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how to paint a sponge

Sponges are considered to be the most sensual part of the face. Not all girls can boast plump, symmetrical lips with a clear outline, but the correct lip makeup will help to adjust their shape and size. Today you will learn what methods and tools professional makeup artists use when creating a seductive smile. We will tell you how to choose the perfect lipstick, what is 3d lip makeup, how to perform fashionable ombre lip makeup and a few other useful female secrets.

Tasks make up lips

We all strive to comply with the established canons of beauty. Today, plump, sensual, symmetrical lips are considered ideal. The main tasks of make-up on the lips are:

  • The upper and lower jaws should be about the same size, or the lower one should be slightly thicker. Light kayal and the correct shade of a pencil will help to adjust the shape of a smile.
  • Age-related changes affect the skin on the lips: they become dull, less elastic, the corners of the mouth are lowered. Today 3d lip makeup or tattoo is popular. He can correct these moments with ease by correcting the contour and adding volume with pigments in the right places. But makeup lip makeup will cope with this task, the main thing is to apply it correctly.
  • About 30% of women have thin lips, giving the face excessive rudeness. Knowing how to increase your lips with makeup, you will make your mouth sensual and lush.
  • Coquetry gives the female face a notorious bow. Makeup lips will help to highlight it beautifully.

Make-up lips are not only applying decorative cosmetics. We will tell you about lip skin care.

seductive make up

We perform the perfect make up on the lips

The whole process can be divided into 3 stages: preliminary, we choose the means of decorative and care cosmetics, preparatory, we pay attention to the condition of the skin on the lips, the process itself is performed by makeup with the help of decorative cosmetics.

juicy shine

We select cosmetics for lip makeup

The main cosmetic products for make-up are lip gloss, lipstick, pencils, kayals:

  • Lipsticks are fatty, nourishing, medium fat, for moisturizing and dry for lasting make up. Lipstick should be selected based on the appearance of the beauty. Blonde women with blue eyes are suited for bright, pale pink shades, but in evening make-up you can make bright lips with red lipstick. Brunettes with brown eyes and dark skin fit almost the entire palette, but light-skinned beauties need to be careful with cold shades and too dark lipstick. Purple color is quite capricious and picky about looks. It is strictly forbidden to use it for girls with thin sponges and grayish skin.
  • Glitters come in varying degrees of density. The glitter will hold on to the skin longer, creating the desired volume. If you have the correct shape of a smile, you can use a translucent light shine in make-up. "solo"if it is necessary to correct some asymmetry of the form, one cannot do without a contour.
  • The pencil should have increased resistance, since there is nothing worse in make up of lips than a smeared contour. To check the resistance of this lip make-up product, with a purchase, draw a line on the back of your hand and rub it. The correct pencil should not be smeared.
  • Kayal allow only girls with the perfect shape of a smile. This is a light soft pencil, which will add to the lips of relief and roundness.

Sponge skin care

Any lipstick or gloss will lie on the sponge is better if they provide proper care, these same tips will be useful to those girls who have made permanent lip makeup:

  • Do not forget to remove the remnants of cosmetics at the end of the day with a cotton pad, moistened with makeup remover or just warm water.
  • Use scrubs to remove dead skin cells and make the skin softer. You can make such a scrub yourself from ground coffee or use candied honey.
  • A couple of drops of an oil solution of vitamin A or E will protect the sponges from dryness and cracks.
  • You can make masks for the beauty of the lips at home, for example, from honey and grated apple. Holding the composition on the lips for 5 minutes will make your skin soft and velvety.
  • Do not forget about balms and hygienic lipsticks, they will moisturize the skin and prepare it for subsequent decorative means.

sponge care

Apply decorative cosmetics on the mouth

We got to the most important stage, here we will tell you how to do make-up on lips with different techniques. We will learn to perform make-up, lip augmentation, make-up with red lips and master the ombre technique.

We perform makeup that increases the sponge

In order to get plump sensual mouths, it is not necessary to do a 3d tattoo on lips, make-up artists know how to do makeup that enhances lips. This method will add volume and correct the shape. We offer you to familiarize yourself with step by step instructions:

  1. We start the make-up with the application of moisturizing lipstick or balm.
  2. A contour matte pencil of a dark shade move the contour. Make-up of lips with a pencil is done like this: start from the middle of the upper sponge by emphasizing the butterfly, then from the corners of the mouth lift the line up to the center, then move the bottom one.
  3. After that, the entire non-shaded part is covered with lipstick 1-2 shades lighter than the contour.
  4. The relief is made by applying lipstick 1 tone darker at the place of closing of the upper and lower sponges.
  5. Blend the transition points with a makeup brush.
  6. From above you can add shine, avoiding contours. This will give additional volume, but will reduce the resistance of the makeup.

contour drawing

Create a spectacular make up ombre

Modern women of fashion prefer to experiment with applying cosmetics on the mouth. One such experiment, which received huge popularity was the lip makeup ombre. It is worth noting that the color gradation today is very relevant, and it can be used in the nail art, creating a gradient manicure with your own hands.

ombra make up

But back to the lips and consider a phased scheme and photo ombre on them. You can perform ombra using tint. Tint for sponges is a liquid pigment, with its help women of fashion skillfully create a gradient or effect of kissing. Such an ombre with tints looks natural and does not make the image heavier, as a result we get unusual and moderately bright lips. We will tell you a more universal way, namely, how to make such lip makeup with a pencil, or rather 3 friendly shades:

  1. Apply to the cream a thin layer of cream, this we will smooth the surface.
  2. Draw a contour with an average shade of a pencil, but we draw not just a clear line, but also shade a pencil towards the center, reducing the onslaught.
  3. Fill the entire unpainted part with the lightest shade of the pencil.
  4. With the darkest pencil we paint over the corners, slightly raising them to the center of the sponges, then they will visually move forward.
  5. Crush the mouth several times to distribute the pigment evenly.

Make up is complete, but if you want to add luster, you can apply a transparent gloss to the final touch.

unusual ombre

Create a retro classic with a red tint

The most versatile make-up is red lipstick, so beloved by girls today and so popular in the visage of Hollywood stars. This lip color can be considered universal for different looks, but demanding of the occasion, according to which make up is performed, it is best suited for an evening look. The stages are as follows:

  1. Powdered sponges, so cosmetics last longer.
  2. We draw the contour, starting with the butterfly at the top, then outlining the contour from the corners of the mouth to the butterfly, after that we proceed to the lower sponge.
  3. Brush apply red lipstick.

Red lipstick

It is important to choose a beautiful rich shade of red. The key to a successful make-up comes down to this.

Video: Gradient make-up on lips

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