Makeup for fair-haired people

bright make-up with arrows

The fair-haired beauties were recognized as true Slavic women and for a long time held the title of real Russian beauties. But lately, this type of girls has lost its popularity, many fashion publications have begun to say that this appearance is very faded and inconspicuous. Under the onslaught of such an opinion, the fair-haired beauties rushed to correct their position, instantly filling in beauty salons, with their eager desire to repaint into a burning brunette or gorgeous blonde. Such an act can be safely called stupid: light brown hair gives the appearance of innocence and purity, embodying this femininity. A harmonious and properly executed makeup for light brown hair can make the image fatal, alluring, sexy.

Many make-up artists who worked with blond-haired beauties declare that a beautiful make-up for a blond-haired one will almost exactly repeat the make-up of blond women. You can safely apply some techniques from make up fair-haired girls, without fear of appearing ridiculous. But do not forget about your skin tone, the shade of the iris of the eyes, and of course you must understand that brown hair can be dark or may be light.

light smokey ice

Determine your color type

To make-up perfectly in harmony with your appearance, you must determine what color type you are. There are only four color types of appearance in the world, their names come from the names of the seasons: autumn. winter, spring and summer.

Autumn-spring beauties are considered to be representatives of warm tones, girls from the Zima-Leto group are recognized as cold colors. Determining your color type is quite simple, by typing a request in the Internet address bar, you will find detailed descriptions of each type in the responses received.

Two simple rules

  1. Girls Fall-Spring should stick to the warm gamut. Your colors are golden, all shades of brown, as well as green. The logic is simple, it is these colors that represent the autumn-spring season;
  2. Winter-Summer girls must stick to the cold gamut. Your colors are lilac, pink, smoky, silver.

Knowing these color landmarks and not forgetting about the harmony of light brown hair with your skin tone, you can quickly determine which makeup suits light brown girls.

Bright lilac shadows on the eyelids

Observe harmony between hair color and skin color

  • Girls with light brown hair most often have light skin or have a neutral tone, which can not be called dark, but also pale. Therefore, light-faced persons should choose a light foundation, girls with a second skin tone can choose a shade from a beige scale.
  • If with skin color we disassembled that with a touch of hair there. Fair-haired beauties can be either with a dark shade of hair, the middle between dark and light, and with light strands. But the tone of hair plays a big role when choosing makeup. For example, a girl with an ash-brown shade of hair with pale skin, making a non-ordinary makeup and choosing dim clothes, risks turning into an unattractive mouse, with a rather painful look.

Make up for owners of dark blond hair

bright green shadows on the eyelids

  • Makeup for dark brown hair can be made in rich colors, but remember that there is only one bright accent in the right make-up, either eyes or lips.
  • Depending on your color type, you select a range of colors, for example, it can be warm: golden, emerald, brown shadows, a soft tone on the face, a little blush and lipstick to match the natural color of the lips.

Make up for owners of ash-blond hair

  • Makeup for ash-brown hair requires vibrant shades that will make the look fresher.
  • We remember the priority in the bright accent, choosing the Smoke ice for yourself, stop at a neutral shade of lipstick, forget about blush, remember the perfect tone of the face.
  • If you choose a makeup with juicy lips, then the eyes of the maximum graceful arrows and lush eyelashes.
  • The tone is perfect as always, you can play with rouge, choosing a texture with shimmering particles.

Make up for owners of light blond hair

nude make-up

  • Makeup for light brown hair will look perfect in nude style. Stick to the natural beauty.
  • A good tone on the face, soft blush, lengthening mascara and a moist balm on the berry-colored lips will do its job, you will be irresistible.
  • Naturally, you can refuse the natural image, you can repeat the makeup for girls with blond hair, but again, do not forget about your color type.

Eye Color Makeup

We figured out the types of appearance, it's time to pay attention to each of the shades of the iris. For each color: blue, brown, green or gray, there are small nuances of makeup that will make the image inimitable.

