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Stylists say that glasses are a fashion accessory that is able to complement the image and emphasize the girl's personality, because it has long been a difficult task for vision correction. Make-up for glasses should be done correctly, then their owner will become irresistible.

Secrets of the perfect make-up under glasses

Surroundings always pay attention to the girls with glasses, if I sit next to two girls, one of whom is simply brightly painted, and the second will have glasses and cosmetics will be at least, more views will stop on her. Accordingly, makeup for those who wear glasses should be perfect and neat.

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There are certain secrets to create a beautiful image:

  • It is essential that the skin around the eyes is perfect. You should use different creams, use masks and massage to keep your skin supple and fresh. If there are dark circles under the eyes, wreaths or wrinkles, they can be masked with the help of foundation, concealer and other proofreaders.
  • Pay special attention to your eyebrows. Poorly designed eyebrows will be especially noticeable under "eyepieces". Make sure that the line of the eyebrows in its shape and thickness does not look like the rim of the glasses, and the colors of the rim and eyebrows do not match.
  • Makeup for wearing glasses requires careful selection of cosmetics. These accessories focus on eyes and loose mascara, crumpled eye shadows and spreading eyeliner will be especially noticeable. It is necessary to buy the best quality mascara, because eyelashes can touch the lenses, and if the mascara is bad it will look just awful.
  • If you wear "eyepieces" with a thin frame or without it, it is recommended to make a bright make-up under them. Use bright shadows and eyeliner.
  • If the frame is thick or colored, then the make-up should not be bright. It is enough in this case to use a pencil and a classic black mascara and neutral or pastel shades of shadows.
  • Make-up under the glasses is recommended to do slowly and very carefully. Everything must be done accurately and confidently, in order to make sure that the make-up is flawless, after each stage you should wear glasses and see if everything turns out well.

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Types of makeup for myopia and hyperopia

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Makeup for glasses with myopia do, given the fact that the lenses visually reduce the eyes. There is a definite scheme that allows you to shape your eyes in the most favorable light:

  1. First you need to toned the skin around the eyes, the tone should be lighter than the main one.
  2. Shadows must be applied, starting with light and ending with dark. Colors are better to use bright-white, brown and pink shades will look great, you need to choose the shadows, taking into account the eye color and skin tone.
  3. Eyeliner and pencil are important elements. Look very nice arrows on the lines of growth of cilia. They can be drawn on the upper eyelid and on the lower.
  4. Many people use little tricks, applying with a pencil of light color or shadows of the same shade neat points on the inner corners of the eyes, carefully shading them. It gives shine to a look.
  5. Perfect mascara, which lengthens and increases the lashes.
  6. Lipstick is recommended to use natural colors.

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Glasses with farsightedness, visually enlarge the eyes. Details to consider when creating an image:

  1. It all starts with a foundation: a small amount of moisturizing cream is applied to the skin. The tool must be given time to soak.
  2. Since the lenses are magnifying, then even the slightest blackout and swelling will be very noticeable, so you should disguise all the flaws on the skin.
  3. In this case, it is better to use light shades, pearl or natural shades. Matte shades of gray, brown and green will look very nice. It is better to apply three shades from the lightest to the dark. The lightest color is applied to the upper eyelids and well shaded. The middle shade should be applied from the middle of the century, and the outer corners of the eyes should be dark.
  4. Ink is not recommended to be painted brightly. Enough once, the volume effect will not work with such glasses.

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Evening make-up: types and recommendations for application

Evening makeup for glasses should be created, taking into account these features:

  • For a restaurant, a date or a cultural event, the classic version will do.
  • For a club make-up it’s better to be bright and bold.
  • Evening "painting" to work should be bolder than everyday, but do not forget about the corporate dress code.

Each of the above evening make-up for glasses may be created independently at home. Such a make-up is better to rehearse in advance, making a few test options, so that at the last moment there are no difficulties. It is important to remember that it will not be enough to simply make up a little brightly, it is necessary that the attire be combined with the image.

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Casual makeup: general rules

Casual makeup for glasses in the variations below can also be created with your own hands. You need to select the desired color scheme and follow the application instructions. General rules for applying makeup under glasses for every day:

  • Eyebrow pencil should be used very carefully. The line should look natural and thin.
  • If a "eyepieces" have a wide and dark rim, it is best to avoid clear and bright lines.
  • Lipstick of bright colors will be appropriate and beautiful, and under the color frame you need to select more muted shades.
  • Any make-up that a girl thinks up to herself fits to universal frames.
  • It is not necessary to allocate eyebrows, provided that they are at the level of the rim. It will be enough just to give them a good shape.

Video: master class "Eye makeup under glasses"

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