Makeup by color type: we select the perfect makeup palette.

girls of different color types of appearance

Perfect makeup is able not only to make a face beautiful and attractive, but also to complement the image as a whole. Performing the most suitable make-up for your appearance is quite simple. The main thing is to find out what color appearance you have, and then determine which make-up color will suit you and follow simple instructions. All leading makeup artists and stylists are guided by this principle and every girl should possess these secrets.

What are the color types

The most common characteristic of color types by season. Main groups:

  • Girl spring.
  • The girl is summer.
  • The girl is autumn.
  • The girl is winter.

You can analyze your appearance and choose the category to which you belong, in order to further choose the makeup according to the color type yourself.

Color type "Spring"

type girls

  • Spring girls have a pale pink skin with a light blush or ivory skin. These girls have a tendency to redden the face with awkward moments and temperature changes.
  • Tan on such skin lays well, providing a uniform slightly - brownish coating.
  • The face of girls of this type is often covered with freckles.
  • These are fair-haired beauties, more often with a light brown or honey shade.
  • The structure of the hair is thin.
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes are a little darker, but they are light in color.
  • Eye color is light and clear, most often blue or light gray.

Color type "Summer"

811-Makeup by color type - we select

  • The skin of girls like summer is white, slightly pinkish due to the close location of the capillaries to the surface, with a bright blush.
  • Sunburn on such skin perfectly lays down, finding an olive shade.
  • Freckles in girls are available, but they are not very noticeable due to the grayish color.
  • Hair for such beauties has an ashy tone.
  • Eyebrows have the same color.
  • The lips have a pinkish-lilac tone.
  • The color of the eyes has a slight haze, it can be both gray and light brown, greenish shades.

Tsvetopit "Autumn"

color type autumn

  • Girls like autumn, like autumn itself - copper-golden tones are present in everything. The skin has a peach or golden hue, the blush is not characteristic.
  • Sunburn is quite bad, the skin often burns.
  • Freckles are quite often, have a reddish color.
  • Hair color is most often red, chestnut, copper, golden brown.
  • Eyelashes are often light and fluffy.
  • Lips have bright natural shades.
  • The eyes are clear, often green or brown.

Tsvetotyp "Winter"

811-Makeup by color type - we select

  • Winter-type girls have a snow-white skin, no blush.
  • Sunburn is very bad, these girls need to sunbathe with great care with the use of sunscreen.
  • On the face may be light freckles in small quantities.
  • Typically, representatives of the type "winter" wear hair black or dark brown.
  • The color of the lips is cold, lilac.
  • The eyes are bright and clear, gray or brown.

Secrets of make-up for the color type winter

Having determined that your appearance has signs of winter color type, you can proceed to the selection of the necessary cosmetics and apply makeup at home.

  • Make-up for the winter color type should emphasize the snow-white aristocratic skin color.
  • You can emphasize the cheekbones light pale pink shade of blush.
  • The tonal tool, foundation for make-up and powder should be selected clearly for the skin tone. For beauties with snow-white skin, the foundation should not be taken a tone darker in any case. Otherwise, there will be an obvious mask effect on the face.
  • Use grayish shades, then you get the perfect makeup for the winter color type.
  • Powder is better to choose a transparent one, which will remove the extra shine of the face, but will not give its shade.

When performing makeup for the winter color type, in all cosmetics, focus only on cold colors. In the shadows, too, a spectrum of cool hues should be used. Feel free to experiment with colors, it can be a cold lilac or a chilling shade of green. To create arrows, use liners and pencils in coal-black colors. Eyelashes should be painted only with black mascara.

winter palette make up

Do not forget about eyebrows. They need to carefully paint over eyebrow shadows with cool shades of black and brown. Remember that eyebrows should be 1 tone darker than your hair. This principle is used in the selection of shades of eyebrow cosmetics. If you have dark - brown hair with an ashy tint, brown cool color of shades will be perfect for you.

Lipsticks are best for lip staining. Lip gloss is not exactly your option. In a cold make-up of a girl - winters are not very appropriate bright juicy shine. Leave it to the girls of the “Summer” color type. Your ideal lip makeup is cold pink or lilac matte lipstick.

The traditional make-up technique - focusing on the eyes or lips will make makeup for the winter color type perfect in design.

We select makeup for the summer color type

Many owners of summer type feel their appearance is not bright enough. But with proper use of cosmetics, facial features are refined and expressive.

Begin any makeup from the base. For beauties of this type of appearance, the tonal framework should be porcelain in color, with a slight tinge of ivory. Beige and brown shades make the complexion unhealthy. Discard them in favor of pale noble tones.

makeup palette

Selecting makeup for the summer color type, pay special attention to your eyes. Eyebrows are not recommended to darken too much. Use grayish, ash shades of pencil or shadows. Eye shadows choose on the same principle. The most harmonious look pastel colors. When applying makeup for the summer color type on your own eyes, try to achieve a “haze effect”. Swamp and brown shades are not your option; exclude them from your cosmetic bag. For the eyelashes, pick up a gray or blue mascara for evening makeup, and a deep black shade for daily everyday. Do not forget about liners and liner, do not choose black. It is better if it is a blue pencil or eyeliner.

Be sure to emphasize the line of the cheekbones pink blush, making a wide brush movement of uniform force. This season is particularly advantageous to look clearly underlined lines of the face, especially if it is makeup for the summer color type.

How to choose a makeup for autumn girls

Applying the right makeup for the color type autumn is quite simple. The main thing is to choose tones that complement the range in appearance. Red-haired girls with brown and green eyes will ideally go shades of these colors. Blush and powder should have a peach or copper shade. If you want to make an evening make-up with your own hands, focusing on the autumn type of appearance, step by step follow this scheme:

  1. Apply tonal means to the skin of the face, gradually distribute them in a thin layer, starting with the area under the eyes, moving to the chin, nose and ending with the forehead;
  2. Use shining powder and ball blush with a bronze sheen;
  3. Eyebrows tint dark brown pencil and blend with a brush for eyebrows. Using a brow comb, give them a well-groomed look;
  4. Using a black liner, draw a thin arrow along the entire upper eyelid, and lightly paint your eyelashes with mascara;
  5. Apply to the lips bright carrot lipstick.

makeup autumn palette

You completed the evening makeup for the autumn color type itself. If you do not like carrot lipstick can take burgundy or red. Red lipstick was always relevant and does not lose its popularity today. And make-up for the autumn color type like no other make-up welcomes its use.

Creating a make-up for the spring category of girls

The easiest way for girls of spring-like appearance. Their neutral appearance allows you to use a huge amount of cosmetics of different color palette. But makeup artists, performing makeup for the spring color type, prefer only to emphasize the delicate and timid beauty of representatives of this type. To do this, they use natural shades, pleasant pastel colors. You should not choose a liquid eyeliner for the eyes and lips, if you prefer naturalness. Liquid liners are more suitable for strict geometric lines in the make-up. And for a soft look and smooth lines of the lips more suitable solid pencil.

spring color palette

Performing makeup for the spring tsvetotip, more operate with pinkish tones and shades of lilac. Lips make appetizing juicy brilliance of salmon and coral color. And the shadows can be used pistachio or flaxen. These natural colors will make the makeup for the spring color type as natural and soft as possible.

Choosing makeup by color type, you will never lose. This knowledge is used in their work by professional makeup artists, and now you can take advantage of them.

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