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The beauty of Korean women causes admiration among representatives of many other nationalities, because it combines simplicity, grace and fragility. Few people know that Korean makeup in the first place provides a constant and close attention to the condition and appearance of the skin. Not a single day for all Korean women can do without thorough cleansing and thoroughly moisturizing the skin.

Casual skin care

Korean women are sure that beauty is extremely important for the perception of women in society, but they also understand that the use of cosmetics negatively affects the condition of the skin, aging it and clogging its pores. That is why, before you make Korean makeup, you need to prepare a foundation for it.

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Korean makeup base is performed step by step - first you need to wash your face using special cleaning foams or gels, then it is treated with an emulsion or a moisturizing cream, which is applied with patting movements. When the emulsion is completely absorbed, the skin is re-treated with a cream, this time nourishing. Korean women perform these procedures twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Accordingly, for the morning care apply day cream, and for the evening - night. At bedtime, the facial wash is replaced with a liquid to remove cosmetics.

After the skin is prepared and protected from the influence of cosmetics, the procedure of its application begins. Makeup in Korean is performed as follows:

  1. tinting treatment;
  2. applying makeup to the eyelids and eyelashes;
  3. working on the mouth area and applying rouge.

Tonal basis

Korean-style makeup begins with working on problem areas of the skin. With the help of foundation, dark circles and any redness are carefully masked, then the skin is slightly powdered.

When choosing cosmetics, you need to be guided by the natural color of the skin or get cream and powder a couple of shades lighter than the skin.

Make-up eye

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Korean eye makeup is the most important part of the appearance of the girls of this ethnic group. The treatment of the eyelids is carried out with the shadows of several colors, most often pink and light beige. Light shadows are applied to both centuries, and then the eyes are let down with a white pencil. Pinkish shadows are used on the mobile eyelid in the outer corner and slightly higher to the outer corner of the eyebrow.

Makeup Korean girls are often created using arrows, which are applied with light movements on the upper eyelid. The line should not be greasy or recede from the natural line of growth of eyelashes.

Eyebrow shape correction

Korean girls most often prefer the natural shape of the eyebrows. They are not afraid of wide and straight lines, and the tip of the eyebrow is most often made pointed. Some of the Korean women sometimes lighten their eyebrows, painting them with a brown-hue.

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Muke- up lips

Korean makeup involves the use of lipstick natural shades or lip gloss. Korean women with bright or dark lipstick on the lips is a rarity. In addition, oriental beauties do not use a stroke for the lip contour.

In some cases, Korean women use light pink blush, which is applied with light movements. For solemn occasions, more cosmetics and brighter colors are used.

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Choosing and applying blush

As with any other make-up, Korean make-up supports the trend of a healthy and natural blush. To emphasize the cheekbones Korean women use soft natural shades.

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