Makeup for a square face from a to z

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A wide forehead and cheekbones, a rather massive lower jaw — this is how a square face is characterized. Girls who have a square face type are very often dissatisfied with their appearance and try to find ways of visual adjustment of sharp facial features. Proper makeup for a square face will help correct all the shortcomings in appearance. The square shape of the face has one more peculiarity - its length and width often coincide.

Very many stars are owners of a square face type, for example: Demi Moore, Helena Bonhamcarter, Angelina Jolie, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow. These beauties easily hide the flaws of their appearance behind the perfect makeup.

Hollywood stars with a square face

Perfect face makeup instruction for square face

Very often, girls with the help of makeup trying to achieve the transformation of a square into an oval. This can be achieved if you soften all the sharp corners that are in the jaw and forehead area. Creating makeup for a square face, you should be careful in applying cosmetics. By making a couple of irregular touches, you risk making your face bulky and heavy. Let's step by step how to correct a square face with a simple set of cosmetics.

Tonal basis

To begin with, you need to take care of the condition of the skin of the face, engage in intensive moisturizing, applying on the face a nourishing cream that is ideal for your skin type. On a well-groomed moisturized face make-up lays flawlessly.

  • Take a foundation that suits your skin tone. You will also need a tonal cream one tone darker than your natural face tone. Do not forget to use the base under the make-up, it will provide you with a smooth velvet coating, on which the foundation will be well kept throughout the day.
  • Using a brush with foundation, spread the tonal framework over your face, as if creating an oval. Beyond the borders of the created oval, it is necessary to apply a tonal basis one tone darker. Application should be strictly vertical in all protruding areas of the face. Carefully ensure that the transitions from light to dark are as soft as possible.
  • To reduce the nose you need to put a small amount of cream on the side wings of the nose. On top of the cream you need to apply a light layer of transparent powder.

The distribution scheme of foundation


The procedure for the correction of this type of person can not do without applying blush.

  • Brown or bronze blush should be applied diagonally on the lateral zones of the face, slightly rising on the cheekbones.
  • Cheeks you can highlight the light pink shade of blush. These simple manipulations will give your face a fresh look and distract your eyes from your prominent cheekbones.
  • Girls who have lowered corners of the lips should be careful when using blush. In this case, this cosmetic should be applied horizontally. This manipulation will help you avoid mournful mask on the face. Bring blush only to the middle of the pupil.

blush application scheme

Eyebrow correction

Makeup for a square face can not do without the correct correction of the shape of the eyebrows.

  • The square type of face should have a shortened brow length, with a slightly curved shape, and also have a small thickness of hairs.
  • If you have naturally inexpressive eyebrows, you can safely emphasize them with a pencil or shadows that are one tone darker than your natural hair color.
  • A little secret: if you brush your eyebrows with a brush dipped in a special gel from bottom to top, it will give your face a more youthful look.

eyebrow shape

Eye makeup for a square face

Makeup for a square face type can not do without the correct eye make-up. Beautifully painted eyes can quickly distract the eyes of others from all the flaws of your appearance. You need to know a few key points.

  • If you are a lover of arrows in your eyes, you should know that the arrows should have an upward direction. Do not allow them to be horizontal.
  • Painting the eyelashes, you also need to observe one detail - paint only the upper eyelashes. Bottom better not to paint at all, but with a great desire to select only the outer corner of the eye.
  • If you have a small moving eyelid, do not use dark and nacreous shadows. Shading shadows is best done in a vertical direction.
  • Girls who have close-set eyes, you need to use the shadows of the light range. Apply them to the inner corners of your eyes, thereby placing your eyes a little apart. If you have bags or bruises under your eyes, do not put shadows on the lower eyelid, paint only the top.
  • Eye makeup for a square face should consist of shadows of the same color. Make-up with a multi-colored palette will draw attention to the high forehead and emphasize the length of the face.
  • Girls, use a gray pencil in the makeup of the eyes, so you will give your eyes expressiveness and do not reduce their volume.

Keira Knightley and Agenes Dane

Lip makeup

The square shape of the face requires a visual lengthening of the shape of the lips. Take a lip liner and draw a border around it. The shade of the pencil should be as close as possible to the shade of the lipstick you are using. Using a soft make-up brush, blend pencil borders. On the middle of the upper and lower lips, apply a little gloss over the lipstick. This technique will visually add volume. If you are the owner of thin lips, you can safely apply shine to the entire surface.

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Girls, we hope that our recommendations on how to create a beautiful makeup for a square face were useful and informative for you. After all, to create the right makeup for a square face is not difficult. Knowing some of the nuances and armed with a good set of cosmetics, you can easily solve this problem.

Asking a question: how to make evening, festive or day makeup for a square face for every day, you need to consider only the saturation of shades of cosmetics. In the daytime version of make-up, all colors should be soft and muted. Creating an evening make-up, you can afford to highlight any zone brightly, but also do not forget about the rule of one accent.

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