Makeup for blue-eyed blond women

makeup for blue-eyed blonde

  1. A beautiful makeup for light brown with blue eyes should include shades of beige, plum, lilac, pink, green and emerald green. The only "but" in eye makeup, it is a neat use of pink shades, if you overdo it with this shade, you will get a tear-stained and inflamed look. As for the rest of the colors listed by us, they should be dim.
  2. It is better to emphasize the eyelashes with gray or dark brown ink.
  3. Lipstick for light brown hair and blue eyes should be a natural, natural shade.
  4. The hue of the tonal base, you choose on the basis of the color type of your skin, ivory is suitable for light, for natural tan - natural beige.
  5. Cheekbones can be emphasized barely noticeable blush.

Makeup for gray-haired persons with gray eyes

Pink and Blue Makeup Variations

  1. Owners of light brown hair and gray eyes, you can let almost any color from the palette of shadows. All this is due to the variability of gray eyes. It can vary from gray-green to gray-blue, this is such an unusual ability of the iris. The most attractive shade of eye shadow for gray eyes was recognized: metallic silver, ash gray, dark blue. But you need to do makeup carefully so that it does not turn out to be a vulgar motley.
  2. If you have a warm skin tone and gray eyes, then you can safely use the brown range of shades or green.
  3. The tonal basis is ideally combined with the color of the skin, it is better to use blush if you are of the type of Winter-Summer, the peach tone will suit you.
  4. The eyeliner line on the eyelids should be light and elegant.
  5. Lipstick in make-up is better not to use, it will be better to look a light shine or balm.

Makeup for fair-haired persons with green eyes

make-up in shades of brown

  1. Makeup for light brown hair and green eyes can be done in the style of ala natural style, with calm, muted tones. Moreover, it will be easier to make such a make-up easier, and it will take no more than 5-7 minutes to create it.
  2. If you are preparing for the day out, then use the palette of shadows, which has shades of peach, beige, cream, brown.
  3. Eyeliner should be in warm colors: golden, chocolate, brown.
  4. Mascara-charcoal-black.
  5. The tone is chosen exactly under the shade of the skin of the face, it is better not to use blush in the day makeup.
  6. Since our eyes are in a calm range, we can slightly distinguish the lips, for example, coral lipstick.
  7. For evening make-up choose brighter colors: lilac, emerald, purple. Since we have an emphasis on the eyes, the lipstick should not be saturated, choose a muted, natural color or apply a balm.

Makeup for brown-haired persons with brown eyes

Audrey Tatu and Jessica Alba

  1. Owners of light brown hair and brown eyes, you can use the shadows of warm colors: brown, bronze. No less original will be shades of blue, plum and purple.
  2. Make-up for fair-haired girls with brown eyes can include make-up, in which there will be expressive, elegant arrows on the eyelids, drawn with a black eyeliner or pencil. With this technique, you highlight and underline your eyes.
  3. Eye makeup should decorate only the upper eyelid.
  4. Eyelashes highlight the charcoal mascara, with the effect of lengthening.
  5. If you do a daily version of make up, then the rouge will be out of place.
  6. For the evening Make up, a light, barely perceptible blush on the cheekbones will do.

Choosing a day and evening look for blond hair

Day look

calm make-up in beige tones

  1. Casual or day makeup for light brown hair is a makeup in soothing colors.
  2. Your skin tone should be flawless, so you need to choose a quality tone foundation.
  3. As for the eye make-up, you can apply subtle shadows on the eyelids, for example beige, make a soft and very thin outline along the eyelash growth line.
  4. Mascara can be both black and brown, it all depends on your eye color.
  5. Blush in the daily image is used only in nude look!
  6. On the lips light gloss or berry balm, moisturizing lips.

Evening look

evening make-up with dark brown shadows

  1. Evening makeup for blond hair is an alluring emphasis on the lips or eyes.
  2. For an evening look you can safely use dark shadows, eyeliner, mascara.
  3. We pay special attention to the skin, it should be perfect, without any flaws.
  4. The blush on the cheekbones may sparkle slightly due to the selected shimmering texture.
  5. With a bright accent on the eyes, choose a calm lipstick in color. If, on the contrary, the main role is given to the lips, then the lipstick should be bright, for example coral, pink, berry and possibly red.

Now you know all the secrets of how to return the popularity of Slavic appearance, because for this quite a beautiful and high-quality make up! We have tried to pay attention to every shade of the eyes, skin and of course the shade of the hair. We hope that now you can easily highlight all the advantages.

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