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Evening makeup Selena Gomez

Texas star Selena Gomez has been known to the general public for a long time. The girl has a huge army of fans, which monitors not only her work, but also her appearance. Makeup like Selena Gomez is interested in many beauties especially. For all those who wanted to learn the secrets of make-up like Selena, we created this article. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to do make-up Selena Gomez with your own hands at home.

Looking at the glossy pictures with a star, you can immediately note that Miss Gomez is the owner of good external data. The girl has dark skin without flaws, attractive brown eyes, plump lips and thick chestnut hair. So good "a package" One could safely do without make-up, but the beauty still does not neglect make-up.

Step-by-step instructions for creating make-up Selena Gomez

To repeat makeup in the style of Selena Gomez, you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances. So let's get started!

Star skin tone

Despite the fact that the girl has skin without any flaws, very often on the face of a star there is a layer of tonal foundation. Young diva prefers a peach shade foundation. You may also have noticed that the beauty is the owner of a round face. This means that with this type of appearance you need to choose the right makeup for a round face that hides flaws, making a slight adjustment.

gentle makeup Selena Gomez

Putting a tonal basis, Selena tries to stretch her face a little. To do this, she takes a peach concealer and a tone foundation 3 tones darker.

  1. Dark cream outlines the side zones of the face. That is, the cream goes to the line of the temples and gradually moves towards the lower jaw.
  2. We put a dark tonalnik on the sides of the nose to narrow it a little. After all, the pop diva is quite wide and snub-nosed.
  3. A light shade of the tonal remedy handles the septum of the nose and the rest of the face.
  4. Using a brush, apply a bronze-colored blush on the central zone of the cheeks, and then gently blend in the direction of the temporal zone.
  5. Using concealer with reflective particles, select the skin around the eyes. This reception will give the look a healthy and radiant look.
  6. Light powder and a little fluffy brush to powder the face a little to fix the created tone on the face.

Make-up star eye

It should be noted that nature gave pop diva the perfect shape of eyebrows with a smooth curve. For these eyebrows do not need a special correction, just enough to emphasize with a pencil or shadows to match the hairs.

pink make up

The young star of Hollywood is the owner of brown eyes. Everyone knows that makeup for brown eyes has its magic and attractiveness, since the shadows used to create it come in a warm dark gamut. You can safely use such colors of shadows as coal black, chocolate, coffee, eggplant, plum. Such a palette is used by the young singer in her favorite make-up in the style of Smokey ice. In the makeup, Selena Gomez's eyes do not forget to use black eyeliner and mascara.

Make-up Star Lips

The actress Gomez, as the owner of plump lips, always tries to emphasize this piquant detail with the help of translucent gloss or matte lipstick of a natural shade. The star rarely uses contour pencil and bright lipstick, because it immediately gives the young girl a few extra years.

romantic make up selena gomez

We revealed all the details of how to make up the makeup of Selena Gomez on our own. But before trying on the image of a Hollywood beauty, think carefully about whether the makeup in the style of this young singer and actress will fit your face.

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