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Makeup Nina Dobrev

The popular TV series The Vampire Diaries brought to light Bulgarian beauty Nina Dobrev, who immediately became the favorite of many fans of the series. In the cinema, as in the life of the beautiful Nina, the perfect hairstyle, regular features and impeccable figure. But most of all the girls were interested in how to do Nina Dobrev's make-up in order to become at least a little like her.

Step-by-step scheme to create a make-up in the style of Nina Dobrev

The main accent in the image of Nina is her perfectly smooth complexion and a subtle tan. To achieve this you need to disguise dark circles under the eyes, even out the tone of the face and give the face a subtle tan.

Create tone

Actress Nina Dobrev uses a peach shade foundation, as it is he who fits perfectly with her skin tone and helps to hide all the flaws. You should also choose a tonal framework that will perfectly harmonize with your skin color. Only in this way will you avoid the effect of the mask on the face.

perfect skin tone

  1. Take a brush or sponge and use it to apply the base under makeup. The base layer should be light, as later on your face will be covered with concealer and a small layer of powder;
  2. With a clean sponge or brush, type a small amount of foundation and smoothly spread it over the skin of the face in the chin area and touch the neck a little;
  3. If after applying the tonal base you see dark circles or other imperfections on your face, then take light powder and a large brush and lightly powder the problem areas;
  4. It was the turn of applying blush. Makeup Nina Dobrev involves the use of sand or coral shades of blush. After all, they perfectly emphasize the cheekbones and give the face rounded and even a little childish forms. Using a blush brush, apply a little cosmetic on the center of the cheekbones, this is how you give a natural glow.

Make-up eye

Nature endowed the famous actress with narrow, not very expressive eyes, and the beauty corrects this little drawback with the help of a black eyeliner, both on the lower and on the upper eyelids. Favorite shades of Bulgarian beauty shades are gray, chocolate and black. So creating makeup like Nina Dobrev stick to this particular range.

  1. Take a silver pearl pencil and highlight the inner corner of the eye, both on the upper and lower eyelids. This technique will help you make your eyes look sharper and more radiant;
  2. Using a fluffy brush and chocolate shadows, select the central part of the upper eyelid. This zone should be the brightest in the makeup of the eyes in the style of Nina Dobrev. You can change the chocolate color to black;
  3. All the same fluffy brush blend the shadows to the inner and outer corners of the eyes. So the look will become softer;
  4. Nina loves to combine brown and black mascara. This helps to achieve the effect of fluffy 3D cilia. But if you do not have enough volume, put on the eyelashes on top;
  5. Eyebrows of a star of a series can be called her pride. Nina likes to emphasize the perfect shape of eyebrows with black eyebrow shadows. And to give contrast, she puts under the eyebrow gray shadows with nacre particles or surrounds the lower contour of the eyebrows with a silver translucent pencil. You need to choose the shade of the shadows to match your hairs, but do not be afraid to also apply the method of contrast.

makeup cosmetics

Lip make-up

Nina Dobrev is indifferent to lipstick. The beauty prefers translucent peach and coral shades. However, there were cases when a beauty appeared on a star track with lips painted in red lipstick.

  • If you prefer a lighter version of the makeup in the style of Nina Dobrev, then paint your lips with a light balm, the shade you like;
  • For lovers of a more intense version of make-up, you need to stock up on a contour pencil and lipstick in the style of vamp.

Nina with bright lips

Now you know all the secrets of how to independently create Nina Dobrev's makeup at home without the help of professional makeup artists.

Video: master class on creating makeup Nina Dobrev

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