Lifting makeup - mastering the makeup “tightening”

Rejuvenation without plastic surgery

Such a technique as a lifting make-up was invented by makeup artists and its main task was to give a face a fresh, healthy and cheerful look. She is a professional makeup artist service and is somewhat reminiscent of makeup techniques that are applied to theater actors. For each age there is a certain make-up of the face, at the same time each of them has its own subtleties. Lifting makeup is recommended for those who have turned 45 years old. At this age, the skin begins to fade and the usual everyday make-up will no longer look spectacular. But the anti-age make-up will make the face younger and more attractive.

How to become younger by 20 years in just 20 minutes you will learn step by step from this article, it will contain the basics of makeup lifting.

The main task for lifting meykapa is to visually lift all the lines of the face. In medical practice, there are a huge number of corrective procedures, with which you can look much younger the next day. But not all procedures are safe. Many of them give an instant lifting effect, but later they bring a lot of trouble.

photo before and after lifting make-up

To maintain youthful skin, you should regularly take care of it:

  • carry out her thorough cleansing every day;
  • once a week use a scrub to exfoliate dead cells;
  • moisturize regularly;
  • use anti-aging creams and tightening masks in stages;
  • conduct facial massage sessions.

And then every day in the mirror you will see amazing results.

Of course, not every woman has enough time and energy for this. And, to look perfect, for visual rejuvenation is useful lifting makeup.

the disappearance of wrinkles

What you need to know about lifting make-up

A simple scheme for applying a lifting visage at home. First you need to prepare all the necessary cosmetics, namely:

  • face tonic (thermal water);
  • moisturizing cream;
  • silicone base for makeup;
  • lifting serum;
  • decorative cosmetics.

effect of visage

The texture of each cosmetic depends on age. Every year the skin becomes more dry, and no cosmetics on it will no longer lie flat. Therefore, the right choice will be cosmetics with a light and liquid texture, which will maintain the required level of moisture in the dermis, and this will allow the person "breathe". Blush and shade should be chosen only on a cream base.

  1. Before you do a lifting make-up, cleansed face should be rubbed with tonic or thermal water.
  2. Then apply a lifting serum by gently dotted movements.
  3. Wait until it is completely absorbed and then apply a moisturizer.
  4. After that, you can apply a silicone base, which will fill fine wrinkles, and cosmetics will be easier to lay on the face.

Lifting makeup: application instructions

A small digression:

With age, the outer corners of the eyes, the corners of the lips, the line of the eyebrows and the submandibular region gradually begin to fall on the face. But they are easy "back into place" with the help of decorative cosmetics and visually the skin of the face will look toned. It is necessary to do everything so that all facial features visually strive upwards.

problem areas

Application technique:

  1. To create the effect of open eyes, try to draw an eyeliner line from the middle of the eye upwards and make sure that it runs parallel to the eyebrow line.
  2. To the corners of the eyes looked raised, the eyelashes should be evenly applied mascara, at least two layers, and if necessary, twist their tips.

Play with light and shadow

To create an age-related make-up, each master has various techniques. The simplest and most effective of them is playing with light and shadow. The main rule of which is to hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages: each depression on the face (wrinkles, pits under the eyes) should be lightened, and the convex parts of the face (cheeks, swollen cheekbones) should be darkened. You can do it yourself. These simple techniques will make your face smooth and even, and, consequently, younger.

Lightening and darkening

Color palette

Lifting makeup implies the use of soft, natural tones.

  • Technique makeup lift implies that you need to avoid cold shades and burgundy tones of lipstick.
  • Forever renounce mother-of-pearl cosmetics, otherwise it will emphasize the most minor wrinkles, and its brilliance will attract attention to them.
  • For dark skin the makeup base is suitable for beige tones, and for light skin the best choice is a milky base without nacre and interspersed with sparkles.
  • Powder pick better colorless or pale beige shades.
  • To hide the dark circles under the eyes, in the Lifting make-up, use the corrector, the tone of which should be lighter than the skin color.
  • Blush: they should be selected pale pink or peach color. And avoid cold shades that are noticeably aging. Blush should be applied to the cheekbones.
  • Eyes: Beige-pink, light brown or peach shades are a good choice. The contour for the eyes and mascara can be gray-blue, brown or gray.
  • Eyebrows: with age, eyebrows begin to thin, so they definitely need to tint, but you should not be zealous, but try to make eyebrows look the most natural. The color of the eyebrow pencil should not differ from the hair color.
  • Lips: over time, the contour of the lips spreads and it needs to be made clear. To do this, they should circle a pencil whose tone is not darker than the color of lipstick. Then lightly shade the entire surface of the lips and apply lipstick. If possible, avoid matte lipsticks and make sure that the color is not too bright or pale. Prefer berry, peach, coral or salmon shades. At the final stage, gently feather the contour, and add a little gloss to the center of the lips.

That's all you need to know about anti-aging visage technique called lifting makeup!

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