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the heroine of Clone Zhadi

Make-up Zhadi from the series Clone won the sympathy of many beauties who love oriental style. The actress Giovanna Antonelli, who played the role of the fatal beauty Zhadi, has no Oriental roots. Beauty comes from Brazil. But the make-up artists of the series with the help of oriental make-up achieved a stunning effect and the Latin lady turned into an Arab star. Today we will tell you how to do makeup Zhadi do it yourself at home.

Features make-up in the style of Zhadi

As we have already said, the make-up artists of the Clone series did a good job, since from birth Giovanna had pale and slightly uneven skin, and the eastern queen of men's hearts could not have such a skin tone on her face. In addition, a correction of the cut of the eyes was needed, it was necessary to give them an eastern shape. Cheekbones, eyebrows and lips also needed amendments. Let's take a closer look at the makeup Zhadi from Clone in all the smallest details.

Tonal framework like Zhadi

First of all, Zhadi's Arabic makeup requires that the skin of your face be slightly bronzed. has become velvety and silky. For this manipulation, you must stock up with a thick layer of bronze shade foundation. If you are naturally lucky and you are a dark-skinned young lady, then choose a shade close to your face tone. Do not forget about the powder, which should be in harmony with the foundation.

the heroine of the series Clone

Makeup like Zhadi does not exclude the selection of the line of the cheekbones. To emphasize your cheekbones, use the coral-colored blush, and the blush should be applied from the temples, moving towards the wings of the nose, as if at an angle of 45 degrees. The stroke of strokes should be wide. To provide a good base on which you then put eye makeup on Zhadi, you need to treat the area of ​​the eyelids and eyebrows with a tonal basis, for this you will need a sponge and a thick foundation.

Eyebrow line like Zhadi

The heroine of the famous series has expressive, wide and rather thick eyebrows. If you are by nature the owner of such beauty, then you will need a minimum of adjustments. Pull loose hairs a little, pick up a pencil that matches your hair color, paint a little eyebrows with a pencil and brush them. If your brows are far from ideal, then arm yourself with special shadows and a brush and begin to draw the eyebrow line. In this case, you can lengthen the line of the eyebrows, reaching the outer corner of the eye.

Giovanna Antonelli

Make-up eyes like Zhadi

Zhadi's eye makeup was remembered by the presence of thick black arrows with wide lines both on the upper and lower eyelids, the corners of the arrows reached the nose, and on the outer corner of the eye did not reach about 0.5 cm to the temporal bone. If you have a good liquid liner or a black liner, then you can draw the arrows with them, but if not, then in the old-fashioned way you will arm yourself with a coal-black pencil.

  1. Start drawing arrows from the lower eyelid. From the inner corner of the eye, draw a thin arrow to the outer corner.
  2. Start drawing the upper eyelid. The arrow originates from the same point as the line on the lower eyelid. That is, the lines merge in the inner corner of the eye.
  3. The tips of these two arrows can merge or, on the contrary, diverge by lifting slightly up. As a result, you should have an almond-shaped eye section.

Select a palette of shadows. Zhadi's eastern make-up cannot do without a dark palette of shadows, but one should not forget that the shades from the gamut should be combined with the iris of the eyes.

  • If you, like the heroine of the series, the owner of brown eyes, then you can safely choose such shades of shadows as chocolate, brown, coffee, caramel.
  • If you are a green-eyed person, then your color is marsh.
  • Blue-eyed girls are ideal ashy or black shadows.

Shadows need to be applied to the entire surface of the moving eyelid and even go a little to the stationary area. Shadows should be applied so that they repeat the line of arrows in the outer corner of the eye, and in the inner part of the eye have an indent of 5 mm. On a fixed upper eyelid it is necessary to apply the shadow of a lighter range, it will give the look of expressiveness.

eye makeup Zhadi

Makeup like Zhadi can not do without the use of coal-black mascara with the effect of lengthening. In this case, mascara should be applied only to the upper lashes, the lower ones remain intact. As an option, you can paint the lower cilia with a soft black cosmetic pencil and shade it a little with a mother-of-pearl or silver pencil.

Makeup lips Zhadi

Zhadi's eastern make-up thaws his lips into a supporting role because of the rule of one accent. That is, your eyes have expressive eyes, therefore the lips should be of a neutral color. Make up Zhadi allows the use of lipstick in lip tone, if you do not like lipstick, then it is better to choose a gloss with a matte effect, but remember that the gloss should not contain either sparkles or nacre.

  1. Arm yourself with foundation and lightly treat the surface of your lips with it.
  2. After that, take the contour pencil, which is ideally combined with a hint of lipstick or your chosen gloss. Circle the lip contour with a pencil, the lines should not be bright.
  3. If your lip makeup has an excessive shine, then take a napkin and gently blot your lips with it. There is another useful manipulation that is to powder the sponges by covering them with several layers of gauze.

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