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It's time to think about what makeup to do on the last call. There is not much time left until the end of May, but you need to prepare thoroughly, because you want to be the most beautiful on this school holiday? We will try to give you valuable advice on applying make-up, advise makeup products and tell you what should be a fashionable and most important makeup on the 2015 line.

What should be the makeup for the last call?

A girl should always be beautiful and a school holiday is no exception. Of course, it is important to understand that school is not the best place to demonstrate all your skills in applying make-up and the knowledge of all techniques, because there is a certain dress code not only in clothes, but also in make-up. And based on it, we will find you not only beautiful and fashionable, but also the right makeup for the last call.

Basic rules for the selection of make-up for the line

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Choosing for yourself the best option, rely on the following rules:

  • Makeup line should be light and natural.
  • The last call is traditionally held in the morning, which means that you can use only daytime makeup options.
  • Cosmetics should be persistent, and the mascara checked, suddenly you have to cry with joy.
  • Pay maximum attention to the skin of the face - the tone should be perfect.
  • It may be worth a visit to a beautician to eliminate some of the shortcomings.
  • The ruler is held in May, which means it will not be superfluous to matting powder, which will prevent excessive skin shine.
  • Shades of shadows should be translucent and light, try to paint eyes with restrained colors of cosmetics.
  • Do not paint your lips with lipstick, better use a light gloss that does not attract too much attention.
  • A light blush does not hurt: use a gentle blush.

Nude Make Up

When doing your own makeup, always remember that the most successful make-up is invisible. The more natural your face will look, the more correct the image of a young schoolgirl will be. Let's step by step perform the most current makeup on the last call and note the best makeup products that will help achieve the correct result.

The basis of makeup is the perfect tone of the face.

Remember that morning makeup for a ruler requires increased attention to the tone of your face. Cosmetics should be applied in good light and the thinner the layer is, the better. Pick the products exactly to your skin tone to avoid the mask effect. Now, step by step, we will create for ourselves the perfect tone of the face with the help of cosmetics:

  1. Using a concealer, applied in a thin layer to the skin under the eyes, mask the dark circles. You can use Concealer Artdeco Perfect Teint or Nyx Consealer Stick, which are well established among the beauties.
  2. If your face has flaws in the form of acne or redness, you can disguise them using the color correctors of peach, lilac and beige. Apply them dotted. Girls advise Belita-Vitex company corrector Camouflage Zone Stop Acne.
  3. Apply a light texture foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Perhaps you will pick up a shade of Faberlic's Flawless Leather product, but this tool is not suitable for masking obvious flaws. If you need a thicker cream, consider the option of Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature, which perfectly masks pimples and evens out tone.
  4. Complete the creation of the perfect face tone with a light powder, for example, the Alliance Perfect from Loreal, applying it with a round dense brush.
  5. A little blush for a radiant look: if you have fair skin, use cold shades, if dark, look at the “rusty” tones, perhaps it will be a Natura Siberica product that is well suited for a young schoolgirl's skin.

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The most important thing in the make-up of the student is that you have created the perfect “canvas”, to which you have to add light nuances and accents, tinting your eyes and lips.

We paint eyes for the last call

Remember the school dress code in make-up, choosing shades of shadows for one of the main holidays in May: do not choose too active and saturated colors.

  • Let your eyes be covered with a light veil of translucent, light shadows.
  • You should not choose cream shades that can roll down even when properly applied to the substrate. It is better if these are dry shadows without lusters and shimmers. Prefer shades of ivory, beige, pinkish or lilac. Pay attention to the Gosh 9 Shades palette, in which these tones are just collected, so well suited for the high school girl's make-up.
  • If you want to make a delicate smoky makeup, you can use the shades of Revlon Colorstay No. 500 of cream shades; on the case of shadows you will find instructions on how to apply shades to different corners of the eye.
  • Use a black liner to draw a thin arrow and apply black mascara.

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Lip Makeup for Last Call

In a high school girl’s make-up, a soft pink lipstick can be used, for example, from Firin “Gentle”, but it’s better to use a light lip gloss. An excellent novelty of 2015 was pampered by lovers of gentle shine Dior, releasing the product Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine. Forget about the bright lipstick on the last bell, only soft and delicate tones.

Make-up for girls of lower grades

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The youngest schoolgirls should certainly look their best on this day, because the last bell is a holiday not only for the senior classes. Every elementary school girl should have the following products in her cosmetic bag:

  • Good cleanser.
  • Moisturizer for young skin.
  • Hygienic lipstick or clear shine.

Leading cosmetic brands often have a series of children's decorative cosmetics of lightweight shades. Teen girls can take advantage of light blush and glitter in creating makeup on the ruler.

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Remember the main rule: the makeup on the last call should be very natural and natural, you can choose the makeup nude. Your youthful beauty and without decorative cosmetics is magical, but if you want to emphasize it, choose the right products in a delicate palette.

Video: make up for the last call with their own hands

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