Makeup for the new 2017 year

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To new trends naughty ladies named fashion can be treated differently. Some representatives of the fair sex unquestioningly follow new trends, others prefer common sense in creating an image. But it is impossible to completely ignore the trends of the season, because the female appearance consists of many trifles. The leading role in the design of appearance is visage. Consider what should be the makeup for the new 2017, in order to elevate his mistress to the top of the fashionable Olympus.

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The main trends in the creation of make-up 2017

Makeup for the new year 2017 is defined as free and personality-oriented. The new season involves a combination of the best directions in the make-up of previous years.

holiday look

  • Style nude. As close as possible to the natural effect of make-up in the style of nude.
  • Skin with a slight glow, achieved through quality care.
  • Popular technology smokey ice.
  • Circular eyeliner in the style of "cat's eye".
  • Monochrome makeup.
  • Graphic style. Used as a base for evening makeup.
  • Metallic style to create a festive look.
  • Gothic direction in the modern interpretation.

image on New Year's Eve

As you have noticed, the designers give the ladies complete freedom to choose the most suitable for each of them option of visage.

New Year's makeup 2017: ideas of creation

When choosing an image for the New Year's party, you should remember that in the year of the Rooster you need to go fully armed. Not only the make-up should correspond to the owner of the holiday, but the 2017 fashion manicure should be chosen based on fashionable recommendations. For the New Year holiday, stylists offer the following makeup options.

fashion trends

  • Bright option. Fashion make-up 2017 can not look dull, compared to the outfit. The Fire Rooster loves all shades of red and orange, so makeup should be matched. Highlight the eyebrow line, be sure to use eyeliner, a few color shadows in the color of the dress. Lipstick or gloss should also be bright. Cilia as much as possible give volume. To do this, you can use false eyelashes. Cover them with original green or blue mascara. Do not be afraid to look coarse or defiant. Fire Rooster encourages brightness.

bright image

  • Chic image. New Year's makeup 2017 will be most successful when using the maximum amount of brilliant details on the face and open areas of the body. In the visage, use the hit season shade with a metallic effect of any shade. Well, if it will be golden or silvery tones. Remember the rules of application: from the lightest tone in the inner corner of the eye, to the darkest in the outer. Small decorative stones or rhinestones should be glued over the shadows. Any woman of fashion can place them on the line of eyebrows. Eye makeup for the new year 2017 will be considered complete with the addition of gloss over the mascara at the tips of the eyelashes. Remember that at the end of the holiday you need to clean the skin and cilia with a special cleansing milk.

brilliant make

  • Unusual appearance. If you consider yourself to be a brave young lady, then you can easily create any stylized make-up on your face. For example, you can choose the image of the Snow Maiden. To do this, sprinkle eyelashes sequins, apply blue-white shadows, the maximum light cream and pink blush. Addition to the image will be a snowflake drawn near the eye, smoothly turning into the temporal zone.

winter make-up

The options for creating a fashionable and stylish look in the upcoming New Year's Eve mass. The main thing is the choice of resistant cosmetics in order to save the created make-up until the morning.

Stylish make-up of the Fiery Rooster: a step-by-step scheme

If you have not yet decided what makeup to do for the new year 2017, then we suggest stopping the choice on the most popular and original makeup version. The appearance, fully reflecting all the requirements of the Fire Rooster, is perfectly embodied in this version.

fire style

  1. Clean your face and apply a moisturizer on its surface.
  2. Spread the foundation over the skin, grabbing the neck to avoid a noticeable color transition.
  3. Paint the eyebrows with a pencil of the appropriate color, filling the voids between the hairs. If desired, glue small glitter on their surface.
  4. Continue to create an eye make-up for the new year 2017. Apply arrows, smoothly bringing them up near the outer corner of the eye. Lightly blend and apply metallic shading. A rich range of colors involves the use of orange, gold, light green, black and dark blue tones. Thoroughly blend transitions and glue decorative rhinestones in the outer corner of the eye (optional).
  5. Apply your favorite mascara in two layers. After this, glue the false cilia and special feathers.
  6. Decorate the surface of the lips with any juicy lipstick or magnifying gloss.

Fire Rooster style

Eye makeup on the new 2017 requires the use of resistant makeup. If you use bright color, make-up will be festive and rich. In this case, the dress does not overshadow your face.

Options for fashion makeup for the new 2017

Each young lady can easily embody the fashionable novelties of the new season. Putting makeup on the new 2017, it is worth choosing from such options.

  • Gothic makeup. Photos from the latest shows clearly demonstrate the newfangled focus on the lips. With the most natural make-up of the eyes, lips should be painted as dark as possible. Suitable plum, maroon, brown shades of lipstick. The main thing is a clear lip contour. To use this trend, be sure to circle the contour with a pencil in the color of lipstick or colorless liner.


  • Krazy smokey Classic Smokey Ice can diversify and refresh using stencils. Apply through the stencil need to shade different tones of the same color. If you are distinguished by perseverance, then simply acquire a resistant eyeliner and draw clear, straight lines with it in parallel from the eyelash growth line to the eyebrows. You can decorate the final result by shading shadows on a moving eyelid.

under the stencil

  • Butterfly makeup. The effect of the open wings of a butterfly on the eyes is achieved by a bright selection of the upper and lower eyelids with bright linings or liners. To do this, apply the base under the shadows, and then draw in color liners a drawing of butterfly wings on the upper eyelid and display a similar pattern on the lower eyelid.

butterfly wings

  • Graphics. If you decide to focus on the eyes, then be sure to use the ideas of applying all sorts of massive arrows. Feel yourself an artist, working with a liner, like a brush. Remember that the more massive the arrows, the more fashionable the created image will come out.

make up graphics

  • Bronze glow. The effect of eye lightening is achieved by applying on the eyelid shadows with a metallic element over a matte base color. The main thing is the lack of clear contours and smooth color transition. Choose shades of copper, bronze, silver.

skin shine

  • The naturalness of the eyebrows. In a fashion natural eyebrows. Therefore you should forget about their tattoo, ruthless plucking and pencil. Just comb the hairs and comb them up a little. Naturalness of the image is one of the trends of 2017.

natural eyebrows

  • Glitter. The lack of shine in appearance can be avoided by learning to use glitter. It is recommended to apply glitter on any part of the face: eyebrows, eyelids, cheekbones. To do this, simply use the glitter fixing agent or ordinary petroleum jelly.

glitter makeup

  • Fuchsia. Juicy sponge fuchsia will not disregard any of their mistress. You can choose any shades: from translucent to saturated "electric". We recommend using fuchsia with ultra black arrows, natural make-up or smoky ice.

fuchsia in make-up

  • Juicy red. Classic red lipstick does not leave the most famous catwalks of the world. Apply it only if the skin tone is leveled. Perfect red lipstick complete with black arrows and dark eyebrows. New Year's make-up should be emphasized with red lipstick, so you amuse the host of the holiday, the Fire Rooster.

red lips makeup

  • Colorless shine. If you are tired of saturated colors, choose a transparent lip gloss. They will give the lips of sexual moisture and additional volume.

lip gloss

  • Backlight eyes. The selection of a light flare of the inner corner of the eye can be traced by almost all designers at fashion shows. To join the podium image is simple. To do this, apply light shadows or concealer on the surface of the inner corner on the upper and lower eyelids.


Universal makeup in ultramarine style

This option is suitable for any type of young lady.

  1. Moisturize, apply base under makeup.
  2. Apply cream blush to your color type. Powder your skin.
  3. Apply and blend on the base under the shadows for centuries.
  4. Apply a light golden shade under the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes.
  5. Apply a turquoise color in the center, and pass the outer corners in a rich blue color. Apply it, pulling up, closer to the eyebrow. At the very corner put a little green shadow, shade the growth line of the eyelashes in a dark color.
  6. Eyeliner with gel texture highlight the contours of the eyes. Make-up for the new year 2017 allows the use of bright mascara. However, you can take black. Apply mascara in two layers.
  7. Shape your brows.
  8. Paint your lips with a beige pencil and put on the same lipstick. If desired, add a little shine.


Universal make-up of the coming year is ready.

Preparing for the magical New Year's Eve and the upcoming year, you should explore the latest make-up novelties and think about ways to translate them into your own image. Of the variety of options presented, each lady can easily choose for themselves the favorite trends. Fashionable makeup 2017 not only takes into account the preferences of each woman, but also provides a broad base for experiments, revealing the uniqueness of the appearance and emphasizing her individuality.

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