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Lady Gaga and her make up

Bright and inimitable Lady Gaga is always in the spotlight. Make-up plays a significant role in her crazy looks. It is possible to look at the photos of the singer with spectacularly made up eyes, fancy arrows, feather eyelashes and rhinestones on the lips. Of course, the makeup of Lady Gaga will not be repeated for normal life, but you can try to perform it as an experiment to cheer up or for a Halloween party. Let's look at the photos of the most unusual make-ups of the singer and try to repeat the makeup in the style of Lady Gaga with your own hands.

The evolution of the makeup of Lady Gaga

Each make up stars is unique and unique. She did not appear twice in the same image, it is difficult to imagine how much effort it costs her team.

Poker Face clip image

The makeup changed from year to year, and we could admire such images:

  • At the beginning of her career, the singer did not wear too catchy makeup. Uniform tone of the face, clear arrows, lush eyelashes and bright lipstick pink or even purple - these are its main characteristics.
  • A little later, the make-up Gaga style began to resemble the makeup of Marilyn Monroe with red plump lips and black arrows.
  • Then the image of Lady Gaga became more rough: artificially created dark circles under the eyes, clearly defined cheekbones, a gloomy face tone and lipstick with blue.
  • Sometimes the beauty surprised the fans by appearing in front of them with a light and gentle make-up made in pastel colors. In this image, Lady Gaga is femininity herself, and her natural beauty reads as best as possible.
  • Quite often on the face of the singer appeared bright juicy shades of decorative cosmetics, for example, a green eyebrow pencil or blue lipstick.
  • The most memorable images of celebrity created using rhinestones, stones, beads and feathers.

Lady Gaga and her images

Today, Lady Gaga appears on the covers of magazines more often without makeup or with a slight natural look. One of the most memorable make ups "Monster queens" can be repeated by yourself. With him, you will certainly become the Queen of Halloween.

image for the clip Born This Way

Create the makeup of Lady Gaga from the video Born This Way

To create this makeup you will need:

  • Tonal framework and powder.
  • Makeup brushes.
  • Eyeshadows of coal black and white.
  • Set for sculpture or shade of dark brown and light beige.
  • Black liner.
  • The pencil is dark gray or black.
  • Soft plastic makeup. Its cost is about 900 rubles.

Create a tone and paint the eyes

Armed with everything you need, you can create makeup in the style of Lady Gaga. We start with the application of foundation and leveling the tone of the face. After that, step by step perform the first step:

  1. With the help of makeup to mask the eyebrows or a light shade of foundation conceal eyebrows.
  2. We cover the face with a thick layer of powder.
  3. We turn to eye makeup: white shadows draw a line along the upper eyelid.
  4. Black soft pencil draw an arrow from the outer corner of the eye to the inside.
  5. With black shadows we paint over all mobile upper eyelids.
  6. Repeat the same with the second eye.

make-up application scheme - first stage

The first stage is completed. Go to the second face sculpting "Monster queens".

Create the desired face shape

At this stage, we will need plastic makeup and tools for sculpture. With their help, you will be able to create the desired face relief and accurately reproduce the legendary makeup of Lady Gaga from the Born This Way clip.

Makeup creation scheme - second stage

Phased instruction is as follows:

  1. With a dark shade of shadows we paint over the wings of the nose and make it visually more subtle.
  2. At this stage, we return to the eyes and let them down with a black liner.
  3. After that, put a bright highlighter under the eyes.
  4. We take a plastic make-up, tear off a small piece and sculpt "horns" just above the temple and on the protruding parts of the cheekbones.
  5. Now with the help of eyebrow mask or light shade of foundation, we mask the joint "horns" and skin.
  6. Apply powder on top.
  7. We draw a line with a dark shade of shadows, highlighting the cheekbones.
  8. The same shadows set off "horns" on the temples, drawing a line under them. Do not forget to carefully shade the cosmetics, so that the transitions are smooth.
  9. Above "horns" skin needs to be lightened, for this use a highlighter.
  10. It remains to make up the lips. Use for this a dark gray solid pencil, summing up the contour.

Instructions for the execution of make-up

Make up in the style of Lady Gaga is ready! Scary and aggressive, just what you need for Halloween.

Who creates makeup Lady Gaga

Looking at a photo of a celebrity, I just want to know who is the author of this madness? The most famous makeup artists, such as Yadim Karranz and Billy Bee, worked on the images of the outrageous diva during different periods of her work.

Lady GaGa in the clip Telephone

For a long time, the star trusted her face Tara Savelo, with whom she met on the set of the video "Bad romance" in 2009. Already a couple of years after they met, Tara became Gaga's personal makeup artist and created a daily make-up for her. The girls have become good friends, which certainly fruitfully influenced their work. Many crazy images of beauty belong to the brush and pencil of Tara.

Lady gaga

Today, Lady Gaga's makeup is not as fancy as it was a couple of years ago and no wonder, because the personal make-up artist of the star has changed and is now over "Monster queens" Sarah Tanno is working.

Video: Repeating the evening make-up in the style of Lady Gaga

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