How to increase lips make-up

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If cheiloplasty, hyaluronic injections and mesonity are unacceptable options for you, and you want to make the sponge lush, you can turn to cosmetics for help and visually enlarge the lips with makeup. Makeup artists know many techniques and techniques that are also very easy to master on their own. We will tell you how to increase lips with make-up, while getting natural-looking and not overloaded with mouth makeup.

Makeup secrets for lip augmentation

In fact? makeup that increases the lips, no more difficult to perform than any other, just need to know some of the subtleties and do not forget to apply them in practice. We will tell you about them, show photos and videos, and you will definitely be able to achieve the effect of push-up on your own lips.

how to make the mouth more magnificent

Choosing the right shades

Makeup to increase the volume of the lips should be performed in light shades. If you are the owner of thin lips, in your cosmetic bag lipstick of pink, coral, cream shades should dominate. If these colors do not suit you according to the color type of your appearance or you are a fan of bright lipsticks, you can use other, more saturated shades, but textures should save the situation.

selection of shades

We select the texture of decorative cosmetics

Even if you like how matte and velor lipsticks look impressive on lips, you will have to accept the fact that this option is not for you. Such invoices will steal the treasured cubic millimeters of volume from your mouth. Regardless of the shade, be it beige or red lipstick, this texture is not able to cope with the task. But all the glossy, pearly luster and satin lipstick, even without a contour and other tricks will visually increase the lips with makeup.

makeup application

If you are not very fond of exaggerated radiance, give preference to satin lipstick. They occupy an intermediate niche between matte and satin, containing a small amount of nacre. The minimum reflective effect of such a tool will provide, but will not create the illusion of wet lips.

Expanding boundaries

To increase your lips with makeup, a beige pencil should appear in your cosmetic bag. With it, you need to slightly move the contour of your mouth:

  1. Depart from the border of 1-1.5 millimeters and duplicate the outlines of your lips with a pencil.
  2. Cover them with lipstick, preferably matched to the pencil.
  3. Apply a little transparent gloss to the mouth.

light shades of cosmetics

If you like the way your mouth will change with the help of this trick, you can consider a more lasting option - tattoo with the effect of lip augmentation.

We use plumpers

Did you know that cosmetic companies have long ago decided the question of how to increase lips with makeup? To do this, there are special means of plug-ins. These are gloss and balms, which contain special components, for example, hot pepper extract or menthol. In addition, all the plug-ins contain a large number of reflective particles. It will be possible for everyone to do make-up that enhances lips with the help of plumpers: you just need to cover the lips with glitter, as you usually do. Immediately after application, you will feel a chill or a slight burning sensation on the lips - these are irritating components. As a result, the blood circulation in the sponges will improve, they will look visually fuller and brighter.

We set the glare

If you are at least a little familiar with the techniques of facial sculpting, you know what competently arranged highlights on the face are capable of. So with the lips this technique also works fine. Using a highlighter, a light pencil or simple pearlescent shades of sand or white color you can achieve the desired effect:

  • You can visually enlarge the lips with a make-up by putting a highlight on "a little bird".
  • If you want to make the upper lip visually wider, its middle should also be lightened. To do this, use a light pencil, fill it with the skin in the center, and then cover the mouth with a bright gloss.
  • The same applies to the lower sponge: filling it with a light pencil in its center will help make it wider.

highlighting of the central part

We draw the form from scratch

This makeup to increase the volume of the lips is technically the most difficult. It can drastically change the shape of your mouth, but be prepared for the fact that from the first and even from the third time it may not work perfectly. But having trained, this lip makeup, which increases the volume, can make you the owner of the sexiest lips. Step by step instructions for its execution is as follows:

  1. To enhance lips with makeup, first completely cover them with foundation, primer or concealer.
  2. Then duplicate the cream powder, causing it to a thin layer.
  3. We are starting to draw a new contour: take a pencil of a shade you like, but not a very light one, move the sponges to them, slightly going beyond the contour, "little bird" on the upper sponge, set a smooth shape. Try not to go beyond your natural circuit too much so as not to get an unnatural and even ridiculous looking result.
  4. Light pencil fill the lower and upper lip in the middle.
  5. It remains to cover the mouth with liquid lipstick or gloss, the shade of which is a tone lighter than the pencil.

sexy lips

By the way, this lip makeup, which increases the volume, can be supplemented by placing on top of "a little bird" highlight highlighter.

Makeup Tips for Lip Enhancement

Now you know how to visually enlarge the lips with makeup. But there are some more tips to help you achieve the best result:

  • When you apply a tonal tool on the skin of the face, do not be afraid "hook on" contour mouth On the contrary, a soft shading of the borders will make them a little more voluminous.
  • When drawing the edging with a light pencil, you can make the sponges a bit plumpier by using another pencil 2 shades darker. With it you need to draw the corners of the mouth, as if pushing the central part of the lips to the fore.
  • If you use both light and darker tones of cosmetics, do not forget about feathering the color borders. Here, as in eye makeup, the transitions should be smooth. For these purposes, a synthetic brush is best suited, it will absorb less in itself and better distribute it.

How to increase lips with make-up, we achieve push-up effect

Do not forget to care for the skin of your sponges, because it will be impossible to perfectly perform make-up on cracked and dried skin. If you have your personal secrets and tricks to create a push-up effect on your lips, share them in the comments below.

Video: Makeup for lip augmentation

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