In the struggle for men's attention, what makeup attracts

natali portman with light make-up

Like men is the number one task for any girl. Make-up allows us to be attractive, it is like a magic wand, it masks the traces of sleepless nights, illness, crazy dancing in a club, a blockage at work. And sometimes he can play a cruel joke with us and scare away all the men around. Some of the girls are painted as if they are "Apache Indians", "Rambo in the fighting" or  "dried pale mole". About all these terrifying "the charms" we already wrote, beauty- "scary" the power of which make-up scares men, now it's time to reveal the secret of perfect makeup according to men. What makeup do men like?

Men say "YES": Nude Style Makeup. Natural shades in makeup

natural make

Makeup Nude is a leader, the natural scale conquered the stronger sex. "When you look at a girl with such makeup, you realize that she has nothing to hide from you"- This is the opinion we saw on one of the forums. "We are naturally natural, but we don’t want to see a pale gray mouse next to us."- Another interesting idea expressed by men.

Dear ladies, we keep calm, you just have to keep the measure! Do not create on your face "mask" from cosmetics that will collapse from minute to minute and do not bend with naturalness, deathly pallor, tired blue under the eyes, have never made anyone sexier!

Jolie with nude makeup

The tone on the face should be light, slightly shimmering, use a light base for make-up and very light foundation, if you need to disguise something, you should completely give up the powder! Eyebrows should be natural in shape, eyebrow pencil to match your natural hair color.

On the eyes should be calm shades of shadows, cream, beige, perhaps a light, almost noticeable line of eyeliner. If you do not use shadows, then you will easily add expressiveness to your eyes by applying voluminous mascara on them. On the cheekbones should be light, like a natural blush, you can use a blush of a delicate pink shade. Lips emphasize the balm or lipstick natural colors.

Men say "YES": Playful arrows

"When I see fat arrows, reaching almost to the eyebrows, I remember the shocking rebel Amy Winehouse, her image always reminded me of the most terrible, just horrible dream"- here is such a thought shared with us by one young man on a popular forum.

Girls, if you do not want to cause horror in guys, then master the skill of drawing graceful arrows. To help you can come the images of such style icons as Twiggy and Bridget Bordeaux, their neat, cute arrows carried their popularity from the far 60s to our time, without losing positions.

playful arrows on the eyes

The arrows can be a separate decoration of the eyes, and can create attractiveness in the look, joining the tandem with the shadows of any shade. To create arrows you can use eyeliner, eyeliner of any texture, choose the most convenient option for you! And remember, arrows should not be bold and too long.

Men say "YES": Naturally shaped eyebrows

Jennifer Lopez Natural Eyebrows
Men love eyebrows of natural color and shape. But as you understand the naturalness can be different, girls with bushy Brezhnev eyebrows or eyebrows with threads, far from ideal male fantasy.

In order for your eyebrows to be naturally attractive, you only need to get rid of unnecessary hairs out of shape in time, but you do not need to change the angle of the eyebrow, the length! Just forget about the beauty of the eyebrows, if you have very light brows, then for them to be more expressive enough pencil or shadows, a tone darker than your natural color.

Men say "YES": Pink and red lipstick

stars with red lipstick
On the forums we often notice that the stronger sex expresses its sympathy for a light, non-sticky lip gloss or a transparent fragrant balm, "We are against lip makeup"- chant some men. How to be, what to choose to girls now ?!

pink lipstick on lips

Girls, calm, there are still guys who are sympathetic to lipstick! The favorite shades of lipstick in the male sex are pink, berry, in tune with the natural color of the lips and the classic red. Psychologists from America found out that it is these colors that cause the subconscious associations of the stronger sex with youth, femininity and sexuality of girls.

Jessica Alba with Berry Lipstick

Now let's look at the sympathy for red lipstick. "The girl with the color of lipstick is sexy, so you want to be with her in an intimate setting", "This lipstick can be used to complete the image in erotic games, but to see such a tone of lipstick in everyday make-up is vulgar".

Girls, if you want to focus on the lips in the daytime romantic make-up, then choose a berry shade, believe me, it looks no less attractive. Another tip when making a lip makeup is not to use a pencil, to create a contour, remember the first point- men love naturalness, and a clear contour contradicts this!

natural makeup

Video about female beauty

Girls, you have learned about all men's preferences, take them into service! Remember that make-up is a weapon to make it even more attractive, and the lack of make-up is a step towards disarmament, and every girl should be armed! In the fight for male attention, choose "storm" natural makeup!

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