Makeup for a thin face. learning to add swelling

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There are such stereotypes that a person with pointed, thin features has an angry, unpleasant character. Indeed, often a thin face has a non-appealing appearance: protruding bones of the skull, dark circles under the eyes, an elongated nose, and not quite healthy skin color - all this visually adds to the woman for several years and makes her image look like a predator.

Why so thin?

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The reason for such thinness can be strong nervous stress, overwork, unhealthy diet, unhealthy ecological situation. Maybe you should pay more attention to proper rest, repress soothing drops based on herbal ingredients, treat stressful situations more calmly and simply? All this is of course a scientifically proven fact, but no one has yet canceled the simple and natural rules of facial skin care, as well as the unspoken rules of makeup, including for persons with excessive weight loss.

Makeup tasks for skinny face

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The main task of makeup with a weight deficit is to try to widen the face as much as possible, to remove the protruding cheekbones, to mask the depression of the cheeks and the dark color under the eyes. At the same time, you can slightly shorten the nose or too prominent chin. In other words, switching to the language of professional makeup artists - to darken all noticeable areas of the body on the face and vice versa - to lighten those that need to be highlighted. For this we will use light and dark tones.

Light tone (highlighter) - optically approximates, makes the forms more enlarged.

Dark tone (accent or filler) - lengthens, makes objects, as if removed and in-depth. In this case, the exception may be the eyes and the area around them. We give two examples of makeup for a thin face, with the use of both drugs.

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Example 1. A thin face and narrow forehead. In such cases, the brightener is applied: - 1 to the depressions of sunken temples, so as to visually enlarge them and the brow area to emphasize the shape and color of the eyebrows, 2 - to the bridge of the nose, 3 - all the nasolabial fossae and corners of the mouth. With a very thin face, the highlighter is applied all over the oval.

Example 2. A thin face and a broad forehead. In these cases, the filler, and in the language of the pros - dirt, is simply irreplaceable and applied: - 1 on the sides of the temples and sides of the forehead to narrow as much as possible and visually reduce it, 2 - on the sides of the nose bridge, with the same purpose and 3 - on the zygomatic fossa.

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All other parts of the thin face, not affected by the clarifier and the filler, are masked in the usual way, according to the same pattern as the face with the perfect oval shape.

Useful tips

  • Too wide and dark eyebrows make a thin girlish face even worse. It is best to choose the average thickness of the eyebrows, about 4 mm at the beginning and 2 mm at the end.

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  • Ideally, adjust the narrow brow and a little bit to expand, you can properly selected hairstyle. So for a girl with a weight deficiency, elongated hair with a parting or short haircut is not acceptable.

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  • Replace long earrings with round or oval.

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  • Try to gain the ideal weight for you.

Step by step make makeup for a thin face

Let's now move on to the practical part of how to hide your thinness with cosmetics. Our main goal is to achieve visual fullness of the face.

Skin tone

For this procedure, you will need 2 shades of foundation, one of which should ideally suit your skin tone. The other, on the contrary, should be one and a half tones darker. Using a brush for applying foundation, distribute a dark shade to the root zone of the hair on the forehead. Also distributed over the cheekbones and chin. Apply a light shade of foundation to all the remaining zones. Layer should be soft and smooth. Only the perfect application will allow you to achieve the desired effect. So, your face has become a little bit fuller.

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Eye makeup

The first thing you need to pay attention to in the eye makeup for a thin face is the shades of the palette used. You need to avoid using dark colors, they emphasize your skinny face and make your eyes look hollow and tired. Pay attention to such shades as coral, pink, bronze, peach, gold and lilac. These shades will help you make soft eye makeup for a thin face. Such soft shades can be safely applied to the entire upper eyelid, including the line under the eyebrows. The only time when you can use dark shadows in make-up for a thin face is if you want to emphasize the lash growth line by highlighting soft arrows with shadows.

But if you do not belong to lovers of shadows in make-up, then you can make elegant arrows. The arrows on the eyes can be drawn using a liquid eyeliner or ordinary pencil for eyelids. In your case, you can not even neglect the texture with particles of nacre. Flickering particles can be called allies in makeup for a thin face. When choosing a mascara, stop your gaze on the one that has the effect of giving volume. As for color, it would be better to look black or gray mascara.

Eyebrow shape correction

Girls with a skinny face are not recommended to have dark and wide eyebrows. The fact is that they visually give even more thinness and make the face even more rough and less feminine. Also, do not conduct experiments, pulling eyebrows into a thin thread, they will not give you beauty. The ideal eyebrow shape for a thin face is light, not coarse in natural tones.

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Cheek correction

Girls with a thin face is better to apply blush in lilac, pale brown or pale pink tones. These colors will make your image softer. How to distribute the rouge on the distinguished cheekbones? It's simple enough: brush over the rouge, grabbing a little money, and then swipe it from the lips in the direction of the ear, that is, from bottom to top. And so, as long as you have the desired shade.

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Lip make-up

Women with a thin face can be allowed absolutely any shade of lipstick and gloss. There are no restrictions at all. There is only one rule that every female on the planet knows. This is the rule of one accent in makeup. If you have calm, not very expressive eyes, then you can safely make up your lips with bright juicy lipstick. If the eyes are an accent in a make-up for a thin face, the tone of the lipstick should be calm and barely noticeable on the lips.

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