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Make-up on the beach is significantly different from all other types of make-up, since its task is not only to emphasize the merits of appearance, but also to perform a protective function, that is, to protect a person from harmful sun rays. In addition, beach makeup should look as if you have used the most minimal set of cosmetics, and your face should look healthy and preserve natural naturalness. Let's look at the topic of cosmetics, which should lie in your summer cosmetic bag, in order to make a stunning makeup for the beach.

We collect beach cosmetic bag

Tone fluid

In your cosmetic bag must be present such a tool as a fluid fluid. Tone-fluid is an indispensable tool for performing beach make-up. After all, it contains such important tasks as protecting the skin of the face, in which the face looks healthy and barely noticeable make-up. This tint tinting tool contains a protective screen with a level of SPF = 8. But the thinnest fluid cannot cope with the active scorching sun, so before applying it, cover your face with sunscreen. which has a higher degree of protection - SPF at least 20. The use of these 2 products will save your face from the sun's rays, and a fresh and barely noticeable tone will appear on the skin, giving your look a more well-groomed appearance.

application of protective fluid

If there was no ton-fluid in your cosmetic bag, then use the usual foundation and your usual day moisturizer. Mix them in equal proportions and apply on face. Another option is to replace the BB or CC cream. In such cosmetics contain sunscreens and tinting base, but they have a minus, they are not waterproof. Therefore, it is necessary to update the beach makeup with such a tool after each swim.


applying bronzer in beach make-up

Going to the beach, only a few beauties want to show the pallor of their skin. Disguise the pallor and give your face and body a subtle tan will help bronzer. Bronzer must be applied over the cheekbones, on the edges of the forehead, where the hairline passes, on the temporal zones, chin and a droplet under the eyebrow line. Also, bronzer can walk through areas such as neckline, abdomen and legs. Such a light dusting helps not only to become tanned, but even to build a little bit.

If you do not want. To make your face resemble a baked apple after using a bronzer, then use a pink gleam blush. Cover them apples cheeks.

Waterproof mascara

Makeup for going to the beach can not do without such means as waterproof mascara. It gives expression to the look and emphasizes all the beauty of your eyes. As for the color of the mascara, it can be anything from the classic black to blue. Do not save when buying waterproof mascara, if you do not want to face the spread makeup after bathing or the formation of ugly lumps that can crumble at any time.

waterproof mascara and pencil on the beach

If you do not want to use mascara in your beach make-up, but at the same time want to look expressive, move your eyes with a brown pencil or use waterproof creamy shades of golden, coffee or gray gamma.

Lip balm

Beach make-up lips, like any other does not preclude the use of proper cosmetics. In our case, it should contain protection from the UV rays of the UVA and UVB spectra. It is best to use toning balm with an SPF protection factor. Under the scorching sunlight, the skin of the lips begins to dry, and the balm from such a series saturates them with moisture. As for the shade of this tool, it is better to choose a color from the nude gamma to match your lips.

protective lip balm

Fat lip glosses and flashy-colored favorite lipstick at home. Under the influence of sunlight and salt water, beach makeup of the lips with such products will become sticky, and its boundaries may spread.

Step-by-step make-up technique for going to the beach

beach makeup collage

  1. Take a foam rubber sponge soak it in water, and then squeeze it well. Apply the toner you have chosen to the sponge and lightly cover the face with a tonal base;
  2. After your tone is absorbed into the skin of your face, you can start applying bronzer as well as blush. Using a make-up brush, process the necessary places with a bronzer. The final touch will be applying blush on the cheeks;
  3. Using special eyebrow shadows and brushes, apply a suitable shade to the eyebrows to make their shape more perfect.
  4. Arm yourself with a foam applicator and proceed to applying the cream shadows of the desired color. Some of you may find it convenient to apply this makeup with the pad of your finger. In order to avoid the rolling of the creamy structure of the shadows, this tool should be applied so that it does not extend over the crease of the eyelid.
  5. With the help of waterproof mascara paint over the upper cilia. and then comb them with a special brush. This is necessary in order to avoid ugly lumps.
  6. There is one small secret, for everyone who wants to create the effect of wet eyes, you need to arm yourself with a small brush with a rounded edge of the villi, as well as a gel with shiny particles. Using a gel-treated brush, draw a line along the lash line on the upper eyelid. After that paint over the lower eyelash growth line.
  7. Take a protective lip balm and make up your lips with it. Your makeup on the beach is ready!

Blondes on a note

To make makeup on the beach at all blondes was perfect, use our little tips.

blonde at the resort

  1. Take the bronzer and underline their cheekbones. at the same time, you should, as it were, draw a similarity of the number 3 on your face. That is, draw a line from the temporal zone to your cheek, and then move towards the corner of the mouth. This technique will help you make your face expressive and get rid of shine.
  2. Blondes can use shades of blue or turquoise without any fear. Best of all, if these are shadow pencils, they are easy to apply and easily amenable to shading. If you do not belong to lovers of these shades, then use the brown-golden shades. They, like any other underlined tan.
  3. Choosing a protective lip gloss in your beach makeup, stop the choice on the means of a pale pink color.

Brunettes on the note

  1. When you are done applying the tonal foundation, you can begin applying blush. Brunettes are ideally suited for a blush of a natural-pink shade. This tone will give freshness and make the image easy.
  2. To give expressive look, brunettes can use a gray pencil. Circle the outline of the eyes, and then blend well.
  3. As for the choice of the shade of protective lip balm, then brunettes can afford more vivid colors, such as berry.

beautiful brunette with beach make up

To make your makeup on the beach always perfect, carry thermal water with you, it will refresh your make-up and make your look perfect.

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