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How to make up Mila Kunis interests many women and girls. Always stylish and compelling actress for many of them - an example to follow. Impeccable selection of clothes, accessories and make-up is her calling card. Mila Kunis always looks natural - she does not use bright and bright colors. Warm, calm shades of cosmetics only complement and emphasize her elegant and feminine image. Makeup in the style of Mila Kunis is a sample of a natural and at the same time bright image. Today, this American actress of Jewish-Ukrainian origin heads the list of the sexiest women in the world according to FHM (For Him Magazine).

Secrets of make-up actress

Mila's appearance is almost perfect. But, nevertheless, Mila Kunis's makeup has its own secrets, especially when applied at home. The main highlight of the make-up of the irresistible beauty is the expressive eye makeup. Such a bright look can literally burn through men.

Makeup like Mila Kunis is perfect for ladies with dark hair: black, chestnut, dark blonde. Before make-up eyes, you should pay attention to the skin of the actress. For her dark skin, she prefers the tonal basis of dark shades. Mila Kunis uses concealer, which is a must-have in all Hollywood actresses' makeup bags, to disguise problem areas and signs of fatigue. It is applied under the eyes, on dark circles, as well as on problem areas.

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The actress does not use powder for the face. It is replaced by a bronzer that emphasizes the beauty of dark skin and gives it a radiant look. The star has extremely beautiful eyebrows of regular shape. The scheme of applying make-up Mila assigns a special role to them, as they effectively focus attention on big eyes.

Eye Makeup by Mila Kunis

Her eyebrows actress does not give the shape of strings. To emphasize their natural configuration, she uses eyebrow gel, because of which they look a bit wide. However, this does not spoil the expressiveness of the look at all, but only underlines it. For eyebrows, makeup in the style of Mila Kunis involves the use of a hair color pencil.

The actress prefers makeup in brown or chocolate shades. This color scheme is optimal for women and girls with green eyes. As a result of heterochromia, Mila herself has one green eye and the other brown.

Eye makeup step by step:

  1. A makeup base is applied to the eyelids, which can be replaced with any eye cream suitable for your skin type.
  2. Beige shadows are applied under the brow.
  3. The mobile and lower eyelids are covered with a light brown tone.
  4. Makeup, like Mila Kunis, involves applying chocolate shades to the crease, the outer corner of the eye, and a little higher than the moving eyelid.
  5. Borders of the applied shadows should be carefully shaded with a special brush for make-up of the eyelids.
  6. After applying the shadows with your own hands, the lower eyelid Mila Kunis brings a black, green or brown pencil. The actress, as a rule, uses for this purpose a liquid eyeliner, predominantly black.
  7. Eyelashes, for the effect of overhead, stained with ink in two layers. If the eyelashes are not different from the nature of pomp and length, you should use artificial.

Mila Kunis eye makeup

Mila Kunis’s make up is completed by applying peach blush and a pale pink gloss on the lips. It will add volume to the lips and highlight their natural beauty. In this case, bright lipstick is irrelevant.

Make-up actresses yourself

Learning to do Mila Kunis’s own make-up at home is better on a light smoky version with an interesting contrast of colors. This make-up can be recommended for various events: evening and daytime. Gamma makeup should be chosen, like the actress, neutral, light bronze and brown tones. Particular attention is paid to eyeliner applied as much as possible.

Instructions for the selection of cosmetics for makeup at home:

evening and day make up stars

  • For high-quality shading, it is advisable to choose a black gel eyeliner.
  • Shadows can be taken, in principle, of any shades close to gray, silver, light beige and burgundy. Perfect for this make-up suitable pearl shade with a dark gray subtone.
  • Optional false eyelashes are selected.
  • To give the skin a tan face, you need a bronzer, which additionally creates harmony and contrast for greenish eyes.
  • Any lip gloss or lipstick.

During the creation of such a make-up, which Mila Kunis prefers, it is necessary to remember that its main task is to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes. The use of bright and catchy colors is unacceptable! You need to apply only light lip gloss and pastel shades of shadows - then you will be able to create an image resembling the image of Mila.

Video: Mila Kunis master make-up class

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