Halloween zombie makeup

light zombie makeup

An infinite number of holidays exist in this vast world! On a holiday, of course, everyone wants to be incomparably beautiful, so that everyone will pay attention only to him. But what do you answer if it comes to the Celtic Halloween, which was long common in America, and now in our country. At the celebration of October 31, everyone is afraid to go unnoticed. There is an immense number of images for this day that can be done at home. Actual is the image of a zombie. Let's take a look at how to do zombie makeup on Halloween.

Step-by-step Zombie Makeup Technique

Make up a zombie on Halloween is done with your own hands, you don’t have to ask your friends or acquaintances about it, call all your neighbors and ask for help. You can do it yourself by applying make-up in stages, but for this you will need a scheme that we will offer you.

Clear face

zombie make up

The first thing you should do is clean your face. In no case do not use the cream, as the skin should be dry.

  1. Apply a base for make-up or white paint to a dry, already cleansed face. Most people who create their own image of a zombie, tend to choose the stage paint, explaining that such a tool still has its effect on the skin.
  2. To make your zombie makeup more truthful and accurate, we advise you to add a few more primary colors. It may be gray, which will give you the appearance of a dead man, red and blue colors - bruises, and green and yellow will create a semblance of gangrene.
  3. Recall that the makeup of the zombie on Halloween was natural, buy only high-quality paint. In addition, the condition of your skin depends on this, not only for the Halloween holiday, but also after it.

We draw dark circles under the eyes

Second - draw dark circles under the eyes. You have to be a real living dead, as if just coming out of a computer monitor, for which the guy played at midnight. Paint it in black or a pencil can add it to your zombie makeup. Add dark blue and red colors to the periphery to create a fresh bruise effect.

Select cheekbones

unusual makeup live dead

Third, clearly highlight the cheekbones. To do this, retract the cheeks, and in the area where the hollows appeared, make a line with dark paint. For example, bardovoy. Next, carefully, in order not to damage the makeup, blend these lines of burgundy blush.

Highlight lips

The fourth thing you have to do is highlight the lips. Halloween makeup for girls may include not necessarily black or gray lips. You can highlight lips with the same bardic paint as cheekbones, or paint them with lipstick. It is very important to use a pencil before applying lipstick - draw a lip contour. On top of the lipstick, add a couple of strokes with blue paint, blending it with the main one - again to create a bruise effect.

Finishing touches

  • With the help of green and yellow paints, you can draw a hematoma on your face and neck, only an old one. Also make a couple of strokes along the neck, and, if desired, along the face, blend these features.
  • Scary makeup on Halloween zombies should look according to your costume. But, if no one forgets about costumes, then not everyone is worried about the image as a whole.
  • You can not wash your hair, it will give your image complete. Or use the gel, it should be in excess.
  • Do not forget, even more sinister image will give you a lens for the eyes. There are no restrictions on choosing the color of the lenses, and the shape of the pupils can be completely different.
  • You can buy false terrible teeth. But with them you have to suffer. Therefore, shortly before the party, you can rinse the mouth with water with a food dye brown. It will make your teeth darker and look like zombie teeth. (Tip. After the party, brush your teeth with baking soda, and your teeth will turn white again.)

girl with zombie make up for halloween

Our step by step instructions are simple. Just follow her, doing everything right, and your Halloween zombie makeup will be commendable!

Video: Makeup Creation "Zombie barbie" on Halloween

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