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Ombre makeup is a fashion trend that will never lose its relevance. You can make such a make-up with any colors, which means that it is suitable for any event, be it a regular visit to the office or a night party at the club.

What is an ombre

The word "ombre" in French means "shadow." If you delve into the world of fashion, you can understand that in this case, this term means everything that has a smooth color transition. It is also called a degrad or gradient. The effect of ombre can be found not only in make-up, but also in manicure.

lilac pink make

The peculiarity of the gradient effect is that the color transition should be exactly smooth. That is, it is not just a mixture of two different colors with a sharp border: in the middle there should be a shade that resembles both used tones. Such smoothness preserves a certain naturalness, be it a manicure or an ombre make-up.

Gradient eye makeup

Every girl at least once in her life did a gradient make-up with her own hands, but did not notice it. Favorite by many smoky eyes is also related to this style, because there is the effect of black shading and its gradual lightening, up to gray. Contest works on the gradient eye makeup are performed using bright colors: purple yellow, green with red, etc.

Ombre lip makeup

Most often, women simply paint their lips with a monochromatic lipstick, occasionally tracing the contours with a pencil to tone darker or lighter. Young girls just do enjoy the glitter, emphasizing the natural color of the lips. But the top of the style is considered when an ombre makeup is made on the lips, the so-called ombre lips (from the English. Lips - lips).

Ombre lips

Make such a make-up can be not only in the cabin, but at home. There are plenty of video tutorials and step-by-step instructions on the Internet, so nothing prevents you from sitting at home in front of the mirror and trying to make yourself an Ombre lip makeup.

What do you need

For an ombre lip makeup you will need:

  • Facial scrub;
  • Two lipsticks of different colors. For natural make-up, select similar shades, for example, red and pink, and for more original colors, you can use unusual colors: orange and coral;
  • Contour pencil in the color of one of the lipsticks;
  • Lip gloss (without sparkles);
  • Paper napkin;
  • Cotton buds and makeup remover.

Execution scheme

Before proceeding directly to make-up, you should spend a light peeling lips. After him, lipstick will hold on better, and make-up will look more interesting. Now let's take a look at all the steps of actions:

red make up

  1. Fingering the lips with a pencil and blending it;
  2. Apply a darker lipstick;
  3. With a napkin we remove part of the lipstick from the inner edge of the sponge;
  4. We paint a free area with lipstick of a different color;
  5. The final stage, due to which the effect will be degraded, we close and open the mouth several times, but not three of them against each other!

Ombre makeup is ready!

To get the perfect ombre lip makeup, you should use matte lipstick. Pearlescent and glossy samples will blur, and no gradient will work. If the sponges are very thin, and you want not only to get the effect of ombre, but also to give them fullness, then makeup should begin with the application of concealer or corrector. It evens out the tone of the lips and face. After that, you can draw the outline that you need with a pencil.

Ombre Pencil Lip Makeup

Matte lipstick may well replace contour pencil. They will also need two or three pieces of different colors. Next, step-by-step instructions for performing an ombre make-up for lips using red, pink and white pencils are described.

pencil technique

  1. Mentally divide the sponge into three longitudinal equal parts;
  2. Draw the contour of the lips dark pencil;
  3. When he is ready, circle it again, pressing down on the pencil more and touching one third of the lips on the outside;
  4. Pink pencil draw on the already drawn dark layer, painting over the middle third;
  5. We use a white pencil to work out a part of the pink layer and finish painting the inner third of the sponges;
  6. To get a quality gradient, close the sponge, making a beautiful movement, as in advertising any lipstick.

For any occasion

On the streets you can rarely meet a woman whose sponges are painted in several colors. And indeed, the ombre makeup is more suitable for some special occasions, holidays, parties. But if you use natural shades that are very close to each other, you can experiment with the degradation and for everyday make-up. Moreover, it is not difficult to make such a make-up yourself.

Video: Ombre lip make-up technique

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