Halloween mermaid makeup

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On the eve of the celebration of Halloween, many are looking for vivid images for themselves to shine on the noisy parties on the night of October 31 to November 1. One of the most popular Halloween options is the image of the little mermaid. To the final result was beyond praise, you should pay attention not only to the costume, but also to the hairstyle and, of course, makeup. How to make makeup for Halloween mermaids at home - we will consider step by step instructions later in our article.

Step-by-Step Halloween Mermaid Make-Up Technique

Face in the makeup of the little mermaid

There are a lot of options to make a mermaid’s own makeup - you can both completely toned your face in the blue-green range, imitating the inhabitants of the sea depths, and focus on the bright details of the image - eyes, hair, decorative design of the exterior. The image of a mermaid for Halloween in our performance does not mean much to correct the basic skin tone, but only to give it a gloss and mother-of-pearl shine.

mermaid face

  1. Before embarking on creativity, you must carefully align the complexion. Believe, pearl luster on the skin will only emphasize all your flaws, if any. Therefore, we apply a correcting foundation on the face that corresponds to the color type of your skin in order to hide minor defects. If necessary, use a correction tool or highlighter to mask dark circles under the eyes. The final stage, which will help fix the make-up, will be a thin veil of loose powder.
  2. Now the mermaid's makeup requires you to add pearlescent accents in order to match the image to the marine theme. Using a grid is a convenient and effective way to apply scales on your cheekbones, temples or forehead (depending on your preferences) with your own hands. Apply the mesh to the selected area, dip a brush in pearlescent blush, powder or eye shadow and touch the face. Try to select a palette in cold, sea tones (in turquoise, blue, blue, green tones). Step by step work through all the skin areas selected for decoration.

Halloween Mermaid Makeup

Eyes in mermaid makeup

The image of the little mermaid on Halloween suggests that the main emphasis in make-up should be on the eyes. To do this, you need a palette of shadows in marine colors.

eye makeup in the image of a mermaid on Halloween

  1. To make eye makeup as long as possible remained on the eyelids, before applying the shadows, coat the skin with a primer. This technique will help keep your non-trivial make-up intact throughout the evening.
  2. So, now we put the main shadows on all mobile eyelids. Here you are free to choose - pearl or powdery structure, matte or glossy shadows. The main thing is to keep the colors in blue-green tones.
  3. Do not forget about the lower eyelid: the eyeliner of bright colors (blue, turquoise) in combination with the main eye makeup looks spectacular. To make the look more open, apply a highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes.
  4. Bring the upper eyelid along the eyelash growth line with a contrasting eyeliner. Mermaid makeup does not provide for any restrictions in the scheme of execution. You can choose a classic coal-black eyeliner, as well as a blue, purple, green, turquoise liner. Especially spectacularly colored arrows look in combination with duplicate arrows made of sparkles or rhinestones. Do not be afraid to decorate your eyes with shiny elements: sequins, beads, pebbles. This will only add charm and authenticity to your mermaid makeup.
  5. The final touch will be mascara, which should be carefully painted over eyelashes, giving them the length and volume. It would not be superfluous to decorate them with rhinestones or colored fibers, you can use false or extended eyelashes.

Lips in makeup mermaids

girls in mermaid image

The image of a mermaid on Halloween suggests colorless lips, only slightly underlined gloss. To achieve the desired result, carefully powder the lips or cover the foundation. Apply glitter over a neutral tone - that's all, your image is ready!

Video: Creating a Mermaid Makeup for Halloween

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