - its varieties and application rules

Arab style makeup

Arabic makeup focuses on the eyes. Arab women have been hiding their faces for thousands of years with a burqa, so it did not make sense to allocate makeup to another part of the face. With the help of antimony, Arab beauties drew a dense contour line on the lower eyelid. Not forgetting to stain the inside of the eyelid, thereby creating a contrast between the whiteness of the eyeball and the eyeliner line.

In addition to bright expressive eyes, the Arabic make-up should have a perfect face tone and delicate natural lips. We should not forget that the Arabic make-up is saturated with bright colors, so it does not apply to the daytime make-up version, but is only an evening make-up.

Arabic makeup in blue and gold tones

  1. Arabic eye makeup is performed in shades of black, purple, gold, lilac and gray. Shadows can have a pearly texture or be dull. The main cosmetic is a liquid eyeliner or a pencil necessarily black.
  2. You can also use rhinestones, sequins or false eyelashes, which will give charm to the eastern image.
  3. As with any other make up, your eyebrows should have a perfect shape.
  4. The shade of lipstick should be natural and have a warm tone. If you do not use lipstick, then use a lip gloss. The correct color of the tonal base is ivory or natural beige.
  5. The foundation should be matte and free from flickering particles. Arabic makeup does not need to use blush, since the blush on the cheekbones will make the image vulgar.

Indian style makeup

Since Indian women by nature have dark skin and dark hair, Indian-style makeup involves the use of bright rich colors.

  1. To create an image of an Indian woman, first of all you must prepare your face by applying the correct tone to it. Dark-skinned beauties will need a foundation in beige tones, aged in a natural range. It makes the skin matte and velvety. Girls with fair skin to repeat the image of the beautiful women of Bollywood will be difficult. To do this, you have to visit the solarium or try tanning.
  2. Another feature of the image of an Indian woman is clearly drawn eyebrows. To highlight the eyebrows, use a pencil of dark color or dark brown shade. Light tones will not work.
  3. The main zest that complements the Indian make up is a bindi - a small red dot in the middle of the forehead.
  4. Indian eye makeup can not do without a black eyeliner on the eyelids. The thickness of the contour line is selected according to your face type. The tips of arrows bring out the boundaries of the eyelids and go to the temples.
  5. An interesting feature of Indian eye makeup is the division of the eyelid into two zones in the horizontal direction. The line at the bottom is stained with bright shades of shadows. The zone located above is light, sometimes even white with patches of nacre. For the lower part of the eyelids, shades of black, dark brown, dark blue and dark purple are suitable. Do not forget about the harmony of the color of the palette of shadows with your shade of the iris.
  6. Indian make up has one more feature - brightly painted eyelashes. If your eyelashes are not thick, then you can safely resort to using false eyelashes.
  7. If in most types of make up they do only one accent, then in Indian there are two of them. Eyes and lips are brightly made up.
  8. Lips should be bright. Use a lipstick with a matte texture. The color of lipstick can be both red and coral. To give a piquant swelling of lipstick cause gloss.
  9. Usually Indian make up does not involve the use of blush. This may unnecessarily overload the image. If you nevertheless decided to highlight the cheekbones, then use a brown blush.

makeup indian style

Japanese style makeup

Japanese makeup is porcelain like doll skin, black expressive eyes and spicy red lips.

  1. By nature, Japanese women are not owners of fair skin. But in Japan, white skin is a symbol of unearthly beauty. All Japanese beauties try to make their skin tone as lighter as possible. A light foundation and compact powder will help in the transformation of a dark-skinned beauty into a porcelain doll.
  2. Remember the naturalness, the foundation should be a maximum of two shades lighter than your natural skin color. If you do not follow these rules, you risk getting an unnatural, ridiculous mask on your face.
  3. Not every girl has slanting eyes, and this is the hallmark of every Japanese beauty. How to make such an eye cut? To create this illusion, you will need a liquid eyeliner, shades of light shades, brown pencil and black mascara. Apply light shadows on the upper eyelid, then draw a thin contour line along the eyelash growth line.
  4. A small nuance — the contour line in the inner corner of the gas must descend to the bridge of the nose. On the outer corner of the eye, slightly lower, and then sharply rise up. Brown pencil draw a contour line on the lower eyelid along the lash line. After that, with the help of a soft brush we shade the line on the lower eyelid. Next, paint the eyelashes. Mascara is applied in one layer.
  5. Japanese lip makeup begins with drawing a clear outline. Lipstick should be rich shades of red, plum, wine or dark brown.
  6. The final touch is blush. The blush on the cheekbones should be barely noticeable. To do this, suitable peach blush or delicate pink flowers.

makeup japanese women

Oriental makeup for different eyes colors

How to make an oriental makeup for each eye color? Every girl asked herself this question, because for each shade of the iris a certain palette of colors and its own nuances suit.

make-up for blue-eyed

Blue and gray eyes

  1. To create an oriental makeup for blue eyes, use a black eyeliner and a palette of shades of lilac, gray, purple, lilac, silver, gold, green and brown. False eyelashes will help to make the look as expressive as possible.
  2. As in any other make-up, we don’t forget about perfect skin tone. Smooth out the complexion with the help of a foundation that is properly chosen for skin tone.
  3. Since eye makeup is quite saturated, you should not use bright lipstick, use natural soothing shades. Eyebrow line clear.
  4. In order not to overload the image should not use blush. Oriental makeup for gray eyes in exactly the same recommendations for blue-eyed beauties.

variations for gray eyes

Brown eyes

Oriental makeup for brown eyes can be safely called traditional, because most often oriental beauties have brown eyes and dark skin.

  1. First of all, apply a tonal foundation on the skin. Then you can go to the design of the eyebrows. To draw a contour line, you need a dark brown or black pencil, depending on your hair color.
  2. To emphasize the already bright shade of eyes, use a black eyeliner. Use it to draw a contour line along the lash line, both in the upper and lower eyelids.
  3. Oriental makeup for brown eyes involves the use of shades of dark brown, bronze, emerald, olive, blue, purple, beige, pink, plum and lilac.
  4. Finishes the eastern makeup brown eyes lush false eyelashes.
  5. Oriental lip makeup should be natural, similar to the natural tone of your lips.

options for brown-eyed

Green eyes

  1. Oriental makeup for green eyes can not do without a black eyeliner.
  2. The palette of shadows should have a green, emerald green, peach, brown, purple, terracotta and mauve.
  3. The tone of the face should be impeccable, therefore, using a foundation, we align the tone of the face, making it matte and velvety.
  4. Do not forget about the line of the eyebrow, with the help of a contour pencil draw clear boundaries.
  5. Due to the rich eye makeup, be careful when choosing shades of lipstick. We adhere to the natural range.
  6. By the help of blush, as before, we do not resort.

makeup for the green-eyed

Trying on a very beautiful makeup in the oriental style, remember that it should be in harmony with your image as a whole. Perfectly chosen outfit, healthy well-groomed hair and alluring perfume trail will make you an oriental beauty. We hope that after reading this article, you will not have questions about how to learn how to do make-up in oriental style.

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