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There is hardly a man to whom the image of an oriental woman would not seem attractive - calm, gentle and submissive. And the Japanese women are capable of driving anyone crazy, because their beauty is truly flawless: snow-white smooth skin, a meek and deep look, neat lips and a light blush. Japanese-style makeup can help get all the listed signs of Japanese women.

Some women mistakenly consider the make-up of Japanese women to be carnival, mistaking it for Japanese anime makeup. If the latter copies the coloring of cartoon characters, then traditional Japanese make-up, on the contrary, is moderate and calm. He makes the image mysterious and peaceful.

Another misconception is the statement that Japanese make-up is suitable only for dark-haired young ladies. Despite the fact that, by nature, Japanese women are burning brunettes, many of them bleach their hair, which is perfectly combined with the kind of make-up in question.

Technique of make-up in Japanese style

First of all, answering the question of how to make Japanese makeup, it is worth pointing out that it is necessary to work step by step. The scheme of applying cosmetics is as follows: first, the skin is processed, then the eyes and eyebrows, lips, and the completion of the procedure for applying blush.

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Japanese make-up suggests flawless skin condition. The faces of Japanese women resemble the finest porcelain, smooth and glowing from the inside. That is why you should choose a light tonal means lighter shades than the natural skin color. The scheme of applying tonal remedies for Japanese women is exactly the same as for all the others - first a liquid base is applied, which is masked by all skin imperfections and dark spots around the eyes, and then the face tone is evened with powder.

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Eyes and eyebrows

Japanese eye makeup involves the imitation of an Eastern cut of the eye. In order to create such an effect, use arrows, which are applied with a pencil or liquid eyeliner. They must be performed skillfully, any irregularity is unacceptable. The arrows extend beyond the natural cut of the eyes, slightly bend them upward and make the line thick. In addition, Japanese eye makeup does not allow the use of eye colors other than black for eyeliner. It is better to refuse to apply eye shadows or make it minimal. Do not use mascara.

Makeup Japanese girls have always been distinguished by clear lines of eyebrows. If the eyebrows are naturally light, they should be darkened with a pencil.

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In some cases, Japanese-style makeup is made using shades of bright pink. They are applied to the central part of the upper eyelid.


Japanese women’s make-up has a distinct lip contour and lipstick using bright colors. For example, the shades of crimson or scarlet will perfectly fit into the image. It is acceptable to use both matte and shiny lip products. Traditional Japanese make-up involves changing the contour of the lips to a bantikoobrazny, but this technique in everyday make-up is not appropriate.

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The final touch in make-up under the Japanese - light strokes of rosy light pink tones. The resulting blush should be barely noticeable. Now you know all the subtleties of how to create the right skin tone, stand out eyes and lips in make-up of Japanese girls. We hope that our article was as informative as possible. Be charming!

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