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Holidays on the coast of India is becoming increasingly popular, which is probably why Indian makeup came out in recent years in first place among fashionistas in Europe and Asia. What is Indian makeup and how to make Indian makeup? Indian makeup implies a riot of bright colors on the face, from burning dark hair on the head to puffy, well-defined lips, an abundance of shadows, bright lipstick, a spectacular eyeliner and thick eyelashes, dark or tanned skin and certainly a red dot on the forehead between the eyebrows.

Step by step creation of Indian makeup

Indian make-up is suitable for women with a European type of face and an expressionless appearance, when you need to emphasize, and can even change the facial features, make them more expressive. However, here it is necessary to take into account some circumstances.

Choosing a tonal basis

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  1. Firstly, if you have pale skin, then first you need to visit a tanning bed. or use tanning Dark powder or dark foundation will not give the effect that you expect and the difference in color - the face and the rest, not closed parts of the body, will be too different.
  2. Secondly, if nature has given you dark skin, blue hair, eyes of almond color, then it will be easiest for you to enter the image of a seductress and a fatal beauty with an Indian appearance. Agree that a bright blonde with an oriental make-up on the face will cause only bewilderment.

How at home, without the help of a stylist, do make-up in Indian style with your own hands? Special techniques or a specific sequence for this type of makeup is not visible, but there are some principles that should be followed. In general, the base for make-up, in the Indian make-up style, is the same as for any correct make-up, namely, the tone of the face that is perfectly even with the color of a dark tan. Pink and light colors for this procedure will not work.

Drawing a foundation

girls with bright make-up

So with the color of tones under the makeup base, we decided. Now you need to correctly and correctly apply it to the skin, since it depends on how long and at the same time the makeup on your face will look presentable.

  • The main cream or tonic is applied evenly to all viewed areas of the head - face, neck, auricles, upper part of decollete.
  • Carefully aligned.
  • So that the face does not appear oily shine, you can powder the skin with a light, soft silky layer of powder.

Indian style eye makeup

The next stage is Indian eye makeup. Indian women prefer to paint their eyelids with all available bronze and dark brown shades. We also will not deviate from these traditions and also offer to use this color scheme. However, to young ladies with Slavic appearance such colors may not be suitable, rather, on the contrary, they create the effect of sore or tired eyes. In this case, you can try a green or golden yellow shade.

lilac eye makeup

  1. Apply on the eyelids any thick greasy shadows, always with a bright shine and mother of pearl, then on the edges of the upper and lower eyelids impose a liquid eyeliner. The thickness of the liner line is chosen at will. The main thing is to draw the eye contour completely.
  2. Then visually lengthen the eye section with the help of arrows. To do this, we draw the outer edge of the arrows beyond the edges of the eyes towards the upper part of the temple.
  3. To give the eyes expressiveness, you can divide the movable eyelid into two parts horizontally. To do this, draw a thin line with a pencil, and then blend it. In this case, the lower part is covered with a bright saturated tone of shadows, and the upper area under the eyebrows can be covered with light tones. When choosing shades, it is important to consider what color your eyes are. Dark shades are suitable for blue-eyed. Dark and brown eyes are perfectly combined with shades of any saturated colors.

You and I have learned how to properly apply Indian makeup on your eyes in the way it is done in India.

We paint lips in Indian style

bright makeup lips indianok

Go to the lips. Lips, as well as the eyes should be bright, inviting, like an exotic, oriental flower. What are the colors when applying makeup lips prefer Indian women? First of all, these are red coral shades. They consist of small amounts of pearlescent inclusions and particles. Their shimmering shine will give your lips more volume and swelling.

  • Lips suggest a clearly defined contour. Coincidence with lipstick color is not at all necessary.
  • The upper lip is painted so that it is approximately equal in size to the lower lip.
  • The presence of glitter and rhinestones on the lips of Indian makeup is welcome.

Indian style eyebrow correction

eyebrows in make-up indianok

The Indian eyebrow is a brightly drawn, beautiful curve of thick, ideal in shape eyebrows. Indian women most often use natural material for this purpose, such as antimony. We will use the usual brown or black pencil.

Do you know what is the main feature of Indian makeup? This is a bindi. Red dot on the forehead of all women in India. Currently, it can be replaced by a flower, a butterfly or a beautiful rhinestone. Such a point can narrow or widen the forehead, depending on the size and desire of the woman herself. Bindi is the third eye that will protect you from all negativity and give you wisdom and heavenly power.

Video: how to create Indian-style makeup

 Now you know all the secrets of how to create the most vivid and popular makeup of Indian women. Makeup Indian girls will be a worthy option for going to a party in the Oriental style, or just become your guide to the world of bright make-up!

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