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Make-up in the style of Kim Kardashian - is the subject of admiration for many girls around the world. But for some, it still remains an unattainable dream, because it seems that making it with your own hands is unrealistic. After all, Kim is a “star” and certainly uses the services of professional makeup artists. Yes, she can not do without their help. But to make such a make-up is quite possible even for an ordinary girl. For this you need a detailed execution scheme, a set of decorative cosmetics, as well as patience and inspiration.

The subtleties of star makeup

What is so fascinating makeup Kim? First of all, its catchiness, colorful and accentuating the upper part of the face - eyes, eyebrows and eyelids. In this case, the lower zone (lips), as expected, remains neutral. This contrast creates an image at the same time feminine, tender, fatal and sexy.

Kim Kardashian with corporate makeup

Kim Kardashian's makeup is a recognizable “corporate” look, which is created with the help of invariable false eyelashes, thick shadows of soothing tones and rich eyeliner. The focus is on the inner corners of the eyes with bright, contrasting shadows, which makes her look languid, sparkling and a little fantastic.

In addition, it is clearly noticeable that the face is covered with a large amount of tonal means. The final touch is lips. Their Kardashian wisely paints transparent caramel palette.

beautiful Kim Kardashian

In general, such a make-up looks rather heavy and, probably, not every girl is suitable, especially for a blonde woman with blue eyes of a Caucasian person. In addition, Kim's makeup is not full-time, but evening, solemn, and this should also be taken into account.

Eye and eyebrow makeup techniques: step-by-step instructions

For convenience, the work can be divided into 10 stages. By following them step by step, you will definitely get the desired result at home.

star Kardashian with red lips

  1. Before you do Kim Kardashian's make-up yourself, you need to apply a primer in order to “cement” the future make-up. The first step: under the line of growth of eyebrows to put the shade of light coffee shade with the sharpened end of the brush.
  2. Under the very eyebrow and in the corners of the eyes, apply a shimmering shade of a golden hue (champagne color) with a flat brush, without this Kim Kardashian's makeup does not do.
  3. Now use the same brush to apply a tone an order of magnitude darker (light brown) in the center of the upper eyelid.
  4. If you want makeup like Kim Kardashian, make a smooth transition between the fold of the eyelid and the skin under the eyebrows with a round brushing. Take advantage of the shades of brown and beige.
  5. With the help of the same flat brush, apply thick, dark brown shadows on the edge of the upper eyelid (in the outer corner of the eye). Feather so that there are no obvious transitions and borders between colors. As a rule, these flaws are visible to the naked eye, so achieve the perfect result, without which Kim Kardashian’s makeup is impossible.
  6. It was the turn of the lower eyelid. The principle of applying shadows is the same as that of the upper eyelid. The darkest tone (feathering) is applied around the edges, less dark in the center, and the corners can be “reflected” with ivory tones or solid colors.
  7. Make-up in the style of Kim Kardashian is impossible without the contour of the eyes. To make it the same, you need to circle the growth line of the eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelids from the inside and outside. This step gives depth and mystery to the look. The lines, however, can turn out unnatural, so they should be covered from above with a layer of matte black shadows (they smooth out the roughness of the contour).
  8. This is the "highlight" of the Kardashian corporate make-up and consists in the fact that it is necessary to shade it (highlight the nose). Not all girls will suit this technique, so it is not necessary to repeat it. And you need to make it this way: lightly apply light brown shadows to the places where the brow arcs begin.
  9. Cover the eyelashes with mascara with a lengthening effect.
  10. After 20 minutes (when the mascara is dry), fasten the false eyelashes. Our star uses such sets, in which the outer villi are longer than the inner ones - this creates the effect of naturalness.

Kim with pink makeup

If you do everything as described by the make-up creation scheme, you will get exactly the same makeup as Kim Kardashian's. Having added a hairstyle in her style, create a full-fledged image of this star.

Video: master make-up class Kim Kardashian

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