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Make-up models on the catwalks are created in accordance with the ideas of designers and stylists. Here, the rules of selection and application of makeup rarely work. But in everyday life makeup is applied according to all the laws of beauty. Each girl will be useful advice how to make a modern make-up, to create itself a perfect image every day.

The basic laws of modern makeup

Modern makeup should be almost invisible on the face. Cosmetics should mask the flaws and focus on your strengths. Brute makeup can make your face artificial, puppet and even theatrical ridiculous. Keep balance and harmony in make-up. The right modern makeup should not look like a mask, removing that, you will look completely different. The following basic make-up laws will help you understand this issue:

  • An even tone of the face and radiant skin is the basis of makeup.
  • In eye makeup, the sequence of applying cosmetics is important.
  • Eyebrows should look natural.
  • Blush should easily emphasize the line of the cheekbones.
  • Lips should look sensual.

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Cosmetics must be of high quality and resistant. If you are sure that the mascara will not crumble, and the shadows will not roll on the eyelid, you will be sure of yourself all day. Choose cosmetics with a good reputation and pay attention to the composition in the instructions. Now in more detail, as applying these rules, to create an actual make-up.

Apply tone

The make-up of a modern girl should begin with the creation of a perfectly even complexion without flaws, such as dark circles under the eyes, redness, acne, enlarged pores. All these shortcomings can be masked with the help of cosmetic products that are properly selected for the skin type and tone. Try to choose loose foundation that will not clog pores and will be applied with a thin layer. The step-by-step tone scheme is as follows:

  1. Before applying the foundation, clean the skin with a tonic.
  2. To mask dark circles under the eyes, use a liquid corrector under the eyes.
  3. In order to hide the redness on the skin, use concealer, matched to a tone lighter than foundation.
  4. After applying the concealer, lightly hammer the product into the skin with the pads of the ring fingers.
  5. Give your make-up a natural matte using powder. For daytime make-up it is better to choose a light transparent powder.

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Putting powder, try not to powder too much the skin around the eyes and in the corners of the mouth. Otherwise, the powder can settle in wrinkles, visually enhancing them.

Create the right beautiful eyebrows

Before applying makeup on the eyes, paint the eyebrows. To do this, it is better to use colored gels, a pencil will make the outline too clear. If you use an eyebrow pencil, carefully blend it with a special eyebrow brush. Remember that eyebrows should look natural. Do not strive to make perfectly symmetrical eyebrows. This is not natural, because the right and left half of a person’s face are also not perfectly identical. Eyebrows make the eyes more expressive and increase the emphasis on them. Modern makeup suggests that the color of the eyebrows should be 1 tone darker than the hair color.

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Doing consistent eye makeup

Creating a modern make-up for the eyes, it is not recommended to use false eyelashes with ribbons or bunches, this is irrelevant. In addition, there are no restrictions. You can choose the color palette to your taste, choosing both bright and quieter neutral shades. Keep in mind that for the daytime make-up it is better to choose matte shadows, and for the evening brilliant ones are allowed. The correct sequence for applying eye makeup is as follows:

  1. First, eyeliner is applied and a clear sponge line is shaded.
  2. Next, apply eye shadow. For daytime makeup, you can use one shade of the shadows, and for the evening you can make smoky ice using 3 colors.
  3. When applying 2 colors of shadows, consider the main rule: a lighter shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye, and a darker shade of shadows is applied to the outer corner of the eye.
  4. If you use eyeliner in make-up, it's time to apply it. To liner does not crack when drying, apply it to the shadows.
  5. Curl your eyelashes with curling irons.
  6. Then applied mascara. The correct application technique: from the base to the tips.

Making your eyes expressive, you can go to the rouge.

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We emphasize the cheekbones, sculpture the face

Doing actual make-up with your own hands, pay attention to the sculpture of the face and the allocation of cheekbones. To do this, you need a rouge, highlighter and a wide brush.

  1. The color of blush is chosen under the natural shade of the girl's cheeks. Blush applied with a thin layer of short strokes on the line of cheekbones and cheeks. To select a specific area, you can press on the brush a little harder.
  2. Then the face is sculptured with a wide brush and highlighter. Apply it on the areas that you want to highlight: areas under the eyes, eyebrow areas of the forehead, in the center above the upper lip and along the contour of the lower lip.
  3. Using a highlighter, you can make the look more open, the skin is radiant and fresh, the forehead can be made higher, and the lips are full.

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We finish make-up - we paint over lips

Current trends in makeup do not have strict guidelines regarding makeup for the lips. You can use lipstick and gloss. Lead the contour with a pencil or not, you decide. Regarding shades of lipstick, the rule is the same: the tone of lipstick should be combined with your appearance, be in harmony with the overall composition of the make-up and be combined with your wardrobe. To lipstick applied evenly, you can pre-moisten the lips, causing them under the make-up.

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These tips will help you create a modern makeup at home on your own. The color preferences of each girl can be individual, and correctly applying cosmetics, you will get the actual image.

Video: modern make up with your own hands

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