Make-up of the 90s

90s makeup

The make-up of the 90s in retro style or make up by the Soviet is a victorious return of glamor, the appearance of your own vision of beauty, which embodies everything and nothing at the same time Tip from a stylist: makeup in the style of the 90's, under any sauce should not resemble a mask. Powder, blush and detailed instructions will help to give your skin a fresh, healthy and well-groomed appearance. By performing the procedures according to a strictly defined pattern, you can well disguise all minor skin imperfections.

  • Features of the image: contorted untidiness, grunge, a clear emphasis on individuality, naturalism.
  • Face: as having just washed, natural and with a slight tan. Makeup is light and not intricate.
  • Hairstyle: a variety of shapes and colors, haircut Kare, page, curls or horse tail.
  • Impersonation directions: Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Courtney Love and others.

Face in make up 90s

Before doing makeup, you need to clean and moisturize the face. Make up in the 90s was not too picky about having tanned and aristocratic white skin. So, it is not necessary to use foundation at all, unless of course you have skin that is not problematic and not too clean. Visible flaws will have to clean the corrector. It is not recommended to use a bronzer or highlighter without special need, although this cosmetics creates beauty, but artificial, which the make-up did not use in the 90s.

Courtney love

Eyes in make up 90s

When choosing shadows, try to give preference only to those shades that are more suited to the category of natural gamut. This may include bodily, milky or beige color. Lead - modest. This make-up in the style of the 90s is not welcome to impose bright shadows on the lower eyelids, but to give a greater effect to the eyes, you can lighten only the corners of the eyes with shades of beige shades. Ink can use any dark shade, but the classic black color is preferred, except that the mascara should have a volume effect.


If you want to have a more expressive look, it is enough to hold the line with a black or brown pencil along the border of the upper eyelid, and then carefully shade it. When creating your own hands with such make-up, try to focus on the make-up of the 90s, like the celebrities of that time - for example, Madonna or Cindy Crawford. If your shadows roll off too quickly, then apply a tonal foundation on the eyelids or ordinary powder beforehand, it will perfectly cope with the task of retaining the makeup for a significantly long time.

Eyebrows in make up 90s

Eyebrow pencil in black, not at all an obligatory cosmetic product, which provides makeup in the style of the 90s, you can safely emphasize the eyebrow with shadows or with a brown or grayish pencil. Such more natural colors will play a good role in making up eyebrows, because many beauties are at home in a real struggle for youth, and black cannot help to rejuvenate her face.

make up 90s in red tones

Lips in make up 90s

Make-up of the 90s, it is not possible to consider without lipstick - light or dark, but the shade should always be only natural. Perfect in such cases, suitable cosmetics brown, matte or flesh-colored, but in no case pearlescent texture. You can use a lip liner, the more it will prevent the spread of lipstick.

Creating makeup. Phased scheme

What you need to make the 90's

So, we come to the most important thing - makeup in the 90s in stages. What is needed for this?

  • Blush - peach color or soft brown
  • Powder under the base. Powder can be satin or crumbly.
  • Foundation for the face - in tune to your natural skin tone
  • Eyeliner - brown or gray
  • Shadows of any color range you like
  • Eye pencils - black or brown
  • Lipstick scarlet, cherry, terracotta or orange

Blue shadows on the eyelids, orange lipstick on the lips

Step by step scheme for applying makeup  "as in the 90s"

Further step by step we start to decorate ourselves.

  1. Cleansing the face with tonic
  2. Tidy eyebrows. They should be clear-cut and resemble a perfect curved line.
  3. Apply a light layer of foundation with a sponge or professional make up brush
  4. Apply powder in a dense layer, but do not overdo it, everything is good in moderation
  5. Blush- without them and nowhere. If you choose a pink color, it will harmonize very well with the color of satin powder. The combination will be just in the style of the Soviet, 90s
  6. We outline the eyes with a brown or black pencil. It is just perfect for retro style. Some of you may use your usual liner, the makeup of the 90s does not preclude the use of this cosmetic.
  7. Now you can apply pre-selected shadows on your eyelids.
  8. We choose the mascara lengthening and gently stain it with eyelashes. If you do not have enough expressiveness in your eyes, buy false eyelashes, in the nineties they were already

girls from 90's

Now you know all the secrets of how to gradually create a make-up in the style of the 90s, be beautiful and do not lose your individuality !!

Video: creating makeup in the style of the 90s

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