Makeup for girls with freckles

Beautiful make-up

Makeup for girls with freckles for a long time consisted of attempts to hide the cute dots on the face, because for a long time, cannabis were considered a significant flaw in appearance. Now sun-kissed faces fervently smile from the glossy pages of fashion magazines and big screens. Now they do not try to hide the pigmentation, and makeup for such women only underlines the attractive feature of the skin.

Recommendations for "sunny visage"

We offer you some secrets of professional beauty masters.

  • You need to choose a framework that repeats the complexion. When the face is completely covered with brown spots, it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact color of the skin. Consider the shade of the covers carefully in the light of the day sun. The color of the tonal base should either repeat the shade of areas that are not covered by dots, or will be an intermediate shade between the dark points and the areas of skin under them. You don’t need to choose the color scheme to match the cannabis pads, otherwise the make-up will look like a dark mask that will enter into discord with a light neck.
  • Primer. It is designed to make makeup longer on the covers, and look more natural.

competent makeup

  • Mineral powder. Powder coating will be thin and natural. The face will not be covered with oily shine for a few hours, but do not hide the pretty konopushki.
  • Moisturized foundation. When dry skin moisturizer helps hide minor flaws (for example, redness or inflammation), nourishes and moisturizes the face for the whole day.
  • Avoid dense coatings. Makeup for women who have freckles, should not include tools that create a dense mask. Such cosmetics can not completely hide the points, and create the impression of an unsuccessful attempt to gloss over them.
  • Blush pink shades. Delicate, light shades of cosmetics will give the face with freckles more freshness and youth. All the colors of the brown gamut will not do, because they will look like a mud patina. To prevent such embarrassment from happening, the color of the blush must be contrasted with the cannabis.

fashion trend

  • Means with SPF filters. The thin dermis, painted with cannabis, is most of all exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which is why it is necessary to protect it from the aggressive effects of scorching sunlight. For the summer take toning agents with sunscreen ingredients.
  • Bronzer. A few strokes of the clarified bronzer in the cheekbone area will be a great addition to the image. He will highlight the face a little, will outline the cheekbones, while remaining almost imperceptible.

brightness or naturalness

  • The correct eye shadow. Professional cosmetologists advise not to choose monophonic shadows that repeat the shade of pigment. Contrast cosmetics clearly emphasize the shape and color of the eyes. Discard the chocolate or beige tones in viscosity. In addition, there are no restrictions on the color of cosmetics.
  • Lipstick for lips. Depending on what purpose in make up you pursue, you can either emphasize the brightness of the specks, or make the dots less pronounced. For underlining choose pink colors of lipstick. It will make the lips seductive and tender. If the goal is to hide cannabis, then it is better to choose lipstick or gloss of cherry, plum or brown colors.

juicy lips

Vizazh for women with different types of appearance

Konopushki can give their owner a gentle touching, childlike immediacy and special warm charm. Now makeup under the freckles can enhance and emphasize the effect of the features of the exterior. However, makeup needs to be chosen, taking into account the difference in hair color, eye color and skin tone.

The fundamental rule of every visage is the absence of a variety of color shades also applies to sunny ladies. We allow only one strong color in the visage, so as not to turn into a peep eccentric Pippi Long stocking.


  • Makeup for skin with freckles in women with fiery red hair is desirable to perform in greenish, brown, gold and terracotta shades, it is beneficial to reflect the brightness of the eyes. Remember that shade should be one. Paint the cilia with black mascara, touch the cheekbones with smoky pink blush, and cover the lips with matte lipstick of natural deep tone.

natural beauty

  • Auburn ladies and brown-haired women with a bright look of green or gray eyes emphasize the fervor of the image in olive, peach, golden or blue tones. Black and purple need to say "no", because they obscure freckles, turn them into a dark-red, incomprehensible spot. Sponges cover with lipstick of red or coral color.

for brunettes

  • Makeup for red with freckles, pale translucent on a white face, the most complex. Pretty women with light red or light strands should carefully select make-up in order to turn the image of a moth into a look of a fairy fairy from a fairy tale. The most important thing is not to overdo it with the palette to prevent a hint of vulgarity in the makeup. Shadows choose cold pastel shades of brown, blue, green and haze. Take a pencil in a pair of colors: in the center of the eyelid is light, and in the corners is darker. At the end of the make-up, use a colorless lip gloss or pale pink lipstick.

underline or hide

  • "Refined aristocrat". Align the skin tone with a transparent tonal base, apply pink shimmering powder, highlight the cheekbones with a slightly pink blush, and the eyes with light gray. Take mascara brown or black. Pale pink or peach lipstick will be the final touch to the image. Freckles will shine through the makeup, thereby giving the female image a refined charm.

focus on eyes

  • "Bright Flower". If you are tired of the grayness of every day, experiment with colors and shades. Shadows of contrasting eyes of color, coral lipstick, colored mascara, and others around you are smiling at you on the street.

bright highlights

  • "Office lady". The first task of all office workers is full return without distraction. Brown mascara, light shadows on the tone is darker than the eyes, and natural peach lipstick in tandem with delicate brown dots gives you the image of an embarrassed, but very nice female worker.

If you decide to hide the kisses of the sun

If fashion trends are alien to you, and you want to get a porcelain look of the face, do not expect to cover the dots with foundation or powder on it. Use tools to lighten them, so how to hide freckles with makeup is almost impossible, but you can only slightly dim their brightness. Means for brightening sun spots:

  • ointments and lotions;
  • lemon juice - wet the cotton pad with juice and wipe the skin with it;
  • sour milk or kefir - wash with yogurt a couple of times a day;
  • cucumber juice + honey + lemon (combine in equal proportions and apply gruel on the face for 5-7 minutes).


You and the concealer. Apply it to the skin areas on which the freckles are located, and carefully beat it with your fingertips into the pores. Concealers with a yellowish shade will suit, not in any way pink.

day and evening

Every day should be chosen such a makeup, which will emphasize the fragile elegance of the face with kisses of the sun. Looking at the photos of models, it becomes clear that the trend of fashion spring 2017 is freckle tattoos, which prick themselves fashionable women, seeking to pass for beauties. Sunny luxury on the skin will allow you to realize a variety of original images with the help of cosmetics. And if, with the first rays of the sun, the kisses of the sun appeared on your skin, it does not matter. It is fashionable, fresh and beautiful.

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