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Orange makeup is the most unusual, spectacular, original trend of this season. If you want to stand out from the crowd, be attractive and look very extraordinary, then this is the most suitable way.

What to start first?

At first, just correctly select the color shade. Do not think that orange makeup is the lot of makeup artists at fashion shows. Do not be afraid, prove yourself, be brave! Have you seen a lot of young girls wearing orange makeup? And if so, you most likely simply could not take your eyes off them. This color solution fits absolutely everyone, so you shouldn’t torture yourself with constant doubts that it will not suit you. Do not try it yourself - you will never know anything.

Instructions for applying this kind of makeup is not easy, but quite doable. Below, three options for applying makeup in orange tones are described in maximum detail:

  • Eyes.
  • Lips.
  • Cheeks and facial skin.

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Orange Eye Makeup

It is the eyes that can enchant a man at first sight, and if they are wearing makeup with orange shadows, then it becomes a weapon to the combatants just on the spot. Step by step it is quite difficult to do, but still real. Here is your action chart:

  1. You have to choose a shade to match the color of the eyes.
  2. With your own hands, creating a makeup brush, gradually apply shadows. First, in the corner of the eye, apply the lightest shade of the palette, the second is the color a tone darker, they are allocated the central part of the century, well, the outer corner of the eye is painted over with the darkest shade of shadows.
  3. Then underline the eye contour with a pencil.
  4. Complete the entire makeup with the latest mascara accent.

turn-based make up scheme

If you doubt that you can not do everything at home, then contact the makeup artists for advice or to try make-up. Well, for those who want to experience all the difficulties on their own, without any help, we recommend watching the training video at the bottom of the article and try to repeat the orange makeup at home.

Orange lip makeup

bright lipstick on lips

Orange lipstick makeup is a very extravagant lip make-up option. And before you decide to try it, pay attention to the tone of your skin. It is important that it is flawless, without any redness, spots and pimples. Avoid artificial tanning, make-up in orange colors looks on such a face very vulgar and unnatural.

Basis for orange makeup

Your make-up may not be limited to frames: makeup with orange shadows and lipstick. Turn on the orange color and in the remaining makeup face- add to the set the blush of this bright shade, they will give texture to your face.

unusual make up cheekbones

If you decide, now just drop all doubts, prejudices and prejudices, because you will be the center of attention. You are the embodiment of courage, brightness, beauty and charm thanks to orange makeup. Experiment and you will see for yourself that being an individual is your best decision.

Little nuances of orange make-up

If you want your make-up in the orange gamut to perfectly harmonize with your appearance, learn a few small nuances:

  • The dark-colored hair owners best of all in the eye makeup will be a combination of carrot-colored shades with purple, with the last shade to be placed along the fold in the upper eyelid.
  • Blond hair owners can make up their eyes with orange shades in combination with green and brown tint.
  • Those girls who have fiery red hair are better to pick up make-up eyes in the form of arrows, made up with a bright orange pencil, and it is better to make up the eyelids with pink or golden shades.
  • If your eyes are blue or gray, then the orange shadows can play a cruel joke with your eyes and turn them into tired, painful or just crying eyes. Just add some other bright color to the orange, for example purple and you will avoid the unpleasant effect!
  • Do not forget about the flawlessness of your eyebrows, if they are not in perfect condition, then it is better not to experiment with a bright make-up as the color orange will emphasize the non-ideality of your brows.

Video: master class on orange eye makeup

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