Make-up for brown-haired women with green eyes

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Owners of green eyes always look mysterious and seductive, thanks to the magic of their eyes. Green-eyed brown-haired women stand out in particular from the crowd. In them there is always some kind of unknown force that attracts, attracts and does not give tears away. Make-up for brown-haired women with green eyes must be selected correctly, given the whole feature of the eyeball color palette. Unlike brown or gray eyes, not all colors are suitable for green.

Instructions for applying makeup at home with their own hands

Makeup for brown-haired women with green eyes should emphasize the depth of view. In this green-eyed woman will help shades of olive and brown, purple and gold. It is necessary to avoid bright green, pink and turquoise colors.

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Face tone

It is worth remembering that the tonal framework is applied exclusively on a clean, smooth face. In the presence of defects mask them with a corrector. It is recommended after applying the base to use the powder on the tone lighter skin tone. It will give the face a velvety and more even color.

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Eye makeup

Makeup for brown-haired women with green eyes involves the application of shadows that highlight the glitter of the eyes and dazzling look. It is worth recalling that the evening and daytime images are somewhat different from each other, so before applying the flowers, think through all your actions step by step.

Day makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women

To create a casual office business style, you must give preference to subtle soothing tones. Choosing a contour pencil, give preference to the color of your eye shell.

day makeup for green-haired women with green eyes

  1. Apply an olive shade to the upper eyelid.
  2. Highlight the inside of the eyes with pearlescent transparent shadows. This will give more warmth to your look.
  3. Underline the lower eyelid with a brown contour pencil, starting from the middle of the eye.
  4. The lines of the upper and lower eyelids should meet on the outer corner of the eyes.
  5. Move the upper cross-page contour brown over the shadows.
  6. Complete the image with a careful shading of the borders and applying mascara on the cilia.

Evening makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women

This is where you can give fantasy to roam, so it’s in the creation of an evening or holiday make-up. Independently combine the color palette of shadows that perfectly fit into your image.

evening makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women

  1. Place the lower and upper eyelids in a continuous line, thereby highlighting the inter-muscular contour of the eyes.
  2. On the upper eyelid in the outer corner, apply a shade of black with pearly or metallic luster.
  3. Above the black color, put the paint in a purple hue with a hint of metal.
  4. Correct the inner corner of the eye with a light pink color with mother of pearl. Carefully smooth all color transitions.
  5. Lower eyelid under the black line move a thin strip of silver or nacre.
  6. An important condition in the creation of such makeup itself is a ban on the shading of the lower eyelid. You must have clear, pronounced lines.

Make up for lips

charming brown-haired woman with green eyes

Make-up for green-eyed brown-haired women involves the choice of natural caramel, beige and brown shades of lipstick. For evening out, you can use burgundy and carrot colors, complementing them with a drop of gloss on the lower lip. This technique will make the lips more sensual. The scheme of creating an image with your own hands is quite simple, you just need to see your natural color scheme and choose the right color palette.

Video: the phased creation of makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women

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