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Miranda Kerr's makeup always looks natural and only emphasizes the natural beauty of the sweetest "angels" Victoria's Secret. The tone of the girl's face is always impeccable, and for eye makeup she uses calm shades of shadows, emphasizing the blue color of the iris, and even red lipstick, often appearing on the lips of a beautiful woman, does not make her image provocative. Miranda, who heads the ratings of the most sought-after models of the world, is the object of close attention of fashion critics, and fashionistas of the whole world study and copy her style. By the way, makeup in the style of Miranda Kerr is easy to do on your own and we will tell you how to do it.

Miranda Kerr Makeup Features

Married to Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr often shone on the red carpet in exquisite evening gowns with a flawless make-up. Created by professional makeup artists for advertising campaigns and the catwalk, the images of beauty are always different, but the common features are traced:

  • Miranda's face is always flawless and well-sculptured: the girl always has beautifully distinguished cheekbones, and a healthy glow plays on the apples of her cheeks.
  • Eyes of the model are almost always surrounded by a light veil of shadows and a lush curl of eyelashes. Looking at her photo, you will not see Miranda with an aggressive Smoky-ice in black and gray tones or with thick arrows. The girl has little eyes and makeup artists do not use techniques that can emphasize this.
  • Eyebrows of the model always look natural: to emphasize their shape, a girl needs only to comb them and slightly tint with shadows.
  • But in the lip makeup model loves experiments. She does not give preference to any one shade, but uses various colors of lipsticks and gloss from pale pink to burgundy. The girl is not categorical with respect to the texture of lipstick, she boldly uses matte lipstick, but more often she makes her lips even more appetizing with the help of glossy and mother-of-pearl coatings.

variations make up

Miranda Kerr Casual Makeup

Recently, Miranda Kerr visited Russia and managed to visit Ivan Urgant, taking part in the filming of the program. "Evening Urgant". In the style characteristic of Ivan, he invited the girl to take part in an experiment called: "You paint me, Miranda", acting as a model for Miranda personally. During the 2 minutes set aside by the conditions of the experiment, she performed makeup on Ivan’s face, with which Urgant could win the most beautiful TV anchors contest.

footage from the show Evening Urgant

The participation of the girl in the TV show was not without questions about her everyday make-up. Miranda herself said that: "Becoming a mother, I began to paint very little. All I do is apply a balm on my lips and moisturize my face." Indeed, lately Miranda Kerr, without makeup, began to appear more often than with him.

We repeat the makeup of Miranda Kerr

If you want to try on the image of a famous supermodel, we will show you how to do makeup in the style of Miranda Kerr. Two of the most memorable images of beauty and step-by-step instructions for their execution can be found below.

Day makeup in the style of Miranda Kerr

To repeat the make-up in the style of Miranda May Kerr, relevant for everyday "socks", you will need a minimum of cosmetics: a light cream foundation, matting powder, 3-color shades: chocolate, taupe and champagne, black mascara, and peach-pink lip gloss. Bronzer and highlight, which make the beauty's face more prominent in everyday make-up, can be replaced with blush, as the sculpturing techniques can turn make-up into evening.

Miranda May Kerr

Step-by-step instruction on the execution of the daytime make-up of the supermodel

  1. Miranda pays special attention to skin care. Before applying the tone, thoroughly clean and moisturize the skin with a cream.
  2. After this, apply the foundation. If your skin is healthy and has no imperfections, it is not necessary to completely cover the entire face with cream, a local coating will be enough: a little tone on the nose and under the eyes. The main thing is to carefully distribute the tool, for this use a synthetic brush or sponge.
  3. To make up look perfect, apply a matting powder on the T-zone.
  4. With a wide fluffy brush, apply peach blush along the line of the cheekbones, rising to the temples. If you decide to use the highlighter and bronzer, apply the first product on the center of the chin, the back of the nose and above the upper lip, and darken the temples and cheekbones with a bronzer.
  5. We turn to the eyes: eyebrows should be slightly tinted with shadows, then take chocolate shadows and apply them to 2/3 of the upper eyelid, emphasize the inner corners of the eyes with champagne-colored shades, and add gray-brown shadows into the fold. Lower the eyelid from the outer corner to the middle place chocolate shadows, and from the inner corner the color of champagne. The upper and lower cilia stain with black ink, giving volume.
  6. Lips are covered with a peach-pink shine without a chimmer. You can use a pencil to match the tone and contour the lips.

supermodel with a gentle mike

We repeat the evening makeup Miranda Kerr

"Chip" evening make-up in the style of Miranda May Kerr-red matte lipstick. Remember that the matte texture makes the sponge visually thinner, and therefore if your lips are naturally thin, replace the matte lipstick with pearl. Make-up from this will not be less spectacular, but successfully highlight your beauty. To repeat the image of the model, you will need: a base for make-up, foundation, transparent powder, blusher of delicate peach color, highlighter, powder with reflective particles, two-color shades: sand and brown, black liner and mascara, red matte lipstick.

make up with red lipstick

The phased scheme for creating evening makeup looks like this:

  1. Apply primer to the skin. The base will make evening makeup resistant, and all subsequent layers of cosmetics will be perfect.
  2. Then, using a sponge, evenly cover your face with foundation. If the skin has flaws, camouflage them with a proofreader.
  3. Transparent powder perfectly mattes the skin, preventing the appearance of oily shine, and at the same time does not overload the face with color. Apply clear powder with a wide brush.
  4. With shimmering powder, give your face the right shine: apply it on the area under the eyes, on the forehead at the temples and chin.
  5. Apply blush on cheekbones.
  6. Go to the eyes. Miranda’s eye makeup is very laconic: light shades are applied to the inner one and dark ones to the outer corner and are well distributed at the color junction. We draw a thin arrow, raising the tail up, and tint the cilia with mascara.
  7. Lips covered with lipstick scarlet shade.
  8. Set the glare with a highlighter: a little money on the skin above the upper lip and under the eyebrow.

Miranda Kerr with pink lipstick

Miranda Kerr's evening makeup is ready! This image is definitely worth trying on yourself, especially red lipstick this year is particularly relevant.

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