Makeup margot robbie

Makeup Margot Robbie

Australian Margot Robbie is rapidly earning the honorary title of the sex symbol of a Hollywood movie. Spectacular blonde often experiments with her own image. Therefore, every appearance of a young actress on the scene creates a real sensation. Images and men, she changes like gloves. What is the secret of the attractiveness of the girl, and what images guarantee her universal recognition?

sex symbol

Images of Margot Robbie

During her entire short but intense film career, the Australian managed to catch the fancy of the audience thanks to her bright roles and interesting looks. Images of Margot Robbie can be classified as follows:

natural makeup

  • Role in Peng American. Bright blonde with pale pink lips, natural eye makeup and an emphasis on natural wide eyebrows. Natural and shy, she is just beginning her career as an actress.


  • The role in the film "Boyfriend from the Future." One of the most feminine images of Margot Robbie. White and pink shades in make-up are supported and continued by Margo Robbie outfits. The accent of the actress is already shifting from eyebrows to moist pink lips and peach cheekbones.


  • The role in the film "The Wolf of Wall Street." Margot Robbie turns into a “shark” of a Hollywood movie. At the premiere of the film, the actress appears in an elegant burgundy dress with parted hair. The image is complemented by a discreet, cold make-up. Margo Robbie's natural make-up looks decent, but here's a dark bodily mouth for a young actress to cover a couple of years.


  • Awarding the Golden Globe Award. White elegant dress in the floor + romantic styling and natural makeup. Eyelashes are slightly touched with mascara, and flesh-colored lipstick is applied on the lips. In this gentle image the accent is thick and well-groomed eyebrows.

159-Makeup Margo Robbie

  • Awarding the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. Daring and sexy appearance. Margo Robbie’s makeup is perfect. The main focus is neat arrows that make her look feline. Lips are still flesh colored.


  • Presentation of the Oscar. Shocking reincarnation. A new image: brown curls + open dress + rich color mouth. Margo Robbie's bold make-up did not go unnoticed. Fans approved the change of their favorite.


  • Film Festival 2015 year. Again light colored hair. Now Margo Robbie's make-up highlights the juicy lips of the actress. From the extreme red color lipstick blows retro style.


  • Summer 2016. At all fashionable get-togethers, a star appears with trendy dark sponges on a pristine-clean face. Definitely a girl follows the fashion trends.

fashionable images

The unique image of Margot Robbie, which is easy to repeat

Make-up Harley Quinn from the suicide squad has repeatedly repeated everyone who wanted to make an indelible impression on the theme parties. But the photo of Margot Robbie from the premiere of a popular film demonstrates the wonderful taste of the actress and cause the desire to repeat the much-desired look.

  • Face. Choose a light tone foundation that will lie down gently and not make the face heavier. Apply bronzing powder and a little blush on the cheekbones. Comb and tint eyebrows and walk on them with gel. Paint the cilia. Special attention to the lips. Requires a rich charcoal red lipstick. Apply it on the entire surface of the sponge, working through cracks and skin irregularities.

bold choice

  • Hairstyle. Fashionable makeup in the style of Margot Robbie complement stylish hairstyle. Spray on wet hair with a volume effect. Slightly dry your hair head. At the base with a rubber band make a low tail. Twist the rest of the hair in a loop shape. Secure the improvised loop with a hairpin. Give hairstyle carelessness. To do this, release several strands from the entire beam. Fix hair with lacquer strong fixation. Do not overdo it, so as not to create the effect of glued hair.

spectacular carelessness

Margot Robbie's makeup secrets

Margo Robbie’s makeup is special and unique every time. However, you can trace the main trends of its application. The actress reveals the main secrets of creating a stellar face for those who want to recreate makeup on their face in the style of Margot Robbie.

beauty secrets

  • Particular attention is paid to the actress barely noticeable golden glow of the skin. A similar effect can be achieved using BB cream, a light tinged fluid or bronzing powder. These funds are applied to the chin and cheekbones.

