Halloween skeleton makeup

Halloween skeleton face makeup

Every person, even one who has never been keen on and is not keen on Celtic culture, at least once heard about the Halloween festival (Halloween), which is celebrated every year on October 31. If you decide this year to join this holiday and have some fun with your friends at a party, you need to come up with an image! For example, the image of the skeleton, of course, begins with the costume. But finding a robe is no problem now. You can order an extraordinary suit in an atelier, where you can make it for a day or even a day. It is a matter of make-up. Therefore, we will look at how to make up the skeleton on Halloween in this article.

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This issue must be approached quite unusual. After all, this Halloween is celebrated not for the first year, and no one is surprised that "I did a make-up of the skeleton for Halloween." Therefore, turn on your creativity, dexterity, and hand skills and create a bony make-up. But so that it is not so difficult for you to reach the peak of the grand Celtic makeup by yourself and see surprised faces (and, perhaps, a bit of fear in the eyes of friends), we offer you a step-by-step scheme for making a skeleton on Halloween at home. Follow our tips and you will succeed!

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How to make skeleton skull makeup for Halloween

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  • Brushing and bleaching. Before proceeding to the gradual creation of a skull makeup, be sure to cleanse the skin of impurities with lotion or tonic. Next, apply a base under make-up (if desired) and begin to whiten the face, that is, we begin to make our makeup. In order to make a skeleton makeup for Halloween, you will need whitewash. They should be applied to the face with a brush or sponge. If they are not available, apply it yourself.
  • Pencil. Black pencil outline the contour around the eyes, the tip of the nose and part of the skin above the upper lip.
  • Shadows. A terrible makeup on the Halloween skeleton and a cute make-up for girls are different. If you are a guy, take dark shadows (gray or black). A girl can create a more gentle image with the help of pastel shades, for example, pink or beige. Only it is worth remembering that gentle tones and look gentle. If you want to shock your friends by giving them your image of a skeleton, choose dark shades.
  • Eyes. Girls can be advised to draw arrows above the eye line. These can be completely different colors! What color your soul lies in - so choose. You can draw just black pencil or liner upper eyelid. Or draw the upper line for the growth of eyelashes. You can do the same with the lower lash line. Note - if you have small eyes, do not reduce them. Looking around the eye from above and below, you delineate the boundaries of your eyes, thus, without making them expressive, but on the contrary, reduce the size of your eyes. Owners of small eyes enough to bring the upper eyelid. Girls who have big eyes can circle the entire black outline.

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  • Cheekbones Make-up is an important process. Here attentiveness to all details is important. Therefore, do not forget to highlight the cheekbones. You can take the usual pink shade or darker, for example, burgundy.
  • Teeth. Now in place of your lips, paint your teeth with white paint and circle them with a black pencil. You can direct your teeth slightly or make them more expressive. It depends on how you choose a Halloween skeleton makeup.
  • The final instruction on the skeleton image. You can fantasize and draw an extraordinary ornament on your face! These can be cobwebs, gothic patterns, or anything that you have invented yourself.

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Then, if desired, you can streak glitter or make a speck of red paint. It will look like blood on your face. You can leave the same smudges of red in the corners of your lips (shadows / red lip liner) - it also looks like blood clots. Ideas to create a skull make up a great variety, the boundaries determine only your imagination.

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Video: Makeup Creation for Halloween  "Skeleton"

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