How to make up your lips with a pencil

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Lip Pencil - real "magic wand" girls Each of us should know how to make up the lips with a pencil, because with its help you can correct the shape, visually enlarge or reduce the mouth, make them more prominent, perform a minimalistic make-up, causing a pencil "solo" on the sponge, extend the stability of the lipstick, using it as a substrate, prevent "run away" brilliance, summing up the contour. The tool is one of many uses. Let's learn how to paint lips with a pencil.

Drawing Lessons with Pencil

Today, matte textures are the most current trend in makeup. Finding a matte lipstick of a suitable shade can be problematic, but you can find a pencil of the desired color. So that such make-up does not bring discomfort in the sock, because many products tighten the skin on the lips and dry it, it is recommended to pre-coat the lips with hygienic lipstick or a colorless balm, and after it is absorbed, it is beautiful to draw lips with a pencil.

Step by step instructions for drawing matte lips

If you have not purchased this product, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the best pencils for lips. Armed with this cosmetic, you can quickly run through the theory and begin to practice.

instructions for applying cosmetics
We offer you a clear photo instruction for beginners, explaining how to draw lips with a pencil in stages:

  1. To beautifully make up your lips with a pencil, first of all, powder them a little. So the contour is not exactly "crawl away" at the most inopportune moment.
  2. Start drawing with "little birds" on the upper sponge. It is better to use a well-sharpened pencil, but without a sharp tip, otherwise you will get too sharp lines.
  3. The next step is from "little birds" we draw lines to the corners of the upper sponge, precisely repeating the outlines of your own mouth, if you do not pursue the goal of enlarging the sponges with makeup or, on the contrary, reducing them.
  4. Now on the lower sponge in the center let down a small segment.
  5. Connect the ends of the segment with the corners of the lower lip. Agree, it is so much easier than if you let the whole lower sponge down with a solid line.
  6. If you want to do without lipstick, fill the entire skin of the lips with a pencil.

step-by-step make-up lesson

If you apply a layer of lipstick on top, matched to the tone, you will get a super lasting makeup that will last at least 5-6 hours. It can be both red lipstick for publishing, nude shades for everyday wear, and spectacular Marsala for stylish looks. The main thing is to pick the money to match each other.

Create a creative makeup contour pencil

If the makeup described above is too classic for you, but you want something "that kind of", you can retreat from the rule "the tone of the pencil should be close to the shade of lipstick" and make a make-up ombre or draw a contour with a contrasting color, and fill everything that is inside the contour with a transparent gloss or bright glitter. The latest options, perhaps too bold.

bold make up

Using these techniques, it is worth understanding that sponges will become a powerful accent of the whole image. You will have to not only make up your lips with a pencil correctly, but also think over your whole image to the smallest detail in order to avoid misunderstanding of the people around you. But ombre can try on without fear.

ombre effect

Ombre Pencil Makeup

Creating an ombre without pencils, as well as without lipstick, is indispensable. We offer you a process diagram of how to draw lips with an ombre pencil. For this you will need:

  • Light pencil - kayal.
  • Dark pencil (you can use a pencil for the eyes).
  • Concealer.
  • 2 close shades of lipstick: one is lighter, the other is a little bit darker.
  • Transparent shine.

light and dark shade

Ombre visually increases the sponge, if you want to achieve even greater push-up effect, you can pre-add volume using the Fullips simulator.

Step-by-step instructions on how to draw lips with an ombre technique look like this:

  1. If the skin on your lips has imperfections, in order to get a perfect result, first squeeze it and moisturize it with a nourishing balm.
  2. Now align the surface, covering the sponge with a thin layer of tonal means. This technique will prevent the spread of cosmetics.
  3. Next, you need to beautifully make up your lips with a pencil. At first we use light kayal, repeating the outlines of your lips with it, slightly projecting beyond the contour.
  4. Then take a dark pencil. We need to bring a clear contour of the mouth, this technique can slightly change the shape of the lips. Ombre-creative make-up, and therefore small alterations of the shape of sponges are acceptable, moreover, they will help you to be always different.
  5. Fill the corners of the mouth with a dark pencil.
  6. We undertake lipstick: a darker shade is applied closer to the borders, and light - to the mucous.
  7. We cover the mouth with a transparent gloss and close-open the sponge.

creating an ombre

Now you know how to make up your lips with a pencil. We hope these tips will help you improve your level of skill in make-up.

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