such a different actress

  • The famous cat attracts the gaze of the actress creates with the help of glossy arrows, shadows and a double layer of ink.

cat's eye

  • The lips of the actress often leaves without a concentrated color, applying on them a favorite balm or lipstick nude. In special cases, choose rich tones of red, burgundy or fuchsia shades.

bright girl

Spring Image by Margo Robbie

From theory to practice. Recreate a light and beautiful make-up famous "Harley quinn" you can easily at home. You need:

natural make-up

  • cleansing milk for the face;
  • foundation of a light shade;
  • Blush pink and peach tones;
  • bronzing powder;
  • brown and black eyeliner;

beautiful make-up

  • shades of pink, black and brown tones;
  • mascara and false eyelashes;
  • red-brown lip liner;
  • lipstick red-brown color;
  • lip gloss;
  • a set of makeup brushes;
  • eyebrow brush.

beautiful make-up

Scheme of action for applying makeup Margo Robbie:

  1. Cleanse your face with a suitable tool. Apply a sponge with a light shade foundation and blend it well.
  2. Apply a light pink blush to the zygomatic area. Do not overdo it, because the main thing in Margot Robbie-makeup is naturalness. Secure the result with a light bronzer powder.
  3. Comb your eyebrows with a special brush. After that, light movements using a brown pencil to give your eyebrows the desired shape.
  4. Thoroughly paint the entire upper eyelid with a delicate pink shade of the shadows, leaving the area under the eyebrow untouched. Choose pink shades of cold tones. Vizazh beauty actress perfectly demonstrates the audience the natural beauty of the girl. Take a peach-colored blush and walk along the crease of the upper eyelid, highlighting the separation zone of the movable and fixed eyelids with peach color. Work with a wide feather brush.
  5. Take a pink mother-of-pearl shade of creamy shadows and highlight the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow. Shade shadows so that there are no sharp borders.
  6. Use black pencil for eyes to draw the line of the growth of eyelashes, starting from the inside corner of the eye, smoothly moving to the outside. Continue the line a little further, bringing it beyond the outer corner of the eye. You should have a slightly raised black arrow.
  7. Use a thin brush to blend in the arrow line so that there is no clear edge. On the applied and feathered lines, walk with a thin brush, having previously typed any dark brown shadows. In the same shade of the shadows, select the lower eyelid, tracing the growth area of ​​the lower eyelashes. With light movements go to the area of ​​the outer corner, giving a smoky look. The corner clearly paint shadows.
  8. Take a wide brush for blending and walk across the surface of the eyelids, giving meekapu softness and naturalness. Margot Robbie without make-up looks very young and gentle, so the make-up is designed to emphasize these qualities of a star.
  9. Ink with fluff effect over paint the upper and lower cilia. Try not to lose the naturalness and do not get ugly eyelashes - spider legs. If possible, give your eyes expression with false eyelashes.
  10. Powder the surface of the sponge. Take a brown-red lip liner and confidently draw the line of the mouth. Do not try to draw a line further than the natural contour to increase the volume of the lips. Your mouth will look caricature, and all your tricks will be visible to the naked eye.
  11. Reddish-brown lipstick fill the weight of the lip. To do this, brush the lipstick and thoroughly paint the surface of the mouth, including cracks and irregularities. Blot the lipstick with a napkin and repeat the procedure. The make-up of the movie diva in the spring version blinds the lips with a gloss, so take a lip gloss suitable for you and apply it on the already painted lips. You can use colorless gloss, or you can choose a tone in lipstick color. As a result, you get sexy and sensual lips.

turning into a star

Make-up in the style of Margot Robbie feminine and gentle. However, it is always relevant and does not contradict fashion trends. If you decide to choose for yourself one of the images of Margot Robbie, then be sure that you have chosen a truly win-win option. With a minimum of cosmetics you will look natural and well-groomed. Australian actress knows a lot about creating a bewitching face, because it is not without reason that she is recognized as the sexiest actress in Hollywood.

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