Makeup “corpse bride” on halloween

Corpse Bride Tim Burton

The image of the dead bride from the cartoon Tim Burton is one of the most replicated images for Halloween. And it is no coincidence! Behind the spectacular appearance is not too heavy technique performance, and the dress freely allows you to show imagination. So let's and we look at how to do makeup "Corpse Bride" on Halloween by yourself at home.

The traditions of the holiday imply the appearance of “evil” on earth on the night of October 31 to November 1, accompanied by mass celebrations in the form of otherworldly monsters, cartoon characters, etc. To be in the trend of the event, you should definitely take a festive costume, hairstyle and make-up. The more colorful the chosen character, the brighter the holiday will be. Makeup "Corpse Bride" on Halloween is a great option for a fun party.

corpse bride makeup details

The main accents of the future image are:

  • deathly pale, with blue, skin;
  • black make-up eyes;
  • tragic expression on the face.

Makeup Technique "corpse of the bride" do it yourself

Makeup "Corpse Bride" on Halloween we can do it using make-up, gradually applying it with our own hands. The instruction to take action will be as follows.

girl with halloween make up

      1. So, in order to give a face a corresponding corpse bride, it is necessary to prepare a tinting base for the face and neck. To do this, you can use a light powder, which must be mixed with blue shadows, and mix to a uniform consistency. The terrible Halloween makeup “The Corpse of the Bride” presupposes the blueness of the skin, so if your costume does not include gloves or a long dress, then do not forget about other open areas of the body so that they do not stand out from the general picture.
      2. To give the face relief, blue shades (more saturated than the main skin tone), select the cheekbone area, nose wings, emphasize the hairline, temples, the area around the nose
      3. We create spectacular bruises around the eyes with the help of shades of blue and violet flowers. Shadows are applied step by step over the entire eyelid and the area around the eyes. Carefully shade transitions between shades to achieve the desired effect.
      4. Halloween makeup for girls, in particular, the created image - the makeup of the dead bride from the cartoon, involves black eye makeup, made with black eyeliner or cosmetic pencil. Smoky-eyes lines should not be clear, they should be carefully shaded, giving the image a sinister look. An alternative shade of make-up performance can be a dark blue, purple liner.
      5. To give makeup a tragic look corps bride - use eyebrow make-up. The make-up scheme involves using a black soft cosmetic pencil to give a sharp appearance to the outer corners of the eyebrows, and to draw the inside of the eyebrow slightly elevated - this trick will help to recreate the makeup of the dead bride from the cartoon at home.
      6. Spectacular "dead spots" can be performed using a sponge or brush for blush and blue, green shadows. Dip the brush in the shade of the selected shade, and put a few light marks on the face, without shading their outlines.
      7. Completing the makeup "Corpse Bride" for Halloween, the best touch will be mascara and pale pink make-up lips. An excellent solution can be lips, powdered tonal means, slightly covered with lip gloss.

      makeup Corpse Bride

      Halloween involves creating a frightening image, so in order to give some piquancy to such a make-up, you can additionally draw a hole on your cheek with the help of black shadows.

      dead brides- make-up

      Do not forget about the rest of the details of the image! To harmoniously fit into the theme of Halloween, do not neglect the appropriate hairstyle, as well as the obligatory attribute of the corpse bride - veil.

      Video: master class to create makeup heroine cartoon "Corpse Bride"

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