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Creating an extravagant image for a holiday in honor of the New Year, you will emphasize your individuality and show willingness to enter the new year with your head held high. Make-up will be for you the first assistant in this matter, because it is make-up that is one of the main components of a woman’s appearance. But what make up for New 2016? To make it truly memorable, you should think about it now, and not at 8 pm on December 31.

General makeup tips

There are some rules that apply not only to the make-up for the New Year's party, but also to the daily care of their appearance.

cheeky makeup for the new year 2016

  • Makeup should emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. There is no ideal option for everyone, you need to proceed from your external data.
  • Pay enough attention to leveling the skin using various tonal creams, concealers, powders, etc. Because no matter how sophisticated the make-up may be in general, unevenness and reddening can spoil the overall impression.
  • Eyes are the most important part of makeup. It is on them that the emphasis is on in all guise. We must strive to make them most vivid and expressive.
  • Make-up should be combined with your outfit.

What should be the makeup for the New 2016?

Before discussing what specific makeup can be for New 2016, it is worth talking about the general characteristics that any New Year's makeup is desirable to have.

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  • New Year's makeup should be bright, different from everyday make-up. Feel free to use shades of unusual shades, lipstick saturated colors, draw thick arrows, etc.
  • Makeup for the new 2016 should be "magical". Do not be afraid to decorate your face for the holiday with rhinestones, feathers, extravagant false eyelashes, etc.
  • Consider the specifics of the celebration. New Year's makeup should be atmospheric, associated with the event celebrated. Therefore, use in your makeup for the ball winter colors such as blue, blue. And also pay attention to the animal totem of the coming year. The patron saint of 2016 is the fire monkey, so you can use bright colors like red, orange, yellow.

brilliant smokey ice

Makeup Ideas for New 2016 Year

What could be the makeup for the New Year? Your attention is given to make-up options for the New Year's party, which can be done to yourself at home. Stock up with diligence, enthusiasm, fantasy and create beauty yourself. You will not regret!

Bold beauty

cheeky smoky makeup

When how not to allow yourself to be a holiday "wild"? Create an image of a dangerous and mysterious person and conquer the guests! Step-by-step technology of creation:

  1. For an alluring look, the popular Smoky Eyes technique is ideal. Black eyeliner draw enough thick arrows and blend them.
  2. Apply black to the eyelids and blend again.
  3. Since this is a make-up for the New 2016, dark blue will work well as the next shade. Apply these shadows in the next layer and blend well.
  4. Again, run a black pencil along the top and bottom of the lash line.
  5. Take silvery shadows and put them on the lines under the eyebrow and under the lower eyelid. Blend.
  6. Liberally dye your eyelashes with black mascara.
  7. Sharp cheekbones are an important part of a dangerous image. Emphasize them, causing dark blush on the line of the cheekbones.
  8. To focus all your attention on your charming “smoky” eyes, the emphasis on lips should be minimized. It is best to make up their light beige or pearl lipstick.

smoky make

Your mysterious and seductive look is ready! This trendy New Year's makeup 2016 is well suited to classic evening dresses. And if you want to add an element of carnival, then the resulting image will look good devil horns.

New Year's Barbie

Barbie makeup in the year of the monkey

What girl did not dream to be like these famous big-eyed dolls? All in your hands! Create yourself a pretty image, using a step-by-step scheme to create a special makeup. Phased Instruction:

  1. Bring your skin to exaggerated perfect condition. To do this, apply a light foundation in several layers and generously cover with powder on top. Should get the effect of porcelain skin.
  2. To fashion the perfect face shape, you need to use a bronzer. Put the bronzing blush so as to create the effect of fine features. After, blend.
  3. White pencil draw an arrow on the mucous of the lower eyelid. This will visually enlarge the eye.
  4. Screaming shades of shadows do not fit. Give preference to pastel versions of pink, blue and white. All of them fit perfectly into the makeup for the New Year. The base tone will be white. Apply it to the entire upper eyelid.
  5. Next, make a color stretch of blue and pink, causing these shadows on the fold and the outer part of the century.
  6. Use a black soft pencil to draw fairly wide lines along the upper and lower eyelids. The resulting arrow blend so that the tone blends smoothly with a touch on the crease of the century.
  7. Hold another liquid pencil in black, this time there are already clear not very thick arrows, which are bent slightly upwards.
  8. Attach the false eyelashes to get as close as possible to the Barbie look. It will be interesting to look also original eyelashes with snowflakes and rhinestones on them. This will give the doll a winter spirit.
  9. Bring your lips with a natural color or slightly darker eyeliner. The main thing - the line of the lips should be very clear.
  10. Cover your lips with delicate peach or light pink shades. Apply gloss on top.
  11. In choosing a blush, too, give preference to pink shades. Apply them with wide sweeps, creating the effect of cute ruddy cheeks.
  12. An excellent complement to the image will be increasing color contact lenses of radically bright colors: blue, purple.


With a simple make-up, you could make your childhood dream come true - to look like a Barbie doll. It remains only to wear a lace dress, curl curls and go to conquer parties!

Fiery bird

make up for the year of the monkey

In the year of the fire monkey, it would be wrong not to turn to bright red hues and not to create the image of a hot diva. Such a fashionable New Year's makeup is quite bold, and therefore suitable for open individuals, as well as for those who want to become such. You will be the queen of themed parties and carnivals, if you try this make-up. Step-by-step instructions for creating:

  1. Make a color stretch of four colors: white, orange, red and burgundy. Apply the lightest shadows to the corner of the eye near the mucous membrane, the darkest - to the temple.
  2. Use a brown liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid to draw thick arrows with a split tip extending beyond the eyelid.
  3. Lower eyelid slightly emphasize brown shadows. Blend.
  4. Glue the most daring and bright eyelashes that you can find. It will be perfect if they are from fiery colors, with feathers, rhinestones and other interesting accessories.
  5. Make your cheekbones very expressive: give them sharpness with a bronzer, and apply burgundy blush over them.
  6. It is also worth paying attention to the lips. Circle them around the contour with a dark red liner and blend it inwards, as it were, onto the area of ​​the lips themselves.
  7. Choose a bright lipstick 1-2 tones lighter eyeliner. A ruby ​​or brick colored lipstick will do. Paint the edges of the lips with it, leaving the central part intact.
  8. For the remaining unpainted area in the center, apply lipstick a little lighter on the tone. It will look good scarlet shade. Gently blend all the colors, creating the effect of a smooth transition from dark edges to the light center. Above, go around your lips with bright glitter.
  9. To add extravagance to the image, take rhinestones of warm shades and attach them to the line above the eyebrow using a special cosmetic glue.

red make up for eyelids

Your crazy carnival image is ready. Party guests will feel hot from your presence alone! Be original and bold in the new year. Create and conquer all with its beauty, and you can leave your thoughts about the beautiful New Year's make-up in the comments.

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