Lilac makeup

girls with make up eyes in the same color range

Lilac makeup has many variations and combinations of shades. Like any other color make up, makeup in lilac tones is the trend of the season and is very popular with women.

Instructions for creating makeup colors lilac do it yourself

Recently, the method of applying cosmetics at home is gaining increasing popularity, and it has significant advantages:

  • At home, you can act in stages, as required by the scheme.
  • You have the opportunity to pre-try your make-up.
  • A large amount of time, not limited by money.
  • By applying makeup to yourself, you get moral satisfaction and a boost in mood.

Face tone

flawless even skin tone

Plum makeup implies a pretty cool even tone of the face. To obtain it, it is necessary to apply a base on one or two tones lighter than the skin. After leveling, apply velvet powder. When using blush, choose a light pink and purple hue.

Lilac eye makeup

There are a lot of shades of lilac color, which is why such a make-up is suitable for everyday office style, as well as for festive and festive exits.

Day look in lilac flowers

Make-up lilac shadows, intended for everyday use, involves the use of light tones of purple and lilac-pink tones.

gentle make up eyes

  1. Apply a silver tone to the inner corner of the eye.
  2. Moving towards the outer corner of the eyes, apply a golden nacreous shade.
  3. On the outer corner of the eye, put a plum color.
  4. Carefully blend all transitions.
  5. Underline the lower eyelid with a black pencil, highlighting the cross-page contour.
  6. Finish the look with eyelashes.

Evening lilac make up

For evening make-up is quite acceptable to use brighter and more saturated shades of lilac. An excellent option would be a plum make-up.

makeup century in bird technique

  1. Apply transparent pearl shadows throughout the mobile eyelid and blend.
  2. Brush put a rich lilac shade on the outer corner of the eye.
  3. Create the effect of "bird makeup", summing up the upper border of the mobile and stationary century with a darker plum color.
  4. Blend all transitions.
  5. Add to the V-shaped notch on the outer corners of the eye with pink-lilac shadows. Thus, you will have a smooth, step-by-step shifting shade of plum color.
  6. Apply black eyeliner over the upper eyelid.
  7. Finish the image by painting the cilia.

Wedding lilac makeup

Typically, the weaker sex to create a makeup of the bride turn to a specialist, but for those who like to apply make up on their own it is worthwhile to tell in detail about the technique.

romantic wedding make up

  1. Apply silver pearlescent shadows to the mobile eyelid.
  2. In the course of growth of eyelashes, place the eyelid plum tone. The line of color should become wider to the outer corner of the eyes.
  3. Create a prominent triangle on the outer corner with a light purple hue and carefully blend.
  4. Complete the image with black mascara on the eyelashes.

Lip makeup

Choosing a lilac makeup, girls should prefer pink, purple, transparent or caramel tones of lipstick.

  • Blondes are ideally suited for a cold shade of lily or pink.
  • Brunettes should prefer caramel tones.
  • Brown-haired can choose both the first and second option.

bright plum lips

Quite unusually look lips in lilac shades. This make up should be left for suitable cases. If you create a lilac lip makeup, then stick to neutral colors for the eyes. In order to look beautiful, you should think through all the subtleties of the created image. Follow the fashion trends and be beautiful.

Video: master class on creating makeup in lilac tones